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Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 Many do not stop looking for properties for sale in Dubai. It is the place where all recreational and medical services as well as an educational level places Dubai among the best places to study in the world. We show you everything about freehold in Dubai and specifically about apartments for sale in Dubai Investment.

About Dubai Investment Complex

  It is a giant project that started its construction in 1997 as a project with all the services that an individual may need. The Dubai Investment Complex was established not only for residential purposes but also included industrial and commercial areas, which attracted the attention of many investors and industrial entrepreneurs such as pharmaceutical and oil supplies factories and many others. The project was created on a giant area exceeding 2,300 hectares and all elements of perfect life were considered.

Location of Dubai Investment Complex

 Dubai Investment Complex has a highly unique location as it is located on Hadab St, in Jebel Ali stretch and close to all services of interest to customers in Dubai.

Benefits of living in Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 The are many advantages such as:

  • A project built on a vast area that includes businesses and factories along with residential units and therefore ensures you a full life in one place where your workplace is next to your residential unit and also next to the businesses from which you get your food, clothing and other needs.

  • Strategically located in the vicinity of Jebel Ali Airport.

  • The apartments have a highly distinctive architectural style that combines evolution with the old classic shape in a unique style.

  • Units vary between apartments, townhouses and villas to suit all tastes.

  • Dubai Investment Park is easily accessible from all over Dubai and can be easily moved to the rest of Dubai.

  • Including all elements of entertainment and containing lots of green gardens and water bodies.

  • Providing residents with a high level of security by providing a monitoring system to keep them safe.

Prices in Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 The price of the residential unit remains one of the most striking factors when searching for apartments for sale in Dubai. Of course, this factor is considered in the prices of apartments for sale in Dubai Investment Complex ranging from AED 299,000 for studio-type apartments. Single-room apartment is priced at AED 489,000. two-room apartment is priced AED 743,000 and three-room one is priced at AED 1 million and 235,000. There are also a number of villas in the complex with 4 bedrooms with a price tag of AED 1 million and AED 838 thousand and other villas with 5 bedrooms with a cost of  AED 3.5 million.

Types of Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 A distinctive feature of Dubai Investment complex is that it has various residential units that correspond to customers’ wishes both physically and rooms number where there are one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments as well as a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and lounge. It also contains townhouses and villas with 3 to 5 bedrooms. The complex has workers’ units suitable for employees in the factories and businesses attached to the complex.

Prices trend in Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 The prices vary to comply with the wishes of customers and investors. Prices start from AED 299 thousand for studio and AED 489 thousand for one-bedroom apartments. Two-bedroom apartments vary from AED 743 thousand to AED 800 thousand. Three-bedroom apartments vary from AED 1 million to AED 235,000, and 1 million AED 300,000. 

 Villas are priced from AED 1 million and AED 838 thousand for villas containing three bedrooms up to AED 4 and a half million. While villas with five bedrooms starting from AED 3.5 million.

Areas most in-demand in Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 Dubai Investment Complex includes many areas including Retaj Complex, Ewan Residences, Ramal Village. Retaj complex ranks first as the most in-demand area of the complex due to its vast size, number of units exceeding 2024 units with varied size, number of rooms and the price. The price of apartments is very good, starting from AED 310 thousand.

 Ewan Residence ranks in second place, which features a highly distinctive architectural pattern and proximity to the Arab heritage architectural style.

 Centurion Complex ranks the third with its elegant architectural style, spacious apartments and supplies with the highest level of luxury and sophistication.

The last rank is for Dubai Investment Complex 2 and Ramal Village Complex, both with perfect services and high return on investment.

Why you should own in Apartments for sale in Dubai Investments

 There are many reasons and advantages that drive you to own at Dubai Investment:

  • A premium location in close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai Marina where it is only 20 minutes away from them. Also, it is15 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Rd.

  • Miscellaneous prices and high return on investment for all residential units are up to 8.5% which makes it a distinctive choice for all those wishing to invest in a profit guaranteed.

  • Various and flexible payment methods.

Lifestyle in Dubai Investments Complex

  • The complex provides a high level of well-being and sophistication through a quiet lifestyle that includes all basic services. You also find all the medical, educational and recreational services you need in one integrated complex and without the need to exit it to other parts of Dubai, as well as being in a safe place that ensures you and your family 24/7 protection through heavy security methods.

Services in Dubai Investments Complex

 It includes all services to provide full comfort to its residents:

Many places of worship include:

  • Most famous mosques, Al Taqwa and Al-Salam mosques.

  • Churches like St. Mar Francis Church, Evangelical Christian Church in Dubai.

International schools and universities:

  • British Colombia Canadian International school and Dove Green Private School.

  • Nurseries like most Tiny Town Nursery, Kinder Ville Early Learning Center.

  • Renowned universities like the University of Balamand Dubai.

Medical facilities equipped with all modern medical devices

  • NMC Royal Hospital and Care One Medical Complex.

  • 24-hour ambulance services through fully equipped ambulances.

Many famous business centers:

 The Market and Extra Market.

International restaurants offering the finest meals:

  • Indian restaurants like Appam Corner Restaurant, Royal Grill Restaurant.

  • Yemeni restaurants like Little Bangkok.

  • Other restaurants like Nour Al Madar Restaurant.


At the end, it is clear that Dubai Investment Complex is one of the most prominent choices you should have in mind when looking for apartments for sale in Dubai where you collect all the price you are looking for, space and services that are very unique to meet all your needs.

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