About Akoya Oxygen by DAMAC

The Akoya Oxygen project is a residential project launched by DAMAC Properties, which offers a distinguished range of high-end villas in the middle of green nature and a variety of recreational, social and commercial facilities, as it is considered the best Properties for sale in Dubai  that you can own and live in.

About Akoya Oxygen zone

The project has also received great interest from investors in the United Arab Emirates and is visited by many tourists and UAE citizens, as it is famous in various countries of the world, because it is an environmentally friendly luxury residential complex powered by solar energy, to give a quiet and healthy life to its residents.

Akoya Oxygen location 

The Akoya Oxygen complex is located in the Dubailand area, which is about 20 minutes away from Umm Suqeim Street. The complex is connected to famous commercial centers such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City , and Dubai Internet City through Al Qudra Street.the project is located near Dubai International Airport by about a minute’s drive, Al Maktoum International Airport can be reached in 30 minutes, and it is also located 30 minutes from Mall of the Emirates and the mainland.

Advantages of accommodation in Akoya Oxygen

There are many features that make Akoya Oxygen a target to live in for those who want to live in Dubai:

  1. Its distinctive strategic location in Dubailand.
  2. Ease of rentals and freehold ownership in residential complexes located in the region.
  3. The project attracted the attention of investors due to its proximity to the Expo 2020 exhibition.
  4. The residential complex Akoya Oxygen includes an outstanding golf course, in addition to affordable services, as it has developed into a desirable residential destination.
  5. Akoya Oxygen is characterized by a very distinctive location, as it is considered one of the environmentally friendly residential projects, whose houses are designed from energy-saving materials that have no damage, such as solar energy systems.
  6. It is one of the first green residential community projects in Dubai, because it is located in the heart of vast green spaces.
  7. Akoya Oxygen consists of several residential complexes such as Amargo, Claret, Palo Verde, roles, Zina, Sycamore, Aster, Prime Rose, which includes a group of luxury houses, villas and townhouses.
  8. The project is located next to the most prominent major areas in Dubai, such as Emaar Reem, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Internet City, Dubai International Airport, Barsha Heights, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Media City, Al Qudra Street, Damac Hills.
  9. The project is suitable for families because it is located amidst picturesque green areas, where it includes a range of shops and the best entertainment facilities.
  10. The project was developed by the leading and most important real estate developers DAMAC Properties.
  11. What distinguishes the residential complex Akoya Oxygen is that it has become a great target for investors, as it is considered the most important investment areas in Dubai due to its connection to four main streets.
  12. It offers rental and purchase prices suitable for middle-income people.

Types of real estate in Akoya Oxygen

The master plan of the project includes villas, townhouses and townhouses, 1200 of the best apartments for sale in Dubai, 2000 luxury hotel rooms and 650 fully equipped villas that give you panoramic views of the golf course.

Villas, residential apartments and townhouses vary in size and interior designs, and there are many options available between villas for sale in Dubai ranging from 3 to 6 rooms, townhouses consisting of 3, 5 rooms, one-room studio apartments, and apartments with 2, 3 rooms and a lounge.

The trend of rental prices in Akoya Oxygen

The complex offers many residential projects, as it is considered one of the residential complexes that have a high demand for rental.

  • A 3-bedroom villa with an average rent of AED 69 thousand per year can be rented in Akoya Oxygen.
  • The average rental price for 4-room villas is about AED 68 thousand per year.
  • While the villas are large and consist of 5 bedrooms, the annual rental price reaches AED 80 thousand.
  • The rent of the 6-bedroom villa ranges from AED 100 thousand to AED 150 thousand per year.
  • Several other real estate options are available, such as fully equipped 3-room townhouses with an average annual rental price of up to AED 70 thousand.
  • While the townhouse consists of 5 bedrooms for rent for AED 84 thousand per year.

Prices of properties for sale in Akoya Oxygen

The complex offers units for sale in Akoya Oxygen and includes studio apartments with an average price of AED 325 thousand, which cover an area of up to 400 square feet.

  • The average price for a one-room apartment is AED 429 thousand.
  • While the prices of apartments with two bedrooms and a lounge vary between 429 thousand and 750 thousand AED.
  • The project offers 2-room villas with an average price of AED 1,075,000.
  • While the average price of 3-room villas is AED 1,238,000.
  • The average price of 4-room villas is AED 1,591,000, which covers an area of up to 1,900 square feet at Just Cavalli villas.
  • You can own 3-room townhouses with an area of about 1,600 and up to 1,800 square feet in the Akoya Oxygen complex at a price starting from AED 750 thousand and up to AED 1.5 million in addition to 4-room townhouses with an average price of AED 1.6 million.

Services at Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen provides world-class distinctive services, including the following.

Schools and healthcare centers

There are excellent schools in the neighboring areas of the region such as Modon area, Arabian Ranches 2, Uptown Motor City, and one of the most famous schools is Jebel Ali School, which follows the English national curriculum, as well as Fountain View School in Dubailand, which adopts the British curriculum.

As for the health care centers, there are many specialized clinics and distinguished public hospitals.

Mosques and places of worship

You can visit the Abdullah Mosque, which is a 25-minute walk from the complex and can be reached through e77 Street, in addition to the churches in the Jebel Ali area.

Supermarkets and shops

Residents can enjoy the experience of shopping for groceries and supplies such as Carrefour supermarket and other supermarkets such as Spinneys, which takes 14 minutes to reach by car.

There are also post offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Activities you can do at Akoya Oxygen

  • The complex is surrounded by golf courses and many spacious green spaces, which gives a healthy lifestyle, there are also a lot of playgrounds, fountains, parks, running tracks, as well as 10 indoor golf courses.
  • There is a distinctive spa inspired by the desert nature, as well as a modern and Modern Yoga Center next to Olympic-standard swimming pools.
  • Residents of the complex can visit the nearby spas, fitness centers and salons.
  • For all residents of the complex, they can benefit from visiting the largest festivals held annually in Dubai, such as the Marmoom Heritage and religious festival, which includes a range of entertainment activities such as live performances of the festival, folk dance shows, craft market, folk cuisine, as well as Marmoom camel races.

Why you should have oxygen in Akoya?

There are reasons why you should own a residential unit in the amazing Akoya Oxygen, including that it is a healthy residential complex located in a quiet and clean environment and away from the noise of the city.

  • Akoya Oxygen is one of the most important and prominent areas that investors want to own.
  • The complex offers a lot of existing freehold residential units, which are a great investment opportunity for foreign investors and UAE citizens.
  • The project offers various luxury properties for rent.
  • Providing suitable prices for everyone to own.
  • The project includes many entertainment features and distinctive activities.
  • You can have a healthy lifestyle for you and your family at Akoya Oxygen.
  • Akoya Oxygen is one of the best residential complexes in Dubai.
  • At the end of the article Akoya Oxygen we hope that the location of your residence has helped you to make the best choice for renting or owning in a residential complex of the best luxury residential complexes in Dubai.

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