Apartments for Sale in Al Taawun | One of the most investment in Sharjah

Apartments for Sale in Al Taawun

 It is one of the most searched places on Google search engine to find out all about this distinctive area. Despite being a small area yet, it is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for housing and investment in Sharjah.

About Al Taawun Sharjah

 It is located in the middle part of Sharjah, the UAE and bordered to the north by Al Qasimiyah region, to the South by Al Khan and to the East by Khor Fakan. Al Taawun area has several famous landmarks such as the Nasb Al Nisr and Sharjah International Airport. Sharjah has three main stages: Al Mahata, Al Noor Island and Al Taawun. There are many shopping centers in Al Taawun including supermarket, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, primary and secondary kindergarten, Sheikh Sultan Library, Sharjah Central Police Station, Sharjah Commercial Center and Sharjah Al Qassimi Hospital.

Al Taawun Sharjah Location

 It is located in Sharjah City, the UAE, bordered by Dubai Emirate and Sharjah Emirate, 10 minutes from Dubai, 30 minutes from Sharjah International Airport and 21.4 km from Sharjah Museum of Art.

Benefits of living in Al Taawun Sharjah

 Before searching for housing or owning the housing unit, you must first study the features of the area to live in, in terms of the availability of services and facilities you need, green spaces around housing must be considered to provide a healthy environment for you and your family and choose a leisure lifestyle. The advantages of living in this neighborhood are the diversity of residential units between apartments, villas and studio that all are located in a strategic place which ensures you provide services and a modern lifestyle. The region is on the periphery of Dubai City, despite the calm that prevails in the region, it becomes more crowded in the afternoon as it combines the borders of Sharjah with the borders of Dubai, the region is characterized by the proportionality of property prices in Sharjah, which has encouraged many investors to invest in its properties.

Types of apartments in Al Taawun

 The apartments in the neighborhood are varied so that customers are given the opportunity to choose between the units according to the customer’s request and the number of members of his family and also appropriate to his purchasing power. The project has a studio apartment with a bedroom and a lounge starting its space from 420 square feet, while the one-bedroom and a lounge apartment’s space starting at 930 square feet. Also, there are apartments consist of two bedroom and a spacious lounge with a space of 1,450 square feet and  a three bedrooms and a lounge apartment with a space of 2,390 square feet.

Prices of Apartments for Sale in Al Taawun

  Many individuals from the UAE have started to buy in Al Taawun region because of the region’s distinctive provision of necessary appropriate housing services. In addition to the proportionate price; the average price of studio apartments is AED 370,000 and can be increased according to the space. The average price for two-bedroom and a lounge apartment is between AED 600.000 and AED 950.000. The average price of three-bedroom and a lounge apartment is between AED 705.000 and AED 200,000, bearing in mind that these prices may be lower or higher depending on the space, number of apartments and location.

Why you should own in Apartments for Sale in Al Taawun

 There are some distinctive things that make living in Al Taawun necessary such as:

  • The strategic location of the neighborhood; is located near the Dubai and Sharjah borders.
  • You can enjoy a glamorous view on Al Mamzar and Khalid lakes from the balcony of your unit.
  • The area is surrounded by a number of different residential units.
  • It is one of Sharjah’s best and most sought-after places to rent.
  • Around the area, there are many prominent places in Sharjah such as Al Khan and Al Mamzar. It includes a number of residential towers located at the middle of Al Taawun St. and Al Taawun Al Jadeed St, which has been ranked as one of the most important features of the area.

Services in Al Taawun Sharjah

 There are several important services available in the region for residents.


 The project offers a good number of free and paid parking. There is a private car park belonging to your residential unit and underground parking as well.

Schools and Nurseries in Al Taawun Sharjah

  The region provides a number of kindergartens and schools to ease the residents sending the region’s inhabiants their children to complete their educational stages such as Chubby Cheeks, Gulf Skills and little wonders nurseries. Schools like Victoria international school, Al Durra International school, Future Private School and Islamic Pakistan School while there are many institutes located on the borders of the region such as Westford University, Emirates Institute of Banking Finance Studies and Lincoln University.

Hospitals and Clinics in Al Taawun Sharjah

 There are outpatient clinics and public and private hospitals in Al Taawun to serve the region’s residents 24 hours a day. These hospitals include: Oriana Hospital, which is close to Expo Sharjah Center, N M C Specialist Hospital, Zulekha Hospital, located in Al Nahda District, Dubai, 10 minutes away from Al Taawun.

 There are a number of outpatient medical centers including Midcare Medical Center Al Taawun, Art Medical Center and Oxygen Medical Center. pharmacies are available that operate 24 hours a day such as Ester, Al Sakeena and Al Faris Pharmacies.

Shopping Centers in Al Taawun Sharjah

 There are a number of commercial and retail shopping malls in the area including Arab Mall, famous in and around the area, Ansar Mall, located in the Nahda few minutes away from Al Taawun. The malls include a number of shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.

 Restaurants and cafes in Al Taawun Sharjah

 There are a number of restaurants and cafes that offer an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation, including Lafah Restaurant, Flafel Alrabiah Restaurant and Zekrayat Al Sham Restaurant. The area also has a number of restaurants offering fast food including KFC Burger King and Pizza Hut and local restaurants like Abou Wahed Zaman Al Khair Restaurants.

Beauty & Fitness Sports Center in Al Taawun Sharjah

The District Administration offers a number of sports activities and recreational venues to residents. You can go to the gardens for more enjoyment and relaxation in a quiet setting, including Al-Nahda Park Sharjah, Al Majaz Par and Al-Mamzar Park, all with gyms and walking and running venues.

 The area includes a number of fitness centers including Al-Nahda Fitness Center, Bab Al-Shams Fitness Center, and Jim Al Awaiel. It also includes women’s beauty centers including Chicago Salon, shear and warp salon and Tulip Ladies Salon.

At the end, Al Taawun region is one of the ideal areas for living and stability; connects the two most important emirates in the UAE, Dubai and Sharjah, making it the preferred destination to own housing in Sharjah for many people.

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