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شقق للبيع في دبي ورسان

Apartments for sale in Dubai Warsan, Al-Rusan area is one of the bold areas co-founded by a large number of the best real estate companies in Dubai, which is a great transition and high progress in the field of real estate, where this area is described as freehold in addition to having a multiplicity of purposes in terms of hotels, residential, commercial and industrial buildings, so in this article we will talk about apartments for sale in Dubai in Warsan and all the details that include this area.

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About Dubai Warsan

Warsan area, which is considered one of the best areas in Dubai, where many large companies in the field of real estate have established international and imaginary projects that made a large number of people dream of owning an apartment in it, one of the most important of these companies is Meraas Holding real estate company, as it had a high accuracy in building its huge project on these lands, there are many choices in terms of apartments and residential villas with reasonable prices and average rents, in addition to easy access to nearby shopping destinations, service and entertainment facilities, the main area is also divided into 4 residential sub-areas called bursan 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • Firstly, Al Rusan Area 1 is known as the international city because it includes the amazing Al Rusan lake, where this area consists mainly of many apartments with some villas and offices located on the commercial side of the area, and most of all Dubai Al Warsan properties are offered to all citizens in general and also to holders of citizenship of any of the GCC countries, and also provides the opportunity of freehold ownership of real estate. However, Al Warsan 1 and Al Warsan 4 offer freehold properties.
  • Secondly, Al Warsan area 2, which occupies a larger area than the entire main project, and the sub-area also includes a sewage and water treatment plant, the Palm Dubai Polo Club and the main branch of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.
  • Thirdly, Al Warsan area 3, which embraces a large number of markets, contains the Dubai plant market, the pet market, the Warsan Arboretum, in addition to some Adno stations and the Dubai Municipality.
  • Fourth, Al-Warsan District 4 is famous as a rapidly developing residential area as it consists of a large number of towers and buildings, and is also known among the people as the world city of the second stage.

Where is Dubai Warsan located?

The Warsan area is located in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which stretches next to the international city, Nad Al Sheba and Al Warqa, and contains an integrated mix of apartments and villas for sale in Dubai, it is also characterized by a quiet location, green spaces and the availability of all services, and the most important areas that are close to it are:

  1. Arboretum and pet market.
  2. Desert Palm Polo Club is a short distance from the hotel.
  3. It is located near Ras Al Khor Street (E44) and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311).

Advantages of housing in Dubai and Rusan

Living in the Warsan area of Dubai has many advantages, the most prominent of which are:

  • It is considered one of the areas of uses, because it is convenient for families to live.
  • Warsan area is all surrounded by lush green spaces and thriving projects.
  • Provides easy access to the most prominent areas of the emirate.
  • Includes freehold properties.
  • A wide range of accommodation options from luxury apartments and villas.
  • Suitable for family’s accommodation, facilities and services in Dubai and Rusan.
  • Close to the most important main streets in the UAE.
  • It contains government offices.
  • properties in this area has suitable and comfortable prices and rents for all classes.

Types of apartments for sale in Dubai Warsan

Many people wonder when asking the question Why do you have to own an apartment in Dubai Warsan Therefore, we will mention the features and types of apartments:

  1. Those looking for apartments in Al Warsan Dubai area enjoy a wide variety of choices, properties in this area are suitable for those looking for good investment opportunities or low rents in a place close to the city center.
  2. The height of the residential towers located in the area varies, there are high, medium and low.
  3. These towers include apartments with a modern architectural style, as well as spacious areas and a high and convenient design that guarantees complete privacy for all residents.
  4. There are one-room and lounge apartments, two-room and lounge apartments, 3-room and lounge apartments.
  5. The presence of spacious gardens and swimming pools.
  6. As for the villas of this region, they are similar to the rest of the other villas found in the UAE, they have a luxurious Arabic classic character.
  7. The villas have from 2 to 4 rooms, as well as spacious living rooms and luxurious balconies.

The trend of prices of apartments for sale in Dubai and Rasan

Apartment prices in Warsan vary from one type to another, as follows:

  • The price of a studio for sale in Warsan is for AED 319,000.
  • The prices of room and lounge apartments in Warsan range from AED 324,000 to AED 535,000.
  • Prices for two-room and lounge apartments in Warsan Dubai start from AED 735,000.
  • If the apartment type is a studio, the average annual rents start at AED 19,000.
  • If the apartment is one room and a lounge, the average annual rent is 33,000 dirhams.
  • If the apartment is two rooms and a lounge, the average annual rent is 45,000 dirhams.

Lifestyle in Dubai Warsan

The lifestyle in the Warsan area is characterized by many features, as it contains:

Al Warsan hotels in Dubai

Melia Hotel is one of the most important hotels in the UAE and consists of dozens of suites and villas, has a 5-star rating and is equipped with all facilities and services such as numerous restaurants, a fitness center, a spa, free fast internet access, and an event and Celebration Hall.

Car parking and transportation in Al Warsan

There is a lot of parking available in this area for residents and visitors, where a large industrial part has been allocated for parking for employees and residents, public buses belonging to the roads and Transport Authority in Dubai are also available, moreover, Dubai Municipality has started providing free transportation services to the fruit and vegetable market.

Supermarkets in Al Warsan

Most of the supermarkets are located in Al Warsan 3, including:

  1. New pasons supermarket.
  2. City supermarket.
  3. Carrefour.
  4. Hypermarkets.
  5. Lulu express.
  6. E. City.

Schools and universities of Al-Warsan

There are many education centers, the main ones are:

  1. Fly high Kids Nursery is located in the French Quarter.
  2. Kidycare nursery in the Spanish Quarter.
  3. Little sprites Early Education Center in the Moroccan Quarter.
  4. Sharjah American International School.
  5. International School of Arts and Sciences.
  6. International academic school.
  7. James School.
  8. Warqa secondary school.
  9. Primus private school.
  10. Al Ghurair University.
  11. Zayed University.
  12. Amity University Dubai.

Warsan hospitals and clinics

It has a large selection of nearby healthcare centers, such as the Apple clinic, right health Ruby clinic, Aster Clinic, in addition to the Shanghai Medical Clinic, which employs a number of international doctors and nurses, and Fakih mosque hospital.

Shops in Al Warsan

The area includes many shops that serve the residents of the area, because it contains a commercial and industrial aspect, such as:

  1. The pet corner.
  2. Mad construction mall.
  3. Buckstar restaurant.
  4. Wind of oud perfumes.

Government institutions in Al-Warsan

The region includes a large number of government institutions and offices, including:

  1. Al-WRusan police station.
  2. Emirates Academy of Civil Defense Sciences.
  3. Public safety training building.
  4. Dubai Corporation for ambulance services.
  5. Registration service center.
  6. Dubai Corporation for ambulance services.

Banks in Al Warsan

It contains many international city banks that Al Warsan is a suitable and ideal place to establish branches for, such as:

  1. National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah.
  2. Dubai Islamic Bank.
  3. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  4. First Abu Dhabi Bank.

Mosques of Al-Warsan

The area has a large number of mosques and places to pray, including a mosque in the center of the area, the Al Warsan mosque is located in Al Warsan area 3, in addition to easy access to any mosque, there are also some churches such as St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Dubai City Church, and some temples such as Shiva temple and Shrinathji temple.

Thus, we have talked about an area that contains the best properties for sale in Dubai, but since the projects in Warsan are under implementation, some changes are likely to occur in the coming years, but this area is one of the best areas for housing and investment.

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