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Apartments for sale in Al Raha Beach

Apartments for sale Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi has many important characteristics, as it is located on the waterfront and stretches for long distances from the pristine beach, which is a convenient option for people who want to look for homes in the capital, here are the most important information about the area, keep reading.

About Al Raha Beach area

Al Raha Beach is one of the areas where you can own one of the free real estate in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, which allows expatriates to own real estate for sale in Abu Dhabi in one of the best investment areas in the capital, in addition to apartments, houses, and villas in the area where you can easily invest.

The area includes a variety of properties and amenities such as schools, restaurants and a commercial center that make Al Raha Beach attractive to everyone from young people to families.

The area includes many parks, it is a popular community to live in Abu Dhabi, where life there is characterized by many advantages, including quiet views of the waterfront, cool sea breeze, wonderful green spaces, quiet environment and modern amenities.

Located in the area, Al Raha Beach Hotel is a 5-star hotel located next to the recently developed Al Raha Corniche, where the hotel has 110 rooms and suites, and it also has the largest hotel rooms in all of Abu Dhabi, as each room is exquisitely decorated with comfortable colors, and it also has a large luxurious marble bathroom.

Al Raha hotel also offers a variety of leisure facilities for hotel guests of all ages, such as an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a separate children’s water playground, a swimming pool, a set of exciting water sports and cheerful squash courts, it also has a spa and a selection of body treatments, as well as a steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Al Raha Beach Hotel is located just 25 minutes from the center of Abu Dhabi. This first-class resort is also located right next to the famous Al Raha Mall, where guests can explore numerous shops along with the food court.

Al Raha Gardens is located near Khalifa City a, a quiet community in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi International Airport is just 15 minutes away and offers easy access to Abu Dhabi’s main highway.

Sub-communities in Al Raha Gardens include: Sidra, kahnour, Hamim, lahwiya, Al Wardah, Yasmina, qatouf, Al Maryah, mezirah.

Al Raha Gardens contains a large variety of villas and townhouses, most of which are imbued with Arabic architecture.

Location of Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

The vibrant community of Al Raha Beach is located just off Abu Dhabi’s main highway, close to Abu Dhabi International Airport and next to Khalifa City A. To the ocean, it is also close to the best retail centers, restaurants, entertainment venues of the capital and many others.

Advantages of housing in apartments for sale Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

Learning about the advantages of living in Al Raha Beach can help you decide whether this community is right for you or not.

  • There are three main sub-complexes in Al Raha Beach, namely Al Zeina, Al Bandar and Al Muneera.
  • Home seekers or investors can buy or rent apartments in Al Raha Beach.
  • There are several apartments for rent in Al Raha Beach, as there are a lot of buildings offering waterfront real estate in Bandar. Some of the most important projects in the area are Al Barza, Al Naseem residence and Al Hadeel, and you can choose from 1 to 5 bedrooms in the area depending on the budget.
  • There are also two other complexes, Al Muneera and Al Zeina, consisting of a range of luxury apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, stunning houses and spacious villas, most of which offer stunning views of the coast.
  • It offers all the modern amenities you could want.
  • The villas in Al Raha Gardens have multi-car parking garages
  • You can easily reach the private beach through the sub-complexes in Munira and Zeina, and visitors can get Beach tickets from Al Raha Beach Hotel, and Yas Beach is less than 20 minutes away from the area.
  • It is strategically located, as it is located near the highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and it is also located 15 minutes from Yas Island, a famous commercial, residential and entertainment center that attracts tourists and locals from everywhere, and includes famous tourist attractions including Yas Island, Yas Marina circuit and Ferrari World.

Activities at Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

You can do a lot of fun activities on Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi, as it has a lot of urban facilities and waterfront living, so many people accept it to buy an apartment in Al Raha Beach.

  • The area includes several wonderful parks along the waterfront, you can stroll in the middle of the cool sea breeze, admire the picturesque landscapes of the sparkling ocean, live in the community of Al Raha Beach, which offers a wonderful life by the sea.
  • You can enjoy the classic Mediterranean atmosphere at the Pacifico tiki restaurant where you can have a great meal.

Prices of apartments for sale Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

The townhouses and villas of Al Raha Gardens consist mainly of 3 to 5 bedrooms and offer key facilities such as 24-hour security, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, parking and terraces.

  • The cost of a townhouse for sale in Al Raha Gardens starts from AED 1.9 million according to current listings.
  • Rent a townhouse in Al Raha Gardens starts from AED 135 thousand per year.
  • Those looking for villas for sale in Abu Dhabi at Al Raha Gardens can pay between AED 1.9 million and AED 8 million to purchase a unit.
  • Tenants looking for villas for rent in Al Raha Gardens can expect to pay a starting price of AED 150 thousand per year.

Why you should buy an apartment in Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to invest in waterfront real estate in Abu Dhabi, Al Raha Beach is among the most and Best Popular Areas, for many reasons including:

  • Al Raha Beach community has some of the best restaurants on the beach, it is one of the most attractive areas for residents who want to rent or buy real estate in this area.
  • Among the most important restaurants located there are Pacifico Tiki, the sea-side lounge restaurant at Al Bandar Marina and Knowles restaurant, Al Bandar
  • The specialist specializes in healthy American cuisine that is served on a spacious patio above the sea.
  • Moreover, residents can discover such famous restaurants as Leopold’s of London and Jones the Grocer.
  • Some of the sub-complexes located in Al Raha Beach Abu Dhabi have access to a private beach, and it is also an ideal area for water sports enthusiasts.
  • There are many attractions in the area that residents are attracted to, and there are many sports available there, most notably water sports. It houses the Halla Walla club, which offers many services such as water skiing and other adrenaline pumping activities.

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