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السطوة دبي

Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates has a wide range of properties for sale in Dubai, which is known for its diverse features and benefits citizens and investors. Dubai City includes many high-end and popular neighbourhoods and the authentic folk neighbourhoods of Al Satwa Dubai that are distinguished by the neighbourhoods ancient and historic monuments. In this article we will provide you with All information about Al Satwa Dubai

About Al Satwa Dubai

Al Satwa is a neighbourhood of Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates. Called “Mini Manila” by Filipino society. The area includes a range of different services and activities that enable you to do the best activities and you are in your place. It also has a range of apartments for sale in Dubai, as well as small villas, hallways and trees that bring beauty and nature to the streets of the neighbourhood.

Al Sotwa Dubai Location 

Dubai City is characterized by its many neighbourhoods with its vital geographical location where all the services and facilities needed by the population are available. One of the most advantages of the site is that these services are close to residential units in the area and not far away. Situated on sheikh zayed road , Al Satwa Dubai shares borders with Jumeirah and Bur Dubai, which is of particular importance to the strategic location and important features available in the region.

Residential Advantages in Al Satwa Dubai

Al Satwa Dubai offers several benefits to all residents as well as investors or visitors who adore the original folk neighbourhoods.

  • Although popular, the area includes different segments and a suitable family environment.
  • Providing housing and investment opportunities at reduced prices.
  • There are also landmarks such as the Union House.
  • There is a variety of residential units in different spaces.
  • The area includes many different restaurants, cafes and services.
  • The surrounding environment is far from noisy and crowded.
  • A unique lifestyle provides pleasure and comfort for every resident.

Property Types in Al Satwa Dubai

Properties investment has been classified as the most widespread investment in the Middle East and has become a significant return and profit in recent times. Especially in Al Satwa Dubai, UAE in various investment in apartments, villas, as well as different types of properties.

Thus, the decision to buy a new property may be one that needs to be studied and scrutinized for being the place that reflects your life and environment among people. So all investors need to be aware and sure of all kinds of residential properties located in the area so that it can choose the best housing for the customer.

Studio Apartments

The studio apartment is one of the most demanding housing units for young people and employment, which is why it is due to its low price, as well as the small space, facilities and services that fit that category as it meets all their needs. The studio apartment consists of a bedroom connected to the living room beside the bathroom and kitchen, it is the perfect choice for singles and workers and is located in vital areas and employment.

Residential apartments

The most popular properties types have different spaces and suit all categories , featuring different modern designs. The apartments consist of one bedroom to 4 bedrooms with spaces at will. So they are available in all residential neighbourhoods.

Small Villas

One of the independent housing units with large and small spaces, it is also independent of studio and residential units. The difference is that the villa has a small garden outside the house. Villas for sale in Dubai in Al Satwa area feature many rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen, as well as two or three floors, due to the size of the villa. Besides, there is a garage at the bottom of the villa, and rooms for the maid and guard for those who want total autonomy.

Services in Al Satwa Dubai

Entertainment Services

Within Al Satwa Dubai there are many recreational services that provide all the amenities and pleasures for all residents and citizens. Most notably parks and landscapes , walkways, running and cycling.

Sports Services

Sports is one of the most loved things for many of them that is good for body and mental health, so within the neighbourhood there is a range of sports clubs. Special football, basketball, tennis, gyms for all categories and ages.

Security Services

Every individual who chooses their favourite home and place of residence is always looking for safety and privacy in that area. This is why Al Satwa Dubai is the most secure neighbourhood with a lot of security and privacy, as well as the police stations in the area.

Health Services

In order to be assured of your health and psychological well-being and all your family members, you must choose a residential or residential unit with many health centres and hospitals equipped with the best medical devices with a large selection of doctors and consultants.

Religious Services

In order to be comprehensive and integrated services for each customer or investor wishing to buy a housing unit in the area, many houses of worship are available to be able to hold prayers as they are close to residential apartments.

Educational Services

There are many schools, nurseries and universities in the area, and they are also very close to real estate, accommodation and other services. The educational service is one of the most highly qualified services created and the selection of a large selection of long-experienced teachers.

Other services

Many restaurants and cafés, commercial malls, and other services needed by residents, most notably civil interests in the clearance of government papers, are available at the government offices of Al Satwa Dubai.

Price trend in Al Satwa Dubai rent

Many residential apartments and various types of properties are available for rent in Dubai City in Al Satwa Dubai area and may be characterized by being suitable prices and paid annually as come.

  • The rental price of the studio ranges from 39,000 AED.
  • A one-bedroom apartment starts to rent  48,000 AED.
  • Rent on a two-bedrooms apartment starts around 70,000 AED.
  • Rent 3 bedrooms apartment  89,000 AED.
  • Average rental price for 2 to 4 rooms between 74.000 – 148.000 AED.

Price trend in Al Satwa Dubai sale

Apartment sale prices are known to differ from rental prices in properties in general, so prices may be in large amounts but they are suitable for medium and large families as villas prices start from 1 million to 9 million AED. This is due to the spaces and strategic location as well as the services available in the region.

Activities you can do in Al Satwa Dubai

If you still don’t have a residential unit in Satwa Dubai and are looking for the most important activities available in it, check out a lot of leisure activities that you and your family will enjoy. Most notably parks and parks, going to the best restaurants, as well as taking day or night tours at large commercial malls.

Why buy an apartment in Al Satwa Dubai?

  • A residential and investment opportunity for anyone who wants to change or renovate their home.
  • A strategic and vital location close to the main roads.
  • Different and varied spaces at fantasy prices.
  • Different sales or rental prices for residential units.
  • The housing advantages of the area are multiple which attracted a lot of customers.


Al Satwa Dubai is the oldest neighbourhood in Dubai with many shops, malls, restaurants and leisure activities. Providing an integrated and inclusive life with a unique lifestyle that serves all the needs of the population. It is also a residential and investment opportunity for anyone who wants a unique housing unit.

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