Apartments for sale in Dubai City Walk

شقق للبيع في دبي سيتي ووك

Why you should buy apartments for sale in Dubai City Walk Dubai City Walk is a world of imagination on the ground where the passion for innovation is represented in charming Dubai. it is one of its destinations that expresses luxury, sophistication and creative European designs to offer an unparalleled lifestyle.

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About Dubai City Walk

The Dubai City Walk project was developed by Meraas real estate company on an area of 900 thousand square meters of land, located in Jumeirah, which is one of the most attractive areas for residents, and it was developed in two phases, its residents enjoy a lifestyle full of luxury and comfort to provide all the needs of its residents, and the area designs a lot of interesting activities, various shopping centers, and many types of international food that satisfy every taste.

There are many public transportation means, which provides a distinctive lifestyle.

Dubai City Walk is only about 5 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Road, while both Khalifa towers and Dubai Metro station can be reached in an 8-minute walk, and it is characterized by its location at the intersection of Safa and Al Wasl from the south-western side, both of which are characterized by the availability of high-end supermarkets and schools, while Legend City is located on the northeast side and finally Business Bay from the South.

Accommodation in Dubai City Walk

When looking for apartments for sale in Dubai, you will not find better than City Walk Apartments, which give you a distinctive lifestyle filled with luxury and elegance that you dream of as a result of the availability of all the services needed by its residents. The developer company provided units with various sizes to suit all people and provided several options for life in Dubai City Walk through hotels, rental apartments and freehold so it is considered an attractive area for residents and investors.

Advantages of accommodation in Dubai City Walk

The emirate of Dubai is working on preparing a lot of entertainment areas where the largest countries compete in tourist attractions, which has reached almost 15 million tourists, and from this point of view Dubai is studying with interest the orientations of tourists and their requirements, and it has been found that most of them are families, so attention has been paid to Shopping Centers, for this we find that Dubai City Walk is one of the best malls chosen by a tourist because it contains several features, namely:

  • Museums include statues representing a Turkish series and are called the Sultan’s harem.
  • The developer company is Meraas company with a financial cost of 919 million dirhams.
  • It contains many entertainment venues that are suitable for children and adults.
  • All services are available and many people go shopping.
  • Easy navigation and access to all parts of Dubai due to its privileged location.
  • The possibility of knowing the news of the place through social networking pages through the internet.
  • The possibility of seeing the skyscrapers that characterize the charming Dubai is one of the signs of ingenious architectural design.
  • The magnificent glass destinations of skyscrapers, holograms and palm trees.
  • The walls contain very creative paintings with a refined taste that makes City Walk an imaginary and charming place.
  • Guided signs are provided to make it easier to navigate and find the places of services.
  • Entertainment shows such as dancing fountain, water elements, parties, weekly market.
  • Spend a pleasant and pleasant time with the family on the glass-roofed walking paths through which natural light passes.
  • The spread of several magnificent swimming pools and fountains.

Dubai City Walk properties

The real estate in Dubai City Walk consists of 4 world-class and magnificent buildings and includes several commercial projects, entertainment venues and restaurants.

All of them are characterized by attractive glass facades and the types of apartments in Dubai City Walk vary depending on the area and the number of rooms

Apartments with 1,2,3,4 bedrooms and duplexes of 3,4 bedrooms are distinguished by luxury and elegance, freehold and rent are available, as the area for one-room apartments starts from 912 square feet, and 4-room apartments and a lounge area of 5906 square feet.

As for the design of the units, they are with glass windows and spacious lobbies, and also contain master rooms, safes, bathrooms with distinctive equipment, a glass door and other apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, a maid’s room and a guest bathroom are also added to them.

The trend of prices of apartments for sale in Dubai City Walk

Properties for sale in Dubai  is one of the most important properties desired by residents, especially City Walk, and housing in it is considered a big win for its residents, as the cheapest apartments in Dubai City Walk are an irreplaceable opportunity compared to apartment prices in other areas that are incomparable in available services, especially furnished and spacious apartments, here is the trend of apartment prices

  • It offers one bedroom apartments and a lounge at a price of about AED 1.91 million.
  • Two-room and lounge apartments are offered at a price of almost 3.50 million dirhams.
  • The purchase price of a three-room apartment and a lounge is about 4.199 million dirhams.
  • The average purchase price of 4-room apartments and a lounge is about 7480 million dirhams.

However, the prices of apartments in Dubai City Walk are competitive for those who want to stay in that city.

Services at Dubai City Walk

There are countless services available at City Walk, there are: –

Malls in the area: –

  • There are malls all over Dubai such as the Dubai Mall, which can be reached within 6 minutes and includes luxury boutiques, a cinema, ice skating, as well as many flower shops, cafes and Carrefour.
  • There is also Al Wasl Mall, which is one of the most famous malls in the area.

Restaurants in Dubai City Walk: –

  • Luxury restaurants that vary between local and international and offer outdoor sessions with Asian, Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine such as mentleaf, Sarabeth restaurant and Koya Dubai.
  • Lima restaurant, an upscale restaurant, Cheval restaurant and Grez gastro grill.

Beaches in the area: –

  • Many beaches can be reached through Dubai City Walk, as it is located on Jumeirah Beach Road and the rest of the beaches are within 20 minutes
  • It includes Masaken Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Sunset Beach, Jumeirah public beach and prasti Beach.

Entertainment venues: –

  • Dubai City Walk has many entertainment venues for all families to enjoy, such as Hub Zero, which allows you to enjoy the most wonderful times and combines the real world and the virtual world
  • Roxy Cinema shows the latest international films and finally Mattel Play will be a safe area for children from 2 to 10 years old, and other places such as the green and Coca-Cola Arena, which hosts a lot of concerts and sports events.
  • Paved walking routes overlooking the sea.

Fitness centers: –

  • Fitness and beauty centers such as smart life, massea bodybuilding and my gym kids club are 6 minutes away.
  • The presence of resorts and salons, the most important of which are kerastas, 1847 and Inn bazinel.
  • Sports centers with the latest sports equipment

Hospitals in Dubai City Walk: –

  • There are many hospitals nearby such as Al Garhoud private hospital, Emirates and Aster Clinic.
  • In case of critical cases, you can go to the valyat clinic

City Walk schools and universities: –

  • There are several schools such as James Wellington Primary School, Great Minds Nursery and GSS school
  • As for higher education, there is the Canadian university and Mohammed bin Rashid University

Mosques and places of worship: –

  • It contains a central mosque, Mohammed bin Jarash mosque and Ramadan mosque
  • There are famous churches such as Jah Church, Dubai Korean disciples church and the UAE Baptist Church

Banks in the region: –

  • Emirates National Bank Dubai
  • Swimming pools for adults and children.

Parking lots: –

  • Spacious parking according to the size of the units, which includes over 600 underground parking spaces.

Hotels in Dubai City Walk: –

  • It includes many distinctive hotels such as Lavelle City Walk and roof City Walk.

Activities in Dubai City Walk

City Walk patrons can enjoy the street art spread all over the world, as it is a way for young people to express their opinions and dreams, so the walls of City Walk are filled with wonderful lists of the most famous international artists.

  • Visit the famous malls, which contain the largest shops.
  • Buy special gifts and souvenirs to keep the memory of visiting City Walk.
  • Buying from household supply stores to sell them distinctive and high-quality goods.
  • Visit stores selling the latest devices of the highest brands and the best offers.
  • Enjoy a cinema that shows the latest movies.
  • The most famous international restaurants and favorite cafes.
  • The availability of distinctive hotels makes it easy to stay, and the best of them is Shangri-La Hotel Dubai.
  • Enjoy many international and high-end fashion stores that include international brands of clothing and perfumes.
  • Visit the famous British telephone booth.
  • Go to the Amazon which is a tropical rainforest.
  • Mattel Play town with its entertaining shows for children.
  • Cloud Zone 7.
  • Wander around to see high jewelry designers.

Not only that, but Dubai City Walk has the most prestigious places that once you visit it, you feel like you are in a fantasy world.

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