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شقق للبيع دبي مارينا

The only guarantee of a high-class and quiet life in a distinguished and diverse modern residence with different and international designs is accuracy in choosing your right place. Apartments for Sale Dubai Marina is the most prestigious residential community in the UAE that meets all the needs and services of residents at competitive and convenient prices for sophisticated families and VIPs in the community.

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About the Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina property for sale offers a lifestyle in a unique style with high-end designs with charming views that capture the eye. Providing a lot of luxury and comfort from Parks and gardens, restaurants and cafes, playgrounds, sports clubs and other distinguished services. It also includes luxury residential buildings that are characterized by their height and the most in demand among residential units in other projects.

Housing in Dubai Marina is considered the embodiment of the real ideal life because it is designed by engineers and architectural consultants who have great experience in the field of real estate. The buildings have a modern and unique style with a traditional aesthetic touch that combines the old and the new in a beautiful and dazzling painting.

Activities at Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most famous high-end and luxurious places in the UAE, where it has many amenities and various recreational activities, the most prominent of which are.

Shopping in Marina

Going shopping is one of the most enjoyable things that all ladies adore, and therefore Marina Mall is a tourist destination with a distinct tourist character in the UAE. The mall includes more than 130 shops spread over 4 floors, next to cinemas and restaurants, in addition to a play area for children and adults.


The sea is life, the renewal of the soul, the sea is a real pleasure that makes us feel beautiful and happy all the time in front of just when looking at it, what a case to take a cruise amid the blue waters under the clear sky and fresh air. You can also drive a boat and tour the engineering and tourist attractions in the area such as the Burj Al Arab, the royal palace, Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Marina Walk

Sports and running enthusiasts are now in the vicinity of apartments for sale Dubai Marina there are walking and running paths along a length of up to 7 km amid yachts, sparkling water and beautiful lights at night. The walkway also features trees and palms on both sides of the road as well as extensive green spaces that help you with running or cycling.

Dubai Marina restaurants

Apartments for sale in Dubai Marina have a large selection of famous Dubai restaurants and various cafes, including local and international, and feature charming views overlooking Dubai Marina. One of the most prominent of those restaurants and cafes located in Dubai Marina:

  • Yacht Club
  • The Marine Club
  • Cargo restaurant
  • Atelier M
  • Abdul Wahab restaurant

Types of apartments in Dubai Marina

Spread over an area of 50 million square meters, Dubai Marina consists of 10 areas designed in the latest modern style. These neighborhoods contain upscale residential communities represented by towers and skyscrapers on large areas. The studio space for sale in Dubai Marina starts from 7605 square feet, a one-bedroom residential unit, and the number of rooms in the residential unit may increase to about two rooms, three rooms, 4 rooms may even reach 6 bedrooms.

Advantages of accommodation in Dubai Marina

Apartments for sale in Dubai Marina by installments receive many tourists throughout the year because they appeal to all lovers of high-end and lively areas. It is an area decorated with the most famous tourist places in Dubai and Entertainment, which is one of the largest tourist destinations in the UAE. Among the most prominent features that make it a distinguished center and a vital location are the following:

  • Modern residential units designed with international standards on the highest quality of luxury and sophistication.
  • Providing many recreational activities and amenities at the highest level.
  • A residential opportunity with the aim of comfort, tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle and congestion.
  • A privileged and vibrant location that is considered one of the largest tourist destinations in the emirate of Dubai.
  • The diversity of properties for sale in Dubai, which gives every tourist and investor the opportunity to get a quiet luxury place.
  • The prices of apartments for sale in Dubai vary, but they are suitable for investors and VIPs for their modern designs.

Services at Dubai Marina

Entertainment service

One of the most available services in apartments for sale is Dubai Marina, which provides all its customers with the entertainment and amenities that every customer needs. The most important of these services are parks and gardens, wide green spaces, walking and running paths, cycling paths and other means of well-being.

Sports service

Various sports fields, gyms, swimming pools, for all sports lovers to practice at any time, and it is also close to residential units, which makes it the closest services to apartments.

Health service

There are also a large selection of doctors and consultants who have great experience in the field of Medicine in various departments.

Security service

For each of us, when looking for a residential apartment, he needs to provide safety and security in a distinctive way so that he can be assured of his life in permanent safety. A full security staff provides 24-hour security service in addition to surveillance cameras for each residential property.

Religious service

One of the most important complementary services in any residential project is the House of worship, which lies in the holy and religious spirit that needs special attention, and it is also close to the residential units so that it is not a hardship and a great distance to reach it, besides it is distributed in different neighborhoods to provide the largest number of mosques.

The trend of prices of apartments for sale Dubai Marina

There are thousands of housing units in Dubai in the Dubai Marina area with different sizes, where the cheapest one-room apartment in Dubai Marina starts at a price starting from AED 478,000. As for the two-room residential unit, its price starts from AED 1,100,000 in Manchester tower. While the apartment consisting of 6 and 7 rooms ranges in price between 6,900,000 – 10,000,000 AED.

Why you should buy an apartment in Dubai Marina?

  • The perfect choice for any real estate investment from which you get profit by acquiring apartments for sale Dubai Marina, which is one of the investment and residential opportunities in the region. Due to its vital and strategic location, which qualifies investment in the region.
  • The country is also witnessing a great boom in the tourism sector, with the number of expatriates reaching more than 80% of the benefits of the real estate market.
  • The opportunity to buy an apartment in Marsa Marina is one of the golden opportunities because it includes many services and entertainment activities from parks, gardens and restaurants at the highest level of quality and service.
  • You can now get the residential unit and invest it in rent, ownership or installments, whatever your goal, you must take the opportunity and do not miss the time to own a property in Dubai in any neighborhoods and regions in the UAE.


The best residential resort includes thousands of residential units that are characterized by engineering designs that are characterized by creativity and sophistication, all in apartments for sale Dubai Marina. Buy Dubai Marina apartment, a residential project that provides a lot of amenities and many institutions and services that provide all the comfort for all its customers.

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