Apartments for sale in corniche Aiman

شقق للبيع في عجمان كورنيش

In light of the difficult and stressful life, which is due to several reasons, every person needs a small space for entertainment and is separated from everything in a quiet and comfortable place. There are Apartments for sale in corniche Aiman that provide comfort, tranquility and Recreation, and they also provide all the services you need. Living in Ajman Corniche is the best place to enjoy with your family and feel comfortable.

About Corniche Ajman

Apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman are a destination for all people, especially tourists, because they are located in the area of the emirate of Ajman, which is a hidden gem that keeps you away from the hustle and bustle. The residential unit’s project is a freehold project located on the main road of Ajman on the Corniche Street, which enjoys many activities and services.

Corniche Street has 7 connected residential towers, which are a group of apartments of different sizes and consist of one, two, three bedrooms. They are designed inside and out in the latest modern style with European and international designs that exceed the imagination and even ideal residential units.

Activities in Corniche Ajman 

While there are many properties in Corniche Ajman, the area has many recreational and entertaining activities that are an ideal haven for a happy vacation. It is located on the Corniche Street, which enjoys sports activities along the beaches in addition to the charming views, especially at nights and evenings. Among those activities are:

Sports facilities

  • Corniche Street offers you walking, running and cycling paths to enjoy the outdoors and charming views.
  • Beautiful views and enjoying the sunset in front of the sea water is a nice feeling, especially when you are in the middle of the gardens and parks that have green spaces, most notably the Fisht garden, which overlooks the beach directly.
  • For all football and tennis fans in the Ajman area, Corniche Street provides various playgrounds to maintain physical fitness. There is also a golf club, it includes an International Golf Course located near the beach, as well as gyms.

Water activities

  • The visitor and tourist can enjoy sports activities, which include a number of good activities for entertainment, entertainment and spending a happy day.
  • Water activities include sailing and windsurfing, in addition to the possibility of fishing.
  • Corniche Street in Ajman also includes boat cruises, tourism practice in addition to fun rubber boat rides.

Service activities

Ajman region hosts a lot of restaurants and cafes that offer the most beautiful and delicious meals and drinks. Especially when sitting outdoors and enjoying the refreshing breezes amid the beautiful atmosphere and lights. The most famous restaurants near the place.

  • Steam restaurant
  • Sabila Ajman restaurant
  • Sultan of Sarai
  • Roof restaurant
  • Megana restaurant

Advantages of accommodation in Corniche Ajman

  • Apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman are located in a wonderful place with a view and endless beaches, so it is the liveliest area in the UAE.
  • Besides providing a lot of apartments for sale in Ajman, the area also provides a lot of different activities for you to enjoy.
  • The design of the residential units in Ajman in a unique style and a different lifestyle beyond imagination makes them ideal apartments for a bright future.
  • It includes amenities such as clubs, sports grounds, swimming pools for children and adults.
  • This makes it a profitable investment opportunity for all investors because it includes luxury apartments with modern designs.
  • The idea of providing Properties for sale in Ajman is one of the most opportunities in the real estate markets that bring great profit and return, especially in a privileged and strategic location.
  • The UAE, especially apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman, has ranked as one of the countries with the highest quality of living after France and Singapore, as it is the new landmark project in Ajman region.

Types of apartments in Corniche Ajman

Apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman ranked seventh in the most demanded areas in the purchase of apartments in the UAE according to the real estate market. This is due to several reasons, the most prominent of which are:

  • Its strategic location
  • Provision of various activities
  • Close to services and transportation
  • The design of the units at the highest level of luxury
  • Charming and direct views of the beaches

Therefore, the project consists of seven connected residential towers containing residential units of different sizes, the apartment may consist of one room, a lounge, a bathroom and a kitchen. There is also a residential apartment consisting of two rooms, a Hall, a bathroom and a kitchen. The latter is a residential apartment consisting of three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

The developer of the project

More than 15 years of experience in the real estate market, she has many real estate projects carried out in the UAE and others. The company” aqar for real estate development” is one of the famous companies in the field of real estate engineering. Which has implemented an apartment project for sale in Corniche Ajman, which is characterized by wonderful designs and direct views of the seashore. In addition to choosing the location of the services near the residential units, there are also fun leisure activities for adults and children.

Services in Corniche Ajman 

Entertainment means the most things that attract people’s attention and make them apply to buy a residential unit only for the purpose of comfort and Recreation, and that is what is available in apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman.

Entertainment services

Inside the residential apartments project in Ajman Corniche Street there are a lot of recreational activities, most notably gardens and parks. Spacious green spaces, trails for walking and running, as well as cycling to enjoy the fresh air.

Sports services

In order to maintain physical fitness and exercise regularly, the developer has provided sports grounds for football, tennis, golf and other playgrounds. The project also includes gyms for women and men, in addition to swimming pools, spa rooms, and saunas.

Health services

Medical service is one of the necessary things to be available anywhere, especially in a modern residential project, which provides health centers and clinics equipped with highly efficient equipment and including an elite group of doctors and consultants who have great experience in the field of Medicine.

Security services

Security and safety is a natural thing and any person needs it in order to be able to live in comfort and tranquility, as there are surveillance cameras in each property along with a 24-hour security crew to ensure security and safety for all residents.

Educational services

So that you can receive the educational service in an outstanding manner and an advanced curriculum, it is considered a modern academic study that is studied by an elite group of teachers using the best modern methods. Available for all age levels from primary, secondary and University in addition to nurseries.

Religious services

Design of houses of worship to hold prayers and practice worship continuously mosques have been established near the residential units with the highest designs with sacred religious features.

The trend of prices of apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman 

According to what was published according to the real estate market, Corniche Ajman real estate occupies the seventh place in the sale of apartments because it provides the cheapest apartment in Corniche Ajman and there are also high prices depending on the location of the residential unit, its area, and its services. We offer you approximate prices for units in Ajman, which are as follows:

  • A residential apartment consisting of one bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen with an area ranging from 898 – 1600 square feet at a price ranging from 615,000 – 850,000 AED.
  • The area of the two – room apartment, lounge, bathroom and kitchen is between 1800 – 2400 square feet, the price ranges between 781,000-1.2 million AED.
  • While 3 bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen bathroom with an area of 2500 – 3400 square feet at a price of 1.3 million up to 1.6 million AED.

Why you should buy an apartment in Corniche Ajman?

The apartments for sale project in Corniche Ajman is a residential and investment opportunity at the same time because it is characterized by charming views and unique modern designs in a wonderful and refined style. The project is also characterized by various facilities and services close to transportation, in addition to the reasonable rental, sale and purchase prices.


For all residents and visitors in the Corniche Ajman area now you can get a residential unit in the apartments for sale project in Corniche Ajman. Enjoy every moment you live in the open air, surrounded by greenery, direct sea views, and practicing various activities with your family. 

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