Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi Al Bandar

شقق للبيع في أبوظبي البندر

Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi Al Bandar, where the prestigious residential community located on Abu Dhabi Corniche, Al Bandar includes stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, close to the shopping and entertainment places in the city, Al Bandar is the ideal place to live due to the availability of means of access to the vital places of it. If you are looking for comfortable lifestyle, you have to be in Al Bandar Abu Dhabi.

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Brief about Abu Dhabi Al Bandar Neighborhood 

Al Bandar is located on Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi and is one of the important places in Abu Dhabi. It was established by the famous Aldar Properties Company, which owns many previous architectural works in UAE. The most important thing that features Al Bandar neighborhood is its amazing view of the Gulf waters, and as it is a tourist area, it has many yachts and marinas

Brief about Al Bandar Project

Al Bandar is a full residential complex with all services and provided a unique level of luxury to its residents. It includes retail centers that provide all the needs of the residents. Al Bandar is located near the famous Yas Island, 5 minutes away, and Al Raha Beach is about 5 minutes away and 10 minutes from the airport.  Abu Dhabi International, the city is located on the northern coast of Abu Dhabi Island and contains residential towers such as Al Naseem and Al Manara areas.

Abu Dhabi Al Bandar features

  1. It has all amenities and entertainment, and the availability of services such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, hospitals and shopping places.
  2.  There are car facilities surrounded by a large security staff, easy access to the neighborhood through an integrated road network.
  3.  Availability of beauty centers for women.
  4.  Provides health clinics “Health Plus”
  5.  The presence of swimming pools, including two swimming pools for swimming training and a pool for children
  6.  Sports clubs and places designated for walking and exercising for the residents of the neighborhood.
  7.  The presence of a marina with more than 130 berths with an area of ​​24 meters for boating lovers.
  8.  Al Bandar is featured by the presence of a service staff ready 24 hours to serve customers and help them overcome difficulties.

Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi Al Bandar

There is a wide range of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi Al Bandar ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms, if you are looking for an apartment in Abu Dhabi Al Bandar is the great and ideal place to start your search, this vibrant community offers a range of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi from units of different areas and number of rooms, whether you are looking for properties for sale in Abu Dhabi or an apartment on the waterfront or a residential unit overlooking the city skyline, you will definitely find it in Al Bandar, in addition to that, easy access to the city’s shopping places, restaurants, cafes and all facilities, Al Bandar is the ideal place to find comfort and the pleasure of living.

Al Bandar apartments types

Al Bandar neighborhood offers residential units consisting of a 4-room apartment on an average area of ​​3723 square feet, the price per square foot is about 1620 AED, and there are 3-room apartments with attached hall, an average area of ​​4,036 square feet, the price of a square foot is about 1290 AED, and studio units are offered with one room for the small family. All units feature a lake view, which made investors race to get residential units in Al Bandar area.

Al Bandar apartments prices

Al-Bandar area is one of the featured and profitable places in investment due to its proximity to the coastal places and the provision of necessary services to the residents. The presence of the marina in the area made it the best destination to attract many who wish to own apartments in Abu Dhabi. The trend of sale prices for apartments in Al-Bandar was monitored, where the average studio price reached one room 920,000 AED average area of ​​590 square feet ready for receipt, while the average apartments in Al Naseem area in Al Bandar neighborhood, consisting of two rooms and a hall with one bathroom and a ready and fully-equipped kitchen, the average price is  1,650,000 AED, built on an average area of ​​1,210 square feet, for medium-sized families can invest in  apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, Al Naseem area, Al Bandar neighborhood, with an average price of 3,000,000 AED on an average area of ​​2.365 square feet, and larger families who want to get spacious places can buy apartments in Al Bandar area consisting of 4 bedrooms, a spacious hall, 4 bathrooms, and a maid’s room  With an average price of 4,500,000 AED, it is built on an average area of ​​3,722 square feet.

Abu Dhabi Al Bandar services

Medical clinics

  •  There are two types of medical clinics in Al-Bandar neighborhood
  • Health Plus Clinic for Families in Al Bandar, the clinics provide comprehensive care for all patients, and carry out the necessary examinations, starting from newborn examinations to incurable treatments. The clinics have a highly trained medical staff with a nursing staff to help patients in their rooms, and the clinics have all specialties such as dental clinics, gynecology and obstetrics, children and other departments.
  •  Cosmetic clinics, but these clinics have not yet practiced their work.
  •  Other hospitals available near the area Mediclinic Hospital N M C Royal Hospital

 Schools and universities:

  •  There are a number of schools in Al-Bandar neighborhood that are recognized for their excellence, including Al Raha International School, and there is an academic school that teaches the American curriculum, and there are schools that teach the Indian curriculum and many other languages.
  •  As for universities, there is Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University is 15 minutes away from the area.

 Shopping centers, restaurants and cafes

  • Nolou’s Café Al-Bandar Restaurant, Enjoy a good time while you eat your breakfast on the sea row with your family and live the experience in the most beautiful restaurants in Al-Bandar area.

 Security and guarding services

  •  The area is guarded by a highly trained security and guard staff to maintain the security of the residents and the area.

Other services

 After the opening of the Al-Bandar area in mid-2010, the area witnessed a major opening for investors to buy for residence or investment. The area includes about 511 housing units built on the smart home system, and its units vary between one room and a hall up to 4 rooms and a hall, all of which have a stunning view of the waterfront.  .

 Al-Bandar includes the three most important neighborhoods in it,  Al-Naseem, Al-Manara and Al-Barza. The buildings are featured by glass facades and transparent balconies overlooking the water canal.

It includes 4 swimming pools to add more fun to the residents, two of them are for training and a pool for children, and the neighborhood includes a gym to practice games and hobbies.

 Al Bandar neighborhood in Abu Dhabi is one of the main points for practicing marine activities in Al Raha Beach, due to its location around a wide water area in which families can practice their activities. Al Bandar contains apartments and properties for sale in Abu Dhabi surrounded by restaurants, cafes and all services.


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