Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai

شقق للبيع في داون تاون دبي

Home is the most place that should be chosen very carefully because it is the place where we feel comfortable, calm and tranquility, such as apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai. The best apartments that provide all their customers with privacy and real pleasure through the services available at home. The most prominent of which are spacious areas, green spaces and other services for more details, follow us through the msknk  website.

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About apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai

The emirate of Dubai is the epicenter of development in the Arab world currently because of the interest it is witnessing in all aspects of entertainment, scientific, as well as tourism and economic. This has made it a destination that attracts the attention of tourists, investors, as well as job seekers hoping to live in a country with steady growth that the individual grows with. And of course, that housing entails searching for apartments for sale in Dubai, we recommend apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai for you.

You may be wondering; why did you decide to buy an apartment in Downtown Dubai specifically without others

The prime location of Downtown Dubai is one of the most important reasons why you should choose a residential area for you and your family as well. So what do you think is better than living in an area in the heart of the city and close to the important tourist attractions of the emirate of Dubai as well as shopping malls and about services Downtown Dubai apartments are equipped with all the services and facilities you need, and in addition to all this, if you have an investor mindset. Investing in a property in this place is your winning deal.

Where is Downtown Dubai located?

Apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai are located in the best area of Dubai, which is one of the Second areas of attraction for residents and tourist attractions in the UAE. The apartments are strategically located along sheikh zayed road E11 opposite Al Wasl Street, which is located on the border of Business Bay Area. It includes a large selection of luxury hotels and commercial malls in addition to the entertainment services available in the area. It also has properties for sale in Dubai that are characterized by green spaces and outstanding prices.

Advantages of housing in Downtown Dubai

  • It is located in the most famous tourist areas of the emirate of Dubai, such as the dancing fountain, Burj Khalifa, the most famous landmark of the emirate of Dubai.
  • There are a variety of housing options to suit your life and choices, whatever they are.
  • Life in Downtown Dubai means twice as much luxury as life in any other city.
  • It has a freehold property, which means that if you are a foreign citizen, you can own apartments in Downtown Dubai without any obstacles.
  • Downtown Dubai is not only a tourist city, but also cares about green spaces, sustainable development, energy conservation and land resources.

Types of apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai

Due to the fact that Downtown Dubai is a property area, and due to the fact that it is a tourist destination, this means the multiplicity of its residents and the different preferences of each of them. Therefore, we take this into account in the area and number of rooms of apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai so that it exists.

  • Studios with small spaces
  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Two-bedroom apartments
  • Three-bedroom apartments
  • Four-bedroom apartments
  • Five-bedroom apartments

The areas of Downtown Dubai apartments for sale range from 1,200 square feet to 2,800 square feet, more than double the area. All these apartments are fully equipped for living and equipped with modern and elegant furniture in all its parts, from the wardrobe to the kitchen, which is equipped at a very good level.

Prices of apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai

The prices of apartments for sale in Dubai vary depending on the area and the number of rooms. It starts from AED 933 thousand for a studio and then almost AED one and a half million for a one-bedroom apartment. The three-bedroom apartment has a selling price of AED 4 million and 185 thousand. The four-bedroom apartment is sold at a price of approximately AED 14 million. As for the five-bedroom apartment, the selling price is AED 36 million and 645 thousand. These apartments offer a high return on investment of up to about 5 percent.

Why you should own apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai?

  • Get enough of the leisure life that every person desires.
  • There are many spaces within downtown to choose the best suitable residential apartment for each client.
  • An investment opportunity for all investors and businessmen due to the strategic location.
  • It is characterized by the proximity of beautiful sights and picturesque landscapes.
  • As for the unit prices, they are appropriate and different depending on the areas of each apartment.

Lifestyle in Downtown Dubai

Dubai provides a very unique lifestyle. as a whole, it is a distinctive experience of comfort and luxury where you can get to anywhere you want easily and conveniently through public transportation that covers most of the emirate and connects to each other. the principle of tax exemption for Dubai residents is one of the means encouraging its residents. in addition, it is one of the best countries in the world in school curricula, keeping up with scientific development and interest in technology. it has many scientific initiatives that testify to this. we find that Dubai is an economically diverse country whose economy is not based on one area, but finds overlap in more than one area, and therefore it will make it easier for you to find a job suitable for your educational background.

Services in Downtown Dubai

Apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai have many diverse services that serve to meet the needs of residents, the most prominent of which are.

Entertainment services

When creating the residential apartments, it was taken into account to provide the greatest amount of entertainment service that residents enjoy, most notably wide green spaces, recreational areas for running and walking tracks, and an integrated children’s play area suitable for all ages.

Educational services

There are also educational buildings that start from an early age for children, such as distinguished nurseries, elementary, preparatory and secondary schools, as well as universities according to a modern academic education.

Administrative services

Available to each resident is a special building of government interests, institutions and the body in which you can finish all papers and administrative documents. Service Centers for citizens residing in the region, Amer and municipal service centers and other administrative offices.

Health services

Medical care is one of the most important things that is distinguished in residential units because it cares about the health of citizens from medical devices characterized by high quality and efficiency. Join an outstanding medical team with long experience in all medical specialties.

Security services

Every person needs to feel safe and secure all the time and it is available in all residential units and buildings from 24-hour security, surveillance cameras.

Sports services

Many different sports grounds, gyms suitable for both sexes, green spaces, swimming pools suitable for adults and children.

Religious services

it also took care of the establishment of a large mosque within the residential area, as it is close to all units so that they can practice worship regularly.

A very wonderful and beautiful life, an integrated life that contains many services that every citizen needs, an integrated and comprehensive city with all the advantages starting from the strategic location, different areas of residential apartments, in addition to the premium prices, being a great investment opportunity when you get apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai.

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