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About Msknk

Msknk is one of the most leading websites specialized in the real estate industry, which is booming in the last ten years. Msknk launched in United Arab Emirates to work in order to cover the needs of both investors and residents in the easiest and the best ways ever. Msknk is not just a website to sell properties only, but its role is much bigger than that since we guide individuals to choose the most suitable with honesty and accuracy. Msknk has a strong and powerful ability to offer help in making decisions and counseling. So you can rely on it as a reference to know everything about real estate in United Arab Emirates.


Msknk has a clear vision to serve clients in order to create loyalty. What gives Msknk the advantage is that it is an international website and doesn’t serve locals in UAE only, but it gives out services and counseling to people outside UAE in a bunch of countries.


Msknk aims to work mainly on reviving the real estate market in UAE, Msknk looks forward to working as counselor and advisor to provide all the information related to properties according to the best price And the best areas for investing


Our Values

As a homegrown UAE brand, we are keen to address the needs of both the local and expat communities. To facilitate the needs of property seekers in the region, we have studied the market extensively and focused on building solutions to cater to the unique needs of property seekers and agents in the region. We live by our values of Honesty, Innovation and Ownership and every decision we make is aimed to elevate the market and support the growth of the region.

The advantages of Msknk's website

– Perhaps the main aim for Msknk is that it doesn’t depend on the promotional process only, but also as an advisor which plays a crucial role in helping out clients or giving them all the information and the data about the property that they want to rent or to buy and do the best to find what suits the client’s needs easily.

– The website is easy to use and helps users find what suits them. And that’s through searching for the type of unit and the area where the client wants to buy, according to the price, space, and payment method.

– Msknk provides different types of apartments regarding the space and the accurate details for those units, because it consists of more than 1,000 real estate projects for residency and investment, to suit all clients in need for both purposes.Msknk helps you choose the property that you need, and that’s through enquiries that clients send in regard to unit’s information throughout various ways of communication in the website, Msknk has a full team to serve clients all the day to receive and answer questions wherever you are.
– The website provides wonderful and priceless packages to give you the best option.
– It provides services in the real estate industry all over UAE, which is one of the most leading countries famous for real estate investment as a result of the improvement of the real estate market in the last period.
– It cares to provide a quick and comfortable solution to satisfy the clients and gives opportunities to increase selling, buying and refreshing the market as well.
– The website has a customer service department operating 24/7 to answer all the questions regarding the financial matters in regard to buying the properties which the clients choose and helping them to reach to the point of closing the deal with the best and the easiest ways. – it is wonderful that Msknk’s website is not a local website which serves locals in UAE only but it has its effect internationally to provide support and service to its clients so they can buy and own in United Arab Emirates.
– In Msknk it reached out that there is a reference for clients in which they will find the best options to buy and own according to every aspect all over UAE and outside , in addition to providing the accurate details to complete on the hardest financial process at all in a much easier way.

What our customers saying

Buying your home with your residence, we are knowledgeable and professional to satisfy everyone!

Thank you to the Maskanak team for helping me choose an apartment for me and facilitating all the necessary procedures
Ali bin Saleh
Thank you for your accommodation. Help me buy my apartment in Dubai And treat them in the utmost sophistication Thank your msknk
Zuhair Abdel Hamid
Thank you for your help in purchasing my new home Thank you to the staff for the speedy response to my calls
rahma Ahmed

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