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شقق للبيع في الزاهية الشارقة

Al Zahia is the perfect destination for a unique life of modern design and architecture. Lots of Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia Sharjah in different spaces and their prices are competing for other residential projects. In the article we offer you the distinctive strategic location and the most prominent services and entertainment to be able to choose your home accurately. A Lot of apartments are available for sale in Zahiya Sharjah with different spaces and competitive prices for other residential projects. In the article, we offer you the distinctive strategic location and the most prominent services and entertainment helping you to choose your house.

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About Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 It is an integrated Project and Residential Complex in one of the most important emirates. It is one of the best locations in Sharjah surrounded by parks, multipurpose areas and sports and leisure facilities. In addition, Properties for sale in Sharjah varies between apartments and townhouses, where a life you love includes an integrated community for living, leisure and shopping.

Project Overview

 Al Zahia is a complex owned by Sharjah Holding and operated by Majid Al Futtaim Properties Ltd. A distinctive landmark enriches Sharjah’s properties development and adds a new dimension of diversity. It consists of four phases; Phase 1 – 2 (Aljoori), Phase 3 (Narjiss) and Phase 4 (Laylak).

 Al Zahia Vision is based on creating an integrated residential complex that combines the original values of Sharjah Emirate with its distinctive lifestyle, harmonious spaces In addition, it provides more privacy and luxury, and is one of open areas for outdoor activities. It is home to many people and is scheduled to be completed within this year 2022.

Master Plan of Zahia Project

 Al Zahia is the ultimate destination for a distinctive lifestyle in Sharjah; a residential complex that combines traditional values and the lifestyle of the Sharjah emirate. The complex is strategically located in the middle of New Sharjah, on more than 1 million square meters and contains a range of villas, townhouses and apartments. Residents can easily access to areas of schools, medical and recreational centers and commercial areas.

Location of Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 Zahia complex is strategically located in the middle of Sharjah near the University City and Sharjah Airport with easy access to sheikh mohammad bin zayed road

Top projects in Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 Al Zahia has many neighborhoods, each with a unique design and space, including bright townhouses, villas and apartments that combine traditional and contemporary features, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens with keen attention to details, as well as houses of worship, playgrounds, shops, various restaurants and other facilities that meet the complex residents’ needs.

Al Joori neighborhood

 It is the first neighborhood, featuring a collection of villas and townhouses. This neighborhood has been fully implemented and occupied.

Al Narjiss neighborhood

 It is the second neighborhood and currently under construction in Wadi Al-Kubra, with a variety of villas and townhouses for families seeking absolute well-being. More than 90% of the units was sold.

Laylak neighborhood

 It was established in 2017 and it includes variety of  houses that meet the different needs of families, such as villas, three, four and five-bedroom units designed to suit growing families and provide a unique lifestyle design according to the current and emerging generations.

  • Basic townhouse consists of three rooms, open spaces, backyard, closed kitchen, maid room and bathroom on ground floor and parking.
  • Luxury townhouse consists of three bedrooms, family lounge, open space, back garden and parking.
  • Semi-Detached Villa consists of four bedrooms, kitchen, service spaces, guest bedroom, bathroom, spacious wardrobe and parking.
  • Bigger villa consists of five bedrooms kitchen, service spaces, guest bedroom, bathroom spacious wardrobe and parking.

Al Yasmeen neighborhood

 We look forward to building an integrated green complex whether you are a young family or a couple at the beginning of your life together, you will undoubtedly enjoy fun moments every day.

  • Townhouses consist of two or three bedrooms.
  • Villas consist of three, four or five bedrooms.

You can pay 10% as a down payment and 50/50 Delivery beyond 3 years as a Payment Plan.

Orchid neighborhood

It is located amidst a world of unique landscapes; Orchid is an ideal destination for a distinctive lifestyle in Sharjah, providing an unparalleled lifestyle through direct contact with City Centre Al Zahia, the largest mall in the Northern Emirates and the largest private park in Sharjah.

Al Zahia Uptown

 It offers rental apartments designed around a main street and retail mall, and all apartments provide direct access to Al Zahia City Centre.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 There are many apartments for sale in Sharjah and towers along University City Rd, with easy entry and exit from the complex. Al-Zahia includes 342 residential units.  The apartments have many different spaces, including studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, duplex and affordable penthouses. Most units have been sold and there are many ones under construction. It was first delivered in 2018.

Benefits of living in Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 The project has a range of features that make it one of the finest residential places attracting residents:

  • A vital location near to main roads and transportation.
  • A strategic location that guarantees all outstanding services and facilities.
  • Diversity in many residential units in different spaces.
  • Different spaces at suitable and competitive prices than other projects.

Services of Al Zahia

 The project has many services that meet the needs of the population, most notably:


  Zahia City embraces diversity and welcomes residents of all nationalities. The community consists of seven independent neighborhoods and community centers that provide its residents with a wide range of spaces to carry out activities and organize community activities. In addition to footpaths and bikes connecting all neighborhoods, including parks, community center, pool and children’s playground, retail shops and mosques.

Amusement Parks

 Each neighborhood will have six amusement parks – one in each neighborhood, each with its own unique identity to delight your senses.

Leisure Club

 The club offers facilities for residents near their houses. It has a variety of swimming pools, including a resort-style pool, as well as a dedicated events space. Al Zahia community feels healthier, happier and more connected because of the leisure club.

Different shopping and dining experience

  Al Zahia is more than a place to live. It is a whole way of life with premium facilities currently under construction such as City Centre Al Zahia, Uptown Al Zahia and the Leisure Club, there are no limits to the opportunities that residents of Al Zahia can explore for a good time.

Services and adjacent areas of the Zahia project

  • Government Buildings
  • Park
  • Shopping malls and shops

Educational facilities (school and nursery)

    • International School of Creative Sciences
    • Brilliant International School
    • GEMS International School
    • Al Estiqlal Private School
    • Sharjah British International School
  • GEMS Westminster School

Health facilities 

  • Thumbay Hospital Daycare – Muweila
  • Al Qassimi Hospital
  • University Hospital Sharjah
  • Medcare Medical Center -Mirdif
  • Zulekha Hospital- Sharjah

Prices of living in Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

 The prices of apartments in Sharjah are cheap and convenient, with various spaces that enable each customer to order the unit they want as per below:

  • The studio unit price in Sharjah starts around AED 400,000.
  • One-bedroom residential unit is priced at AED 600,000.
  • Apartment consists of two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen starts at about AED 850,000.
  • The three-bedroom apartment is priced at AED 1.250,000.

Why you should own in Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia?

  • The project includes a range of high-end residential units.
  • The project has a unique character and lifestyle with modern designs.
  • Also, it has various gardens and recreational means.
  • It is a lifestyle interface that combines traditional values with modern style.

At the end, Apartments for sale in Zahia Sharjah are designed to create and innovate within the most prestigious residential complex in harmony between residential units and their space as well as their prices. Offering a range of apartments with international specifications suited to luxury families beside the distinctive geographical location close to the main roads.

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