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Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

Abu Dhabi Secret Garden is the capital of the UAE, which includes the presidency of the Cabinet and embassies of foreign countries. It is one of the most attracted areas for tourists from all over the Arab World. It also has a variety of recreational features, including amusement parks, malls and gardens. Abu Dhabi Secret Garden is one of the capital’s distinctive gardens providing various services that meet the needs.

What do you know about Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

 Maybe not many people hear about it and some call it Le Boulanger Park. Since residents of the city discovered it, it has become one of Abu Dhabi’s most attractive tourist attractions. It is a charming garden along large spaces, located on the banks of the Arabian Gulf, and attracts tourists due to its relaxing sea view. Trees scattered in an orderly manner in order to cover the entire land, and in the light of the park’s constant interest, maintenance and restoration are carried out periodically.

Where is the Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

 One of the most important features of the park is its vital location; along Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street near the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, parallel to Al Khaleej Al Arabi Park.

When can I visit the Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

 The garden opens its doors 24 hours daily so you can enjoy an early morning walk for breakfast or watch the sea view at night.

What activities can we do in Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

 Many people prefer to engage in some activities in open spaces, and we will present them in the next lines, including the following:

Sports Activities

 The Secret Garden is a different destination to practice many kinds of outdoor sporting activities, including:

  • Yoga sport in front of the sea to empty negative energy.
  • Jogging by the beach.
  • Play tennis with a friend.


 Recent outing videos have gone viral, leading people to looking for the appropriate destinations for such picnics. The red cloth, that fits the seating areas, can also be purchased from textile shops in Abu Dhabi, to be placed on flat ground.

Taking pictures

 The Secret Garden features the spectacular landscapes where the most beautiful memorial pictures can be taken either with your child, with your life partner, your friends on graduation days or with a group of family members.

 You can follow the UAE weather forecast before going out of the house and see if the climate is suitable or not to avoid the days of high temperatures.

Holding birthday parties

 Mothers like to have a birthday party for their children by taking their colleagues in low-cost places, as well as organizing activities and games for children; Abu Dhabi Secret Garden is suitable for that.

 Tour tables must be brought in for cakes.

What services and facilities are available in the Abu Dhabi Secret Garden

 Customers are admitted to the garden restaurant through a short stairs decorated with brightly colored rose trees. The kitchen offers the finest Greek recipes, as well as seafood, food appetizers, salads, meat meals with vegetables. It also presents desserts with a cup of coffee. The restaurant is suitable for children and all families and groups and it includes indoor and outdoor spaces.

 There are other gardens in Abu Dhabi, including Delma Park with an estimated area of about 21. 035 square meters including trees, green spaces and water bodies. There is also the Capital Park, which people want to visit to be away from the noise of the city and the pressures of working life in msknk.

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