The most prominent projects of Aldar company

Aldar company is one of the leading property companies in the UAE, which takes prestigious place due to its excellence and well-known history in the property market.

About Aldar company

 Is one of the most important and leading property companies in MENA. Its projects have outstanding designs, diverse ideas and great views, as it adopts the future of development in its headquarter Abu Dhabi.

The history of Aldar Properties Establishment 

 Founded in 2004 under the supervision of Chairman Mr. Ahmed Ali AlSayegh and CEO Christopher and was listed on the stock market in Abu Dhabi in 2005, with assets estimated at $12 billion.

 Al Dar Properties and Sorouh companies were merged in 2013 and became one entity with   Emaar Properties in 2018 by strategic engagement and was named the largest company in the UAE in 2020; its marketing value was estimated at AED 19.9 billion under the supervision of chairman Mohammed Khalifa Mubarak and CEO Talal Al Dhayabi. The company comprises a group of shareholders, namely The National Investor, National Corporation For Tourism & Hotels, Abu Dhabi National, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Mubadala Development Company.

Aldar Properties founded Aldar Limited Investments after the availability of owning property assets in Abu Dhabi City. It is the largest property investment company with assets estimated at AED 20 billion. It unilaterally obtained Вaal, which distinguishes it from other non-governmental companies and increases its strength. Providing good climate in Abu Dhabi in terms of strong economy, high revenue and the government encouragement all this helps the company achieve its goals and benefit from the property market. It has also allocated about 5 billion acquisitions in other countries, especially SODIC Egypt, and has an experienced board members team.

Founders of Aldar Properties Abu Dhab

 Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, the company founder, was born in 1962, completed his education in USA and received a bachelor degree in economics in 1983 from Lewis & Clark College. He has about 36 years of experience and has held several positions; the most important is a Minister of the United Arab Emirates in 2018 and ADGМ Chairman. He oversaw the establishment of the International Financial Centre in 2015 in the UAE, served as a founding member of Etihad Airways managing director of Dolphin Energy Gas Company. He also founded TAQA Abu Dhabi and Aldar Properties, where he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2011 and other positions where he proved to be a seasoned man. He always provides all his expertise and advice on all issues related to infrastructure, society, energy and others. He received many awards like the Honorary Master’s Degree Award from the London Institute of Banking & Finance and received ABANA Achievement Award in 2017.

  • Chairman: Mohammed Khalifa Al-Mubarak
  • CEO: Talal Al Dhayabi
  • Board Member: Ali Said Abdullah bin Salim Alfalasi.
  • Board Member: Hamad Salim Mohammed Said Alamiri.
  • Board Member: Khalifa Abdullah Khamis Er-Rmichi.
  • Board Member: Sofia Abdul Latif.
  • Waleed Ahmed Salim Al-Muhairi.
  • Mohamed Hassan Al-Suwaidi.

Goals of Aldar company

 The company is keen to diversify its projects and aims to reach the global level through excellence, commitment and work to gain customer trust; the company is

  1. Always looking for innovation and development.
  2. Providing all services and requirements for all of its projects.
  3. Working to develop Abu Dhabi and pay attention to its infrastructure.
  4. Achieving high profits with a fixed return.
  5. Trying to get investment opportunities to achieve the highest profits for shareholders in capital.

Aldar company Projects

 It performed a range of projects in several countries including the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is diverse in its projects. It has established projects many sectors like hotels, leisure, property investment and others and has expanded to own a basic land bank in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari: a leisure city on a space of 250000 square meters on Yas Island.

NOYA: Located on Yas Island and comprises 510 townhouse units.

Noya Viva  Located on Yas Island and comprises 480 units divided into 4-bedroom villas and 2-and 3-bedroom townhouses.

NOYA Luma: Located on Yas Island and comprises 189 villas with 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom villas.

The Dunes: comprises 83 villas with 4 and 5 bedrooms where all units have been sold.

Al Karam: Located in the southwest region and comprises 71 pieces of land for purchase.

Yas Acres Magnolia: Located in Yas Acres residential complex and comprises 312 villas and townhouses.

The Bird Ges: Comprises 6 towers where each one includes 212 units divided into studios and 3-bedroom apartments.

Waters Edge: Located on Yas Island and includes studio and 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom apartments.

Saadiyat Reserve: Located in the Saadiyat region and includes a range of residential lands.

Reflection: Located in Reem Island and comprises studios and 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom units.

Al Rayman: Located in Al Shamkhah and includes lands for sale.

Al Ghadeer: Located in Al Jarf and includes 2- and 3- room townhouses, studios, and 1-,2- and 3-bedroom apartments.

YAS Acres: Located in Yas Island and comprises 2-,3-,4-,5- and 6-bedroom villas and 2 and 3-bedroom penthouses.

Mayan Housing: It comprises 5 towers with 512 units spread over 11 floors, of which 19 are luxury villas.

Jawaher Al Saadiyat: It overlooks the beach close to the cultural district and includes villas and penthouse apartments.

Branches of Aldar Properties

 Al Manara: Umm Suqeim Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd.

Al Jimi: Al Ain Abu Dhabi – Haddad Bin Mohamed Rd. Telephone: 0509029933

AlRaha Beach: Abu Dhabi- Al Shahamah close to Abu Dhabi Mall. Telephone: 028105555

Addresses of Aldar Properties Dubai

Aldar Square: Abu Dhabi Yas Mall

Phone: 80025327

Fax: 028105550

  1. B: 51133 Abu Dhabi UAE

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Sales Office

 Phone: 80025327

Email: ѕaleѕ@aldar.coм

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Yas Mall Abu Dhab

Phone: Aldar/ 800-25327-800 International/ 97128106400

E-mail: cυѕтoмer мanageмenт@aldar.coм

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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