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Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia

Al Zahia is the ideal destination for a unique lifestyle when it comes to modern design and architecture. It offers a wide range of apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah, with various sizes and competitive prices compared to other residential projects. In this article, we present you with the outstanding strategic location, prominent services, and recreational facilities so that you can choose your home with precision.

Brief about apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah

Apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah, are part of a distinctive and integrated residential project and community in one of the prominent emirates. It is among the best locations in Sharjah surrounded by gardens and multiple-purpose facilities, including sports and recreational areas. The properties for sale in Sharjah vary between apartments and townhouses, offering a lifestyle that embraces a complete community for living, entertainment, and shopping.

Overview of the area

Al Zahia, a project owned by Sharjah Holding and managed by Majid Al Futtaim Properties, is a remarkable landmark that enriches the real estate development scene in the Emirate of Sharjah and adds a new dimension of diversity to it. It consists of four phases: Phase 1-2 (Al Jouri), Phase 3 (Al Narjis), and Phase 4 (Lilac).

The vision of Al Zahia is to create an integrated residential community that combines the core values of Sharjah, its distinctive lifestyle, harmonious spaces, and provides more privacy and luxury. It is one of the open areas for outdoor activities, home to many residents, and is expected to be completed within the current year 2022.

Masterplan of Al Zahia, Sharjah project

Al Zahia is the ultimate destination for a distinctive lifestyle in Sharjah, a residential community that connects the traditional values and lifestyle of the Emirate of Sharjah. The complex occupies a strategic location in the heart of the new Sharjah, spanning over a million square meters, and includes a range of villas, townhouses, and apartments. Residents have easy access to areas such as schools, medical centers, entertainment centers, and commercial areas.

Location of apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah

Al Zahia complex occupies a strategic location in the heart of Sharjah, near the University City and Sharjah Airport, with easy access to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Al Zahia, Sharjah

The project of apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah, boasts a range of features that make it one of the most prestigious residential areas, including:

1. Vibrant location close to major roads and transportation.
2. Strategic location ensuring all exceptional services and facilities.
3. Diversity in residential units with different sizes.
4. Various unit sizes at affordable and competitive prices compared to other projects.

Prices of apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah

The prices of apartments in Sharjah are characterized as affordable and suitable, as they offer diverse spaces that allow every client to choose their desired unit. The prominent prices include:

– Studio apartment prices start around AED 400,000.
– Prices of one-bedroom residential units start at AED 600,000.
– Prices of two-bedroom apartments with a bathroom and kitchen start around AED 850,000.
– Prices of three-bedroom residential units are approximately AED 1,250,000.

The mosr questions about Al Zahia area:

  • Al Zahia’s important projects include:

    1. Al Ghoory Neighborhood: It is the first neighborhood in Al Zahia and comprises a collection of villas and townhouses. This neighborhood has been fully delivered and occupied.

    2. Al Narjis Neighborhood: Located in Wadi Al Kabir, the Al Narjis townhouse project offers a diverse range of villas and townhouses for families seeking ultimate luxury. More than 90% of this neighborhood has been sold.

    3. Al Lilac Neighborhood: The Al Lilac townhouse project was launched in Al Zahia, Sharjah, in 2017. It includes a variety of homes that cater to the needs of different families, such as three, four, and five-bedroom villas and houses designed to accommodate growing families and provide a unique lifestyle that suits the current and emerging generations.

    4. Al Yasmeen Neighborhood: It aims to build an integrated green community for everyone, whether young families or couples starting their lives together, ensuring enjoyable moments every day. It offers townhouses with two or three bedrooms, as well as villas with three, four, or five bedrooms.

    5. Orchid Neighborhood: Orchid is located amidst unique natural landscapes in a perfect destination for a distinctive lifestyle in Sharjah. It provides an unparalleled lifestyle through direct connectivity to Al Zahia City Centre, the largest retail center in the Northern Emirates, and the largest private park in Sharjah.

    6. Al Zahia Uptown: Al Zahia offers rental apartments designed around a main street and a retail center, providing direct access to Al Zahia City Centre.

    These projects offer various residential options and amenities designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents in Al Zahia, Sharjah.

Al Zahia encompasses a collection of neighborhoods, each with a unique character based on their designs and spaces. This includes Al Zahia townhouses, villas, and apartments that blend traditional and contemporary features, surrounded by beautiful gardens. With meticulous attention to detail, the community also offers amenities such as worship centers, sports fields, diverse retail outlets, restaurants, and other facilities that cater to the needs of its residents.

There are many apartments for sale in Sharjah, including high-rise towers along the University City Road, with easy access in and out of the complex. Al Zahia apartments consist of 342 residential units, offering a variety of different spaces, including studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as affordable duplexes and penthouses. Most of the units have been sold, and many are currently under construction. The first deliveries took place in 2018.

  • The project features a collection of upscale residential units.
  • It stands out with a unique character and a modern lifestyle.
  • It boasts various gardens and recreational facilities.
  • A facade for a lifestyle that combines traditional values and contemporary style.

The apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah are designed with creativity and innovation within a prestigious residential complex, where there is harmony between the residential units, their spaces, and their prices. They offer a range of apartments with international specifications that cater to luxury families, alongside the excellent geographical location close to major roads.

  • Al Zahia embraces diversity and welcomes residents of all nationalities. The community consists of seven distinct neighborhoods and community centers that provide residents with a variety of spacious areas for activities and community events. In addition to pedestrian and cycling paths that connect all neighborhoods, including parks, community center, swimming pool, and children’s playground. There are retail outlets and mosques as well.

    Each neighborhood will feature six recreational parks, each with its unique identity to delight your senses. The club offers residents’ facilities near their homes, including a variety of swimming pools, including a resort-style pool, as well as dedicated event spaces. The Al Zahia community feels healthier, happier, and more connected because of the club.

    Al Zahia is more than just a place to live; it is a complete lifestyle. With exceptional facilities currently under construction, such as City Centre Al Zahia, Al Zahia Downtown, and the recreational club, there are no limits to the opportunities residents of Al Zahia can explore for enjoyable leisure time.

    Other prominent services and facilities in Al Zahia include government buildings, parks, shopping centers and stores, the International School of Creative Science, Brilliant International School, Gems Millennium School, Al Istiqlal Private School, Sharjah British International School, Gems Westminster School Sharjah, Thumbay Hospital for Care – Muweilah, Al Qasimi Hospital, University Hospital – Sharjah, Medicure Medical Center – Mirdif, and Zulekha Hospital – Sharjah.

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