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Apartments for sale in Dubai land

In the most distinctive locations in the middle of Dubai, you must live as you should, you must choose a place where you can feel comfortable, calm and genuine pleasure; all are existed in the residential project Apartments for sale in Dubai Land with a variety of spaces featuring modern European designs, green spaces and wonderful landscapes make you feel happy and sophisticated in the most beautiful strategic place.

Information about Dubai Land

 Dubai is not famous for its huge shopping malls and exotic infrastructure, it is also rich in heritage. It has preserved heritage for millions of years and attracted people who prefer to live in places of historical importance rather than newly built places. Dubai also offers many short-term rental accommodation options throughout the emirate and freehold residential properties for sale to all including locals and foreign residents in Apartments for sale in Dubai land.

 Dubai Land is a very large leisure and tourist place under development in Dubai by Dubai Properties Group (DPG), a subsidiary of Dubai Holding Ltd. Its total space is 3 billion square feet, or about 300 square km. Joint ventures established include agreements with Formula 1, Hollywood theme parks and Tiger Woods. Its total size is 3 billion square feet, or about 300 square kilometers, including ventures established with agreements of Formula 1, Hollywood theme parks and Tiger Woods.

Dubai Land Location

 It is one of the most important and famous projects, located off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd, which is one of the finest areas established on 3 million square feet. About a third of Dubai Land area is located between the E611 (Dubai Ring Road) and Jebel Ali Lehbab Rd, including the proposed development of AlBawadi, but since 2012, most are sands with very little development work underway.

Apartments for Sale in Dubai Land

 DPG has many property development projects like Dubai Land, which is one of its largest projects. It also has many recreational and sports areas implemented at the highest levels. In addition, this project contains a family housing complex and many important and necessary facilities.

Projects for Sale in Dubai Land

 Dubai Land projects are among the best residential projects. They are distinguished from other projects in that they are between luxury projects and projects with the suitable prices. There are many projects that are still under construction to this time. Each of these projects offers a range of features, amenities and services services that are distinct from the other. Here are some of these projects:

Serena Casa Dora 

 DPG launched this project after the launch of its other project Bella Casa Dora in Serena on September 3, 2016. This project has many green spaces, amenities, luxury and family facilities. It is also characterized by the diversity of its residential units. It gives residents the choice between three-bedroom villas and two- or three-bedroom townhouses

Fayrouz Cities

DPG has established a residential development in Fayrouz, located in Dubai Land. Its location is close to Central Park the city.

Living Legends

 Tanmiyat Company has established this project that is located around a global golf course with 9 digs, it is worth mentioning that this project is still under construction and has not yet been completed.

 The location of this project is characterized by easy access to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and AlAin Roads. It is also located next to Al Barari and Mohammed bin Rashid City.

 This project is characterized by its diversity of residential units providing about 500 villas with different bedrooms number, from three to five spacious bedrooms, in addition to 2,200 apartments spread over 12 residential buildings that also vary in number of bedrooms from one to three ones and studio apartments as well.

 As for the project’s amenities and luxury are as follows:

  • A dedicated children’s play area, Children’s nursery, Gym, Tennis court, Basketball court, 24-hour security, Coordinated green gardens and swimming pool, Mosque, Medical centers, Visitors’ parking, Shopping malls, Boutique Hotel and townhouses Serena.

Madinat Al Arab Project

  It covers an area of 20 million square feet in Dubai Land investments estimated at 7.2 billion dirhams ($2 billion). The project includes one of the world’s largest shopping malls as well as Dinosaur International Entertainment city, designed in collaboration with Natural History Museum in London.

Falcon City of Wonders

 It covers an area of 41 million square feet in Dubai Land. It has cultural facilities with structures based on the world’s famous sites and architectural wonders, such as the Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Taj Mahal and leaning Tower of Pisa.

Al Barari Project

 It covers 14.2 million square feet in Dubai Land. It includes 16 different garden types from around the world, cultural amphitheater, integrated medical service, spa and life style retail center.

Advantages of Dubai Land Projects

 They have many features, the most important are:

  • The strategic location; it is located close to the main highways and Emirates Street as well as close to the recreational venues in Dubai as AlZho Park. Its location is also close to distinctive landmarks in Dubai such as Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, which are about 25 minutes from Dubai Land and Al Maktoum Airport, which is about 15 minutes from Dubai land.
  • Medical services are available such as Ace Medical Centres at Skycore Tower while hospitals inDubai Silicon Oasis are easily accessible.
  • There are many retail shops, shops and supermarkets located near residential complexes to provide them with everything they need, such as Lifco Supermarket, West Zone Supermarket LLC, AlMadina Supermarket and Thomsun Supermarket.
  • The availability of nurseries and schools such as The Aquila School, as well as easy access to universities in Dubai Academic City.
  • The availability of many restaurants and cafes in Dubai Land.
  • Many shopping malls near Dubai Land are available such as Dubai Outlet Mall, which is 10 minutes from Dubai Land. The Dragon Market is about 20 minutes from Dubai Land, as well as My City Centre Mall from Dubai Land.

Benefits of living in Dubai Land

 It is divided into 6 major areas, which are attractive and activities area, a retail and entertainment area, area for recreation and holiday, a tourist area, a sports area the outside world area.

  • The project’s space is about the double size of Disney World and includes 45 large projects, each capable of being a stand-alone destination but concentrated in one patch of desert.
  • These areas are divided into villas and apartments and serve basic residential units as well as the recreational needs of the residents.
  • Dubai Land also has many hospitals, schools, restaurants and amusement parks, it is a popular place for residents in the emirate.
  • Dubai Land ranks first in the most detailed tourist resorts and themed cities.
  • Each project includes a major park with its own small city with hotels, villas, shops, golf courses and even schools.
  • Dubai Land also features historical wonders, fairy tales and dinosaurs.
  • It has tourist attractions, such as Falcon City of Wonders, which is heavily designed as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Alexandria Lighthouse, Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, and also includes hotels, apartments, offices and shops.
  • It gives also great interest in the ideal Bedouin culture with the desert resort. The environmental resort includes traditional buildings, date farms and farms for camels.

    Services in Dubai Land

     This project is a massive sprawling area built entirely from a tourist attraction, it will be one of the top 5      destinations in the world for family entertainment, tourism and entertainment.

  • It includes Aqua Dunya, that costs $1.9 billion and it is considered a giant 8 million square feet resort and park in Dubai Land which is the largest in the Middle East.
  • It includes Islamic Culture & Science World, occupies an area of 1.93 million square feet in Dubai Land, provides state-of-the-art facilities to promote understanding and research of space, natural and humanity sciences as well as Islamic culture, arts and literature.
  • It includes Beauty Land, occupies an area of 3.48 million square feet, is an exclusive and luxurious complex in Dubai Land with an international range of spas.
  • It includes Dubai Sports City (DSC) is the region’s first sports venue with 4 huge-sized stadiums designed for international events including football, hockey, cricket and rugby.
  • Dubai Golf City, part of Dubai Land, has an area of 55 million square feet and costs about 6.5 billion dirhams ($1.77 billion).
  • It includes Dubai Snowdome, the giant inland skate dome project, that costs 3.7 billion dirhams and occupies an area of 1.36 million square feet (126,347 square meters) and consists of the world’s largest self-contained dome structure.

    Activities in Dubai Land

  • Dubai Land includes an observation wheel, which is the world’s largest when it opens in 2009, allows visitors to see prospects of about 31 miles.
  • You can visit Dubai Land Entertainment, where Dubai developers have built a constellation of modern world wonders in the last decade. It includes a collection of seven-star hotel gold plated, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai man-made palm islands.
  • A working market can be visited to buy pottery, carpets and spices.
  • You can also take photos with camels in the desert, or go see a laser-completed play, water effects and fireworks at the recreational complex.
  • You can go to visit theme parks and see luxury developments in the desert, and also visit Arab City which also includes the luxury hotels and residences.
  • For shopping lovers, the Arab Mall, which is supposed to become the world’s largest shopping mall, will be nearby. It has space for 10,400 cars.

Types of Apartments in Dubai Land

 Properties for sale in Dubai are diverse and feature various spaces, and high-level finishes and designs inspired by modern European designs. Apartment types vary to include Studios in different spaces and one-, two and three-bedroom apartments as well to suit all tastes.

Prices of Apartments in Dubai Land

  • Price of studio units in different spaces starts at AED 375,000.
  • Price of one-bedroom residential unit starts at about AED 590,000.
  • Two-bedroom apartments range in price from AED 850,000 to AED 950,000.
  • Price of the three-bedroom apartment starts at about AED 1.106.000.

     Why you should own in Apartments for sale in Dubai land

  • A residential area located amidst a variety of luxury residential properties.
  • An investment and residential opportunity for modern apartment designs.
  • Diversity of spaces and residential units with a spectacular landscape view.
  • Dubai Land is characterized by providing many premium facilities and services.


    At the end, Dubai Land is a strategic and vibrant location amid various residential properties, most notably villas for sale in Dubai and is considered the best and finest city in the UAE to buy a unit in apartments for sale in Dubai Land. Dubai Land is also one of the newly established residential projects according to modern engineering standards and specifications, so that you can provide the best facilities and services to customers with a high level of luxury and sophistication.

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