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شقق للبيع في الشارقة القصباء

Al-Qasba is home to a number of attractions for the whole family. We show you through the article everything you want to know about Apartments for Sale in Al Qasba, Sharjah and what you can do during your visit to this tourist attraction.

About Al-Qasba Region

Al Qasba Sharjah is one of the most prominent communities in Dubai, located on the waterfront that is separated from the Majaz area of Cornish Al Khan Street. It included many tourist areas that attract tourists from everywhere in the world, considered as a wonderful cultural milestone aims to carry out a number of activities, events and entertainment options.

Where is Al Qasba located?

Located in Al Khan district, southern waterfront suburb of Sharjah, separated from the Majaz area of Cornish Al Khan Street, extends along the western border of Cornish Al Khan Street.

The four-star Ariana Hotel is situated in the south, while the five-star Hotel Hilton Sharjah is located to the east 8km away from Sharjah-Dubai borders, approximately half an hour from Sharjah International Airport.

Services of Al-Qasba

One of the reasons for the region’s fame and prominence among other communities in the emirate is the provided services like:

  • It has many creative venues such as Al-Qasba Theatre and Art Centers.
  • This area is connected to a bridge through the Qasba Canal in Sharjah where shops and apartments are available for rent and Properties for sale in Sharjah.
  • There are commercial booths, branded stalls and carts beside the area offering drinks and crisps.
  • This area also offers a variety of retail and dining options, entertainment venues by the water enhancing the attractiveness of this destination.
  • It includes a range of business facilities like independent offices, various event venues, and conference rooms.

Advantages of Apartments for Sale in Al-Qasba

It offers many advantages for housing, the most important of which are:

  • A major cultural center in Sharjah.
  • Home to many commercial spaces.
  • The residential side is apartments.
  • A tourist center with many restaurants, events and waterfront activities.
  • Facilities and Schools.
  • Health Care
  • Supermarket in Al-Qasba

Types of Apartments for Sale in Al-Qasba

Apartment towers in Al-Qasba provides studios and one-, two-, three bedroom flats, residential properties at various rentals as well, some apartments are unfurnished and others are furnished.

All residents’ needs are provided, with a private bathroom, a spacious seating area and an open kitchen equipped with cabinets.

Prices for Apartments for sale in Sharjah Al-Qasba

The rent average for a studio in Al-Qasba is 20 thousand AED per year with s paces ranging from 900 to 1,100 square feet. For one-bedroom flat, the rent average is from 28 -43 thousand AED yearly.

Regarding two-, three-bedroom flats, the rent rage is 32-62 thousand AED yearly; these units accommodate a small or medium family. 

Why you should own in Apartments for sale in Al-Qasba, Sharjah ?

 of the questions that many wonder is, why should you own‎apartments for sale in Sharjah in‎ Al Qasba? The answer is Because this area is one of the most popular attractions for families living in the emirate, it hosts many great events in Sharjah that contribute to its popularity.

  • It has two 150-metre complexes facing each other through the Al-Qasba Canal.
  • It is known for its variety of commercial properties such as shops, restaurants and office space.
  • Considered as a home to a growing number of collaborative art projects and a few properties under construction.
  • There are limited options for residential properties that are very suitable for people looking to live a life.

Lifestyle in the Al-Qasba region

Al-Qasba region has an easy and comfortable lifestyle, giving its residents all the services that make them live  with all the needs:

  • It is one of the best attractions in the Al-Qasba.
  • Artists from the Middle East and the world showcase their work.
  • There are three levels supported by facilities to support the population’s passion for art.
  • It has a video archive and also multimedia facilities and an art library.
  • The Centre organizes public events and programs.
  • Provides a garden with interactive projects and sculptures outside the main building.
  • The center attracts visitors from all over the UAE due to its events.

Qasba Mosque

One of Sharjah’s religious centres where Friday’s sermon is presented in English. 

Qasba Plaza

It includes fountains, gardens and shaded corners, charming channels and venues for outdoor events as well.


  • There are Varied cuisine from the traditional Middle East to Italian cuisine.
  • There are a large number of attractive cafes such as Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts and London Dairy and ice cream shops like Baskin-Robbins and Maras Turka, Italian Coffee in Attibassi as will.
  • In Addition to sweet shops like Slorp candy and Gerard Bakery.
  • Other restaurants like Nando’s, Sumo Sush, Sushi Bento, Shababik and others.
  • There is another place to eat fish that features fresh fish from canals in the UAE.

Qasba Theatre

  • Includes Mushari theatre with many concerts and art performances and Masara al-Qasba which is an auditorium that hosts cultural parties and film screenings.
  • Narrating Stories that learn children history, music and Old Stories are listed under the title of the piece on display.
  • Performing fairytales and a show of dance and music in the stories featured in the theatre.

Al Qasba Furat Qaddouri Music Center

This center teaches music to people of different ages, and also hosts concerts to showcase their talent. Also, there is a ballet classes section for children to showcase their talents and it includes another section dedicated to creative skills in porcelain, painting, coloring and drafting.

Musical Fountain

Shows dancing performances in Qasba, which are seen by a number of people from residential towers near their apartments and it is very popular among Sharjah residents, it is also one of the unmissable attractions in Qasaba

Cool Zone for Children

It includes children’s platform to offer physical activities in Qasba in the area of children’s toys of all ages for interaction and social communication. Children can also swing, run and climb, exercise and slide.

Sharjah Boat Tour

The traditional boat trip offers a panoramic view of the entire community.

Kids Fun House

It is an Outdoor play area for children in Al Qasba and also includes a small water-themed playground where children can climb tires, play in ball digging and discover a world of slides.

Water Carts

An activity of riding innovative and environment friendly water cart. This electric trolley features a silent, fast and risk-free motor that is easy to drive.

Now we show you one of Sharjah’s most beautiful waterfront communities where you have to own a property with whether you live or invest.

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