Apartments for Sale in Al Khalid Lake | For investment and freehold

شقق للبيع في الشارقة بحيرة خالد

The lakes are one of the most beautiful landscapes in which you can rest, Sharjah has many Apartments for Sale in Al Khalid that one of the largest projects in Sharjah that we will learn about during this article.

About Khaled Lake

Khalid Lake is an important and major project in Sharjah, UAE which made a complete transformation in the field of properties for sale in Sharjah due to its evolution in architectural design turning it to be the focus of many tourists, investors and buyers own‎apartments for sale in Sharjah‎. Its length reaches to to 17.000 square feet. The lake is surrounded by an oval-green garden and it is full of green palm trees and bench seating for more pleasure and well-being for the residents.

Where is Lake Khaled located?

It has a Strategically location in Sharjah that is very close to vital areas.

  • The area is 13 minutes from Sharjah Cricket Stadium, 9 minutes from Sharjah City Center, 6 minutes from AlNour Mosque, 13 minutes from Expo Center Sharjah and 8 minutes from Arab Cultural Club. 

Advantages in apartments for sale in Al Khalid Lake, Sharjah

 Sharjah gains the interest of investors from all over the countries due to its suitable environment for investment and freehold. One of its most successful projects is Al Khalid Lake. So, if you are one of the foreign investors who wants to invest his/her money in Sharjah, we will give you the Lake Khalid Area Guide before you start your purchase,

  • It is considered as one of the most beautiful and luxurious industrial lakes in the Gulf  located near to Al Majaz Waterfront.
  • Prices of the residential unit and rents are very low compared to prices in the rest of the UAE.
  • It is not far from basic services facilities and can be reached easily via the roads network of the city.
  • There are Hotels and resorts near Lake Khaled.
  • Its apartments and residential units have great views over a waterfront.
  • There are luxury restaurants offering the finest Arabic and foreign cuisine.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Al Khalid Lake

The project included a number of residential units with high quality designs and finishes; Small Family Room and Lounge Unit, Two-room apartments and a lounge for those who want more space and want to invest in their unit for the future. All apartments have great views of the artificial lake and benefit from the services provided by the lake to its residents from families and investors.

Prices of Apartments for sale in Al Khalid Lake, Sharjah

Project units include room and Lounge and two-room and lounge apartments and they are available at ideal prices for owners and investors alike. The price of two-room units starts from 370000 AED.

Why you should own in Apartments for sale in Al Khalid Lake, Sharjah?

The region offers a variety of services and features that made it the first investor destination

  • The apartments have distinct waterfront views as well as landscapes and green spaces.
  • The diversity of apartments between spaces and suits prices and easy repayment.
  • Owning apartment in Al Khalid Lake is a golden investment opportunity as well as a luxury residential area.
  • It has a lot of residential services and facilities that owners need.
  • Its unique location in Sharjah which reflects gaining the features of Sharjah City.

Lifestyle in Al Khalid Lake

This area has a unique lifestyle full of luxury and service facilities:

Restaurants and Cafes in Al Khalid Lake

 The region offers multiple food and beverage options through the diversity of restaurants and cafés in the region to suit all tastes of categories and nationalities. The restaurant offers oriental cuisine and Western dishes besides restaurants of fast food like Hams Café.

Malls in Al Khalid Lake

 Al Khalid Lake provides number of nearby malls for shopping lovers such as AlSafeer Mall; one of the best shopping malls favored by many Sharjah residents as it provides the needs of the population at different prices and brands. There are also dining places inside the mall for a good time with friends and family.

Beaches in Al Khalid Lake

 The beaches are only 20 minutes from Khaled Lake, important beaches include Al Khan Beach and Al Mamzar Beach that provide a suitable environment conducive to beach activities for families like playing handball and volleyball and relaxing on golden beach sands. The beach includes restaurants with great views of the clear waters. The beach also has a barbecue place, walking and cycling venues, dressing areas and private bathrooms. 

Services in Al Khalid Lake

The region offers several distinct services to the residents and vicinity.


 Each residential unit has a private parking

Public transportation in Al Khaled Lake

 Residents of Lake Khalid area can reach the bus stop in 9 minutes as it is located in King Faisal St., where there are number of busses transmit residents to Sharjah and Dubai such as Buses 303,306 and 307.

Markets in Al Khaled Lake

 For shopping and purchasing home supplies, residents can go to retail shops that are located near to the lake such as Sahel el madina, AlShamy, Lolo Hyper markets and other stores.

Banks in Al Khaled Lake

 The region includes many banks for investors and businessmen like Al Mashreq Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Bank and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

Houses of worship in Lake Khaled

 The project was keen to provide mosques to meet the needs of the population such as Al Noor Mosque, Al Salam Mosque, Masalah Al Madina and Masala Dyar.

 There are also churches close to Al Khalid Lake in Yarmouk area, Al Sharjah  11 minutes away like Dubai Orthodox Church and St. Martin’s Anglican Church. 

Schools and nurseries in Al Khalid Lake

The area includes schools and nurseries to meet the population’s needs for their children’s education such as Al Mazaya Private School, Al Qasimi Primary School, Al Lulu Nursery and Bluebells Nursery.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Khaled Lake

The area includes a large number of hospitals and outpatient clinics in Sharjah and close to Al Khalid lake. One of the medical centers offering a distinctive level of health care are Tabarak Dental Clinic, Sharjah Corniche Hospital and Thumbay Hospital Day Care.


This project is considered the favorite destination for a modern lifestyle with a lot of amenities offered by the area to its residents. Own your residential unit in Lake Khalid and enjoy all these features and more.

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