Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

شقق للبيع في ميناء خور دبي

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour are considered an architectural icon that combines the charming natural environment with modern life with a civilized style. It provides residents with an integrated, mixed-use community, as it includes residential, commercial and entertainment units that offer a luxurious lifestyle. Emaar and Dubai Holding, the properties developer of the project, were able to build a smart city that attracts visitors from all over the world, where the waterfront overlooks the port, and the Dubai Creek project includes about 7.3 million square meters of residential areas, containing 711,399 apartments ready for housing, in addition to 700,000 square meters of green areas and gardens. 6.5 million square feet, an area equivalent to twice the area of ​​Downtown Dubai. Dubai Creek Harbor includes several areas, namely the reserve area, the island, and retail.

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Dubai Creek Harbour location

Dubai Creek Harbor is featured by its strategic location in Ras Al Khor, which is located in eastern Dubai, as it is 5 minutes away from Ras Al Khor Reserve, next to the center of Dubai, approximately 15 minutes, as well as both Al Barsha Mall Emirates and Burj Khalifa, and Dubai International Airport can be reached within 11 minutes, it is about 20 minutes away from Downtown Dubai, while it is 25 minutes away from Dubai Marina, and only about 35 minutes driving to get to Expo 2022, and 40 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour features

Dubai Creek Harbor has a world of dreams on the ground, where a set of features are only available in apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor, the most important of which are:

  1.  Distinctive views of the historic creek in Dubai.
  2.  It includes Dubai Creek Tower, which is the largest center of attraction for tourists.
  3.  It contains a marina park and the whale club.
  4.  Water activities.
  5.  Spacious green areas.
  6.  It includes luxury units and the best finishes.
  7.  Strong and developed infrastructure.
  8.  Great inside and outside designs.
  9.  Seafront as European cities such as Venice.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour types

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor vary according to the area to suit all individuals, families and newly married couples, so we find that they offer multiple options, as one-bedroom apartments with one or two bathrooms range from 700 square feet to 1000 square feet, and you can get two-bedroom apartments that include 2 to 3 bathrooms, whose area ranges from approximately 1,000 square feet. There are also three-bedroom apartments that include 3 to 5 bathrooms, on an area of ​​1,600 square feet to 2,000 square feet, in addition to four-bedroom apartments for large families to ensure a comfortable and easy life.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour prices

The prices of apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor vary according to the areas of the apartments, and these prices are suitable in relation to the features and facilities. Therefore, it is an attractive area for residents. We find that the price of a one-room apartment ranges between 870 thousand AED to 2 million AED. As for those who wish to buy a two-bedroom apartment, the prices range between 1.2 million AED and 3.18 million AED. There are some families who would like to buy a three-bedroom unit, whose prices start from 2.2 million AED and reach 4 million AED. As for the four-bedroom apartment, its prices range between 3.7 million AED and 8.5 million AED.

Why you should have an apartment for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour?

When you own an apartment for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour, you will have owned a dream apartment in an integrated, vibrant community for the following reasons:-

  1.  Dubai Creek Harbor is strategically located.
  2.  The availability of all facilities and services within the port is an unmatched investment opportunity.
  3.  The trend of apartment prices is suitable and is an opportunity for investment seekers.
  4. Properties for sale in Dubai  on a sea front to enjoy the wonderful views.
  5.  The properties developer is Emaar, one of the best developers.
  6.  Provides an elegant and luxurious lifestyle. Provides health centers and malls
  7.  It contains a variety of outdoor activities.
  8.   Flexible payment plan at affordable rates.

Dubai Creek Harbour lifestyle and services

Apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor offer a unique lifestyle and a unique experience of living in an integrated place as follows

Prominent landmarks and entertainment activities:

– Dubai Creek Harbor includes many prominent landmarks such as:

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Ras Al Khor Wildlife reserve includes 150 species

 Dubai Square covers an area of ​​750,000 square meters and includes about 100 football fields and an artistic area, in addition to a water park for practicing water activities, Ice Adventure, Dubai Creek Walk.

 Dubai Creek Park is 16 minutes away.

 – Restaurants in Dubai Creek Harbor:-

 It includes many restaurants that serve delicious food, such as

 Soul Green Restaurant

 Mundus Restaurant

 The Courtyard Restaurant

 Stage 2

 – Markets in Dubai Creek Harbor:-

 There are many markets that include all the requirements of the population

 spice market

 fabric market

The Gold Souk is one of the most important tourist destinations in Dubai

 – Entertainment facilities in Dubai Creek Harbor: –

 Central Plaza in the middle of Dubai Creek

 Virtual Reality Park is the best destination for virtual reality games

 Dubai Creek Plaza

– Fitness centers:-

 Each building in the area has an equipped GYM.

 EMD Fitness Ladies Hall

 CrossFit Metals GYM next to Ras Al Khor

 Royal Power, Pro Fitness, and Fire Gym.

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