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Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island


 Sharjah has recently witnessed an increasing development, featuring projects with a modern mix that combines the historical and contemporary features of the emirate. Villas for sale in Sharjah is the most important and the first destination for projects with a sea view in the emirate. Maryam Island is characterized by distinctive designs, suitable for integrated residential developments, in a place that aspires to create the finest entertainment destination ever, which will enhance the tourism sector of Sharjah as a whole.

About Maryam Island

 Maryam Island has a wide range of properties for sale in Sharjah which provides a unique luxury life. It is considered as a waterfront in Sharjah. The Maryam Sharjah Island Apartments Project embraces a distinct range of residential units equipped with the highest level of luxury and sophisticated amenities with high-end and modern means. The project embraces a distinct range of residential units equipped with the highest level of luxury and sophisticated amenities with high-end modern means.

Location of Maryam Island

 Maryam Island has a unique location with beautiful views located in the middle of Sharjah in Al-Khan and overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

 The project is about 10 km from Dubai International Airport and about 5 km from Expo Sharjah Center. It is also about 20 km from Sharjah International Airport, while it is about 15 km from Sharjah University as well as about 25 km from Burj Khalifa.

Benefits of living in Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island

  • The project has a seafront and a strategic vibrant location amidst classy communities.
  • Residential units overlook the sea water directly beside the spectacular landscape.
  • It is established on central areas of the middle of Sharjah.
  • It provides a community environment characterized by privacy and freedom.
  • Also, it provides easy access to transportation and facilities.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island

  The project has a large number of apartments for sale in Sharjah at different prices and spaces. It has various residential units, most notably studios with various spaces, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, plus 3-4 bedrooms on demand. The residential units feature modern designs and luxury finishes.

Spaces available in Maryam Island

The project includes 4,700 units, with different spaces from 322 – 1914 square feet. It constitutes a unique living experience with the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities of the luxury community, the construction area is 5,700,000.00 square feet, and the land area is 5,000,000.00 square feet.

Services in Maryam Island

 Beside apartments and shops, the project includes a variety of activities and facilities and attractions, including:

  • Swimming pools for adults and children and disabled as well.
  • Ski Park
  • Adventure area suitable for 4 to 12 years old children
  • 4-star and 5–star hotels.
  • Huge Market
  • Waterfront restaurants and cafes
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Children Space Area
  • Leisure Facilities
  • 24-hour maintenance service
  • 24-hour security service
  • Easy access to the beach
  • Stores
  • Parking
  • Fitness Club
  • Conference facilities
  • Resort & Spa

Projects of Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island

 Maryan Beach Residence 

  It elevates Sharjah’s living standards with four residential buildings, overlooking Sharjah skyline and walkway. The four residential buildings (Cyan, Azur, Sapphire and Indigo) are designed with high mastery and craftsmanship, their names reflect he sea and the secrets of its beauty, to meet the residents needs who seek for excellence and elegance.

Azur Beach Residence

 A new definition of high-end waterfront lifestyle. It is located in the middle of Maryam Island near parks and the best shopping and restaurant venues, featuring 164 apartments, 20 restaurant and cafés, apartments types are ranging from studios to three bedrooms.

Sapphire Beach Residence

 Residents of this area will have access to Octagon Beach Club, which offers a private beach club, private dining room, massage service, beach service and an infinity pool with ocean views. It has 190 residential units, ranging from one-, two- and three bedroom apartments, plus 20 units occupying the area with small shops, cafes and restaurants. The project has a swimming pool, gym and children’s playground.

Cyan Beach Residence

 It is a residential building overlooking the sea on Maryam Island, Sharjah’s finest facade, the building has 167 apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments, as well as 20 space dedicated to shops, restaurants and cafes. It is located near the beach, shopping areas and international food and beverage outlets, the building provides pool and gym to residents and visitors.

Indigo Beach Residence

 It is the fourth residential building on Mary Island. The building is near to the beach and few minutes away from a wide range of recreational activities within the island. It has 167 apartments and provides spacious restaurants with 20 retail outlets and restaurants. There is a children’s play area, pool and a gym. Residents will benefit from a mix gender pool, gym, playground and children’s one.

Maryam Gate Residence

  It is located near Maryam Beach Residences, and Maryam Island’s outstanding residential plan is a real problem. Maryam Island’s outstanding residential plan is a real problem as it consists of 6 low-rise buildings providing easy access to the island’s main commercial avenue and indoor gardens. Also, it Overlooks the canal, including Al-Mamzar and Al Khan, the two of Sharjah’s most famous beaches. The project represents an exclusive community designed for investors looking for elegance and luxury while enjoying a safe life, activities and a modern integrated lifestyle, supported by a wide range of leisure and vibrant facilities, including a shared area on the edge of the canal.

Noor Residence

 It is located near Boulevard Mall on Maryam Island, where it embraces a unique building with a stylish design spanning 7 floors, with a total of 87 different sizes apartments, from studios to three-bedroom apartments. Bedroom units are ideal for families, as each apartment has a spacious sitting room, separate dining area, modern kitchen, bathroom and 16 sq. m balcony for small and big families.

Nada Residence

 The seven-floor Nada Residence building is surrounded by beautiful community spaces and facilities, providing a sense of serenity and intimacy. Maryam Island is located in the middle of Sharjah, providing easy access to Sharjah and the closing areas like Dubai via Al Ta’awon and Al Etihad streets. Central Park Residence is located in Maryam Island and consists of residential apartments, retail outlets, four- and five-star hotels and food and beverage outlets, as well as various markets and facilities such as spas, fitness clubs, swimming pools, children pools and play areas. It will provide the most comfort with a wide range of amenities. The uniqueness of the person will be distinguished.

Naseem Residence

 It offers panoramic views of Sharjah skyline and Al Khan Lake. The elegant building features 58 apartments spread over seven floors, ranging from one-, two-, three- to four-bedroom apartments, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pool areas, walking and jogging trails.

 The city inspires residents’ creativity. The surrounding neighborhood and the surrounding area have modern attractive facilities and the city is close to many shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

Sama Residence

 It is located in Maryam Gate Estates and is dedicated to buyers looking for the best views of Sharjah’s skyline and lake. 3-bedroom house gardens add an aesthetic touch and offer a sense of connection to nature, with direct access to Maryam Island, which includes walkways and walking spaces. The residential project units include high quality outdoor areas, balconies, gardens and indoor spaces with the best views, as well as children’s play areas and spectacular views of the city and lake skyline. Outdoor activities and the pool provide an atmosphere of fun and contribute to enhancing lifestyle.

Remal Residence

 It is a modern and elegantly designed low-rise residential building located on Maryam Island, with direct access to gardens and the beach. The project is a distinctive destination for its residents in an active lifestyle. The five-floor building is designed for small families and individuals alike, including 203 residential units, ranging from studios to two-bedroom units. Its contemporary, modern design, comfortable style and affordability provide an opportunity to live in a vibrant society.

Prices of Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island

 The prices vary depending on the type of unit if it is a studio or apartment, the purpose of housing as well. They also vary depending on the size of the units:

  • The studio price starts from AED 437,000.
  • One-bedroom apartment price starts at AED 640,000 to AED 780,000.
  • Two-bedroom apartment price is pproximately AED 1.300,000.
  • Three-bedroom residential unit price is AED 1.690,000.

Payment Methods in Maryam Island

 Apartments types vary between studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units with a payment method of paying 10% during booking and 90% upon receiving.

Why you should own in Apartments for Sale in Maryam Island

  • It has a vital geographic location close proximity to the main roads.
  • It has a distinct waterfront with spectacular landscapes.
  • It has different and varied spaces at suitable prices.
  • It is an investment and residential opportunity for customers.
  • It is a classy and luxurious area with many facilities and services.

Truly, this project is a destination for entertainment and lifestyle with a range of attractive amenities and unique food tasting offers. It contains the most distinctive amenities in the world. It also has green spaces, walkways and services at the highest level of luxury.

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