Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City | starting from 450.000 AED

Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City

Dubai is famous for having a variety of real estate options for sale in Dubai. There are residential and non-residential properties, the most important of which are apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City as it is not limited to sports facilities, as it includes various recreational activities and various residential options suitable for all individuals in terms of space and prices.

Brief about Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City (DSC) is a 470-hectare mixed-use developer located in the southern part of Dubai. DSC is known for its many sports facilities, one of which is the 25,000 seat Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The area includes residential, marketing and entertainment complexes, although the project was developed with active people in mind, it certainly has something to offer for everyone – regardless of your attitude towards exercise. DSC contains beautiful green areas with amazing waterways and a calm environment ideal for couples with children as well as singles.

Dubai Sports City is famous for being one of the freehold areas in Dubai and is ideal for private car owners. There are plenty of amenities and services that can be reached on foot. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Mall of Emirates is 15 minutes away only by car.

Dubai Sports City location

Dubai Sports City is located in Dubai, UAE, 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, near Sheikh Zayed Road, which connects the seven Emirates together, 15 minutes away from Dubai Marina, and15 minutes from Dubai World Trade Center and Business Bay minutes, and it is located near Al Khail Street in 5 minutes.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City types

Usually investors choose Dubai Sports City, where there is a healthy environment and advanced infrastructure that makes the opportunity to live better in a life full of entertainment, investors will definitely find various opportunities for properties for sale in Dubai Sports City including apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City and there:

  • Studio, consisting of a room and a hall.
  • One-bedroom apartments with an average area of ​​813 square feet.
  • While the two-bedroom apartments and a hall with an average area of ​​1200 square feet.
  • To complement the diversity of options in the project, there are apartments consisting of three rooms and a hall.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City prices

Dubai Sports City offers a variety of apartments for sale in Dubai at prices that suit all individuals and investors. A small family can choose between one-room apartments with an average price of 486,000 AED, or two-room apartments with an average price of 750,000 AED.

For those with good taste and lovers of living in studios, they can get studio apartments at an average price of 334,000 AED, while families who want larger areas can get apartments consisting of three rooms at an average price of 974,000 AED.

Dubai Sports City services

Dubai Sports City offers a number of services of interest to every resident in the region. These services are as follows:

Transportation network services: Although the city is dedicated to residents who own cars, it is possible to use the public transportation available in the city such as buses in Victory Heights area from the eastern gate, using the nearby metro stations and others.

Educational services: There are nurseries such as Wonder Years Nursery and Victory Heights Primary School l, close to the University of Balamand Dubai , Dubai Knowledge Park is 15 minutes away from the city.

Medical services: The city contains medical clinics such as Eupsia Medical Clinic, Medcare Center is 10 minutes away.

Shopping services: Residents can conduct a marketing trip through the small supermarket such as Carrefour and Al Maya. There is a large shopping center that includes all the residents’ needs of clothes, makeup tools and others.

Religious Institutions: There are two mosques in different parts of the city and other mosques are under construction.

For those who love sports and live in peace and relaxation, hurry now and book your residential unit of apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City and enjoy the services and competitive prices.

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