Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar

شقق للبيع في الشارقة الممزر

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar are such of the luxurious neighborhoods of Sharjah in UAE. The area is built on a wide area of ​​3.35 square kilometers. The residents of the area enjoy charming views of seafronts, as it is surrounded by the creek coast that extends to the Arabian Gulf.

Brief about apartments for sale in Al Mamzar

 This area was established in 1986, and at the beginning, the population was scarce and did not have the natural housing components or the diversity of units, including villas and apartments, until the moment of development came, which transformed the area into an architectural masterpiece that includes many living necessities, and it also gave the owners the opportunity to choose between housing units according to the area and the suitable price for each person.

Al Mamzar location

Al Mamzar is one of the most famous and lively places in Sharjah, which made it the best choice for many Arab and foreign investors, as it is close to:

  •  Al Taawun area is a 3-minute drive away.
  •  Al Khan area, 4 minutes away.
  •  Al Nahda area is 8 minutes away.
  •  It is located near the main borders of Sharjah.
  •  Close to Sharjah Expo Center, 7 minutes away.

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar features

  1. The area has a wonderful view, as we mentioned, due to the presence of the creek coast.
  2.  The variety of residential units between apartments and villas for sale in Sharjah, all of which are equipped with luxurious equipment.
  3.  The unique designs of the residential units inside and outside.
  4.  The area has been brilliantly designed to take the letter U, which adds to its beauty.
  5.  The demand for housing is increasing due to the services and recreational parks it provides.
  6.  The area is located near the borders of Sharjah and Dubai.
  7.  The units are built facing Al Mamzar sea.
  8.  Al Mamzar units are among the best units for stability and investment.
  9.  Providing a variety of housing options among apartments starting from one room and a hall up to 4 rooms and a hall.

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar types

Al Mamzar apartments won the admiration of investors and owners, as they received the highest percentage of return on investment in all units of the region, which varied in design, area, and price variation. The region offered residential apartments consisting of one bedroom and a hall up to 4 bedrooms and a hall with different sizes and competitive prices. Al Mamzar offers studio apartments, from one to three bedrooms

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar prices

Al-Mamzar area is a golden opportunity for those who wish to invest and buy properties for sale in Sharjah, where the charming nature, landscapes and atmosphere of luxury are suitable and attractive compared to the features and services. If you want to own one-room and a hall apartments, their prices range from 530,000 to 560,000 AED, while owning apartments consisting of  two-room and a hall apartments, prices range from 580,000 to one million AED, and three-room and a hall apartments, prices start from one million and 100,000 AED.

Why you should have apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar?

  1. Al Mamzar has a great strategic location.
  2.  The diversity of properties in it to suit all needs.
  3.  The abundance of recreational and tourist places.
  4.  It gives you a sophisticated and featured lifestyle for a modern and different life.
  5.  The area has attractive views of the seafront.
  6.  Close to shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.
  7.  It is close to the main places in Sharjah.

Al Mamzar lifestyle

Al Mamzar has a unique lifestyle full of luxury and relaxation. Have a good shopping experience with family and friends in Al Mamzar malls, various commercial markets, beaches, the availability of schools and hospitals, as well as the presence of mosques, restaurants and other services.

– Al Mamzar malls in Sharjah

 Al Mamzar includes huge malls that give you a wonderful shopping trip, such as Arab Mall, which is located near the Al Taawun area opposite Sharjah Expo Center. Arab Mall is one of the most famous shopping centers and the most tourist facecade in Sharjah. The mall includes many shops selling a variety of products at attractive prices and international materials. after the shopping trip take a break at one of the mall’s restaurants to grab a quick and delicious meal or one of the delicious Arabic dishes.

 There are also some shopping centers such as Al Mamzar Center and Safeer Mall, which provide all the needs of the residents.

– Al Mamzar Restaurants, Sharjah

 As a resident of the Al Mamzar area, you can take an entertaining tour around the restaurants located within the area and taste some of its western and eastern dishes. You can also sit in a cafe with friends to spend an enjoyable evening full of fun. Among the restaurants available there are Road House Restaurant, Bangkok Tone Restaurant for Thai food.

 – Al Mamzar beaches in Sharjah

 Al Mamzar Beach is considered one of the beaches preferred by many residents and tourists of Dubai and Sharjah. It is an open beach with soft sand, in addition to its location that gives it a natural atmosphere. The beach offers its visitors many services such as allocating lanes for women to practice running and cycling. The beach also has a private area for children.

 If you want to spend a fun trip with your family on Al Mamzar Beach, you can book chalets in Al Mamzar, accompanied by many recreational activities that you can do inside the beach park. Not only that, but you can move to Al Khan Beach in no more than 13 minutes for more recreation and relaxation.

Services in Al Mamzar area

 When thinking about owning your own home, you must first think about providing services, so do not worry about providing services when you own apartments for sale in Sharjah, Al Mamzar, that provide you with all the services you need.

– School services and health care centers

 Al Mamzar includes some high-end schools such as Victoria International School, which teaches the Australian curriculum. Al Ittihad Private School, although it is a co-ed school, separates males and females in the building.

 You can reach Oriana Hospital, which is located on Al Taawun Street, Manchester Medical Center, and Universal Medical Center, all of which provide medical treatments, consultations, and public health care.

– Government institutions in Al Mamzar, Sharjah

 Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority

 Ministry of Economy and Sharjah Office

 Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

– Car parking in Al Mamzar

 You will find public parking spaces available wherever you go. Residents can quickly move around by buses and metro, as there is the nearest metro station from the area at a distance of 11 minutes. You can head to the driving buses and take one of them there.

– Banks are located in Al Mamzar, Sharjah

 Indispensable banks for businessmen, investors, companies and individuals as well. For this reason, Al Mamzar provided several branches of the main banks, including:

 A branch of Dubai Islamic Bank

 A branch of First Abu Dhabi Bank

 HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, ATM

– Shops

 The shops vary between clothing stores, accessory stores, electronics, and other needs of the residents.

– Places of worship in Al Mamzar

 Mosques are close to Al-Mamzar area, such as Al-Mamzar Mosque, Al-Firdaws Mosque, Al-Taawun Mosque and Al-Qasba Mosque. They are located near Al-Mamzar area. There is the International Baptist Church at a distance of 12 minutes.

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