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Apartments for sale in Garden City are the most outstanding areas in Ajman, is an environmentally friendly area and it has all the conditions that make it a unique and perfect residential area, with a vital and a civilized lifestyle.


About Garden City

 Is a residential project developed and designed by the Municipality of Ajman to become an eco-friendly project with a large number of parks and large gardens and is mediated by residential towers along with various recreational services and facilities and becomes a place that attracts a lot of people.

Ajman Garden City Location

 The project is located in Ajman Emirate between Al-Jurf and Hamidiya, on the south side along Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Rd, near to Ajman University. Also, it is about 5 minutes away from Ajman Court and the Ministry of Interior. It is approximately 15 km from Ajman Free Zone and Corniche Ajman, as well.

 In Addition, it is 10 minutes away from Ajman Chinese Market and 30 minutes from Dubai International airport.

Types of apartments for sale in Garden City

  Properties of Garden City Ajman includes shops, ground floors and housing units in different spaces dived into one-room studios, one-bedroom and lounge, two-bedroom and lounge and three-bedroom and lounge apartments.

Prices of apartments for sale in Garden City

 The project provides many varied units at appropriate prices.

  • Studio apartments start from AED 130,000 to AED 137,000.
  • Prices range from AED 140,000 to AED 180,000.
  • The average of two-bedroom and lounge apartment is AED 239,000.

Garden City Ajman is a distinctive and pure eco-friendly area due to gardens and orchard. Also, it is a good area for optimal investment that brings significant investment returns. Take the initiative to own your residential unit in the best project in Ajman.

FAQ about Silicon Oasis Dubai​

It is a versatile project with commercial and residential requirements in this Emirate.

    • There are multiple options between studio apartments, one-room and a lounge apartments of different spaces that are suitable for individuals and small families.
    • It is a prominent and ideal area in Ajman for renting and purchasing units at very suitable and great prices.
    • The project offers a healthy and vibrant lifestyle as there are lots of spacious gardens and floral pavements give support for environmental conservation. 
    • Providing exclusive access to existing facilities for the residents of the towers.
    • Providing all distinctive recreational services and facilities that meet all needs of institutions, schools, universities, houses of worship, beauty and fitness centers, international shops, gardens, dedicated children’s play areas and beaches everywhere.
    • The project is so close to E11 St which links the seven emirates with each other, It is one of the best properties for sale in Ajman.

You will find many special services and facilities that make you enjoy life in Garden City.


 Each residential has a parking on the ground floors while visitors to Garden City Ajman have plenty of public and paid parking.

Schools and Health Centers

 Garden City has an exceptional strategic location including many schools, clinics and hospitals.

Shops and Supermarkets in Ajman

 There are plenty of grocery stores and supermarkets across the region that provide all the population needs as well as the availability of many diverse shops.

Governmental Institutions and Banks

 Garden City is located near the most important governmental institutions like the Ministry of Interior and Ajman Court. Banks are like Dubai Islamic Bank and Ajman Bank.

 There are several other services provided like mosques, houses of worship, schools and universities, and numerous clinics and hospitals.

Having a property in Garden City offers you the advantages of a quiet life and enjoying many luxury and modern services and facilities.

  • Garden City is the perfect choice for comfortable accommodation and a profitable investment in a versatile and environmentally friendly project.
  • You can own one of the finest apartments in different areas of the best apartments for sale in Ajman.
  • If you are a fan of investment, you can quickly own a residential unit in Garden City Ajman at competitive and appropriate prices, as there are expectations for higher properties prices. Note when the project is completed and the development is completed.
  • You can get up to 9.5% investment returns when you own a residential apartment and they are the most sought-after buildings in Ajman for accommodation. 

Lifestyle is calm and healthy with a pure environment full of green spaces.

Restaurants, Cafes and Malls in Ajman

 Malls available in most areas such as Sea Flash Center, it is small in but serves all the residents and provides them with the requirements in best prices.

 Grand Central Mall, located in Al Jurf and favored by families, consists of many stores and international brands.

 Ajman Mall is only 7 minutes from Al Jurf.

 Also, the Chinese market with approximately 1,100 shops that offers a lot of Chinese products at affordable prices as well as City Centre Ajman, one of the largest malls in the emirate.

 Regarding restaurants, there are several upscale restaurants offering delicious dishes and delicacies such as Mais Al Sham, Al Farouj Restaurant and Al Nas Restaurant along with fast meal restaurants such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Chicking.

 Beaches in Ajman

 You have easy access to beaches such as Ajman Beach and Hamriyah Public Beach, which are 18 minutes “drive away, that provides access to various water sports as well as children’s play areas, pools and gardens.

Beauty, fitness and activity centers

  Ajman is known for having the most prestigious beauty centers and spas like Oro Beauty Center, Louisiana Beauty Saloon, Marmara Salon, and London Ladies Salon.

 Many sports clubs are available in the area along with spas such as Blue Star Fitness, Max Gym and Two-one Fitness Club.

 Ajman Garden City has many large green gardens and children play areas such as Al Jurf Family Park, Mushairef Ladies Park and Al Safia Park, the one of the most popular entertainment venues.

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