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Apartments for sale in Masdar City

Why are there so many searches for apartments for sale in Masdar Abu Dhabi? Masdar City is the first and largest mega project in Abu Dhabi and created to be the world’s first carbon-neutral city. It is not limited to citizens only, but is available all the time to everyone, welcoming tourists, students, businessmen, investors and every one, providing a suitable environment for them whether for entertainment, work or study.

About Masdar, Abu Dhabi

 Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is located in the UAE with an area of approximately 6 km2 and was founded in 2006.

 Masdar City is the first city to be founded with a reliance on clean and renewable energy around the world. It is the world’s most sustainable housing community.

 It include a developed and growing society based on modern technological developments, clean technologies, free zones, residential complexes restaurants, retail shops and parks.

 It has many facilities that meet all residents’ needs, there are many schools such as Ryan International School and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, which is responsible for the City’s engineering and architectural schemes. In addition, there are medical and therapeutic centers, which are facilitating the process of study and treatment of the residents.

 Total investment in renewable energy has reached $20 million since the foundation in 2006, with total electricity capacity resulting from these projects up to GW 14.

 The city also welcomes everyone; tourists, students, businessmen, investors and everyone besides citizens, and creates a suitable environment for them whether for entertainment, work or study.

 Finally, Masdar City Abu Dhabi is an essential home for multiple and diverse groups of villas and properties designed in a wonderful and distinctive way to change your pattern and lifestyle. You can discover this wonderful community yourself where there is an amazing lifestyle.

Masdar City Location

 It is located in Abu Dhabi. It is about 40 kilometers away from the capital. It is also near Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

The main objective of Masdar City

 Masdar City Abu Dhabi aims at many things such as:

  • Providing opportunities for a healthy and renewable environment and high standards of living while preserving the environment without any damage and without harm to human health.
  • Creating sustainable diverse community with multiple commercial areas, residential spaces, green gardens, commercial complexes, public and service facilities.
  • It attaches great importance to promoting sustainable development by reducing demand for electricity, water and depending on recycling and waste reusing, especially during projects construction.
  • It also aims to provide comfortable places for those wishing to walk and offers more than one eco-friendly transportation option, including the “Fast Personal Transport System”, an electric autonomous vehicle. In the future, the metro and train line is planned to pass from Masdar Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of living in Masdar City

  • Masdar City Abu Dhabi is the first zero-carbon city, so one of the most important reasons why you are looking for properties for sale in Abu Dhabi is to preserve the environment through its on renewable and sustainable energy.
  • If you are looking for or apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is the perfect choice for you. It combines between the form of traditional Arab architecture with modern technology by relying on solar energy, which helps to reduce the cost of living for the residents and reduce electricity consumption, water use and environmental pollution, thus providing you with a clean healthy environment.
  • Housing in Masdar City Abu Dhabi includes also residential and commercial clusters, giving investors a tremendous opportunity to invest. You can imagine the city’s advantages that aspires to maximize the utilization of solar and renewable energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Services in Masdar City

  You can enjoy the reassuring feeling if you choose to live in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. It is an integrated city. Besides its advantages, it has a wide range of services that will be very convenient to live in:

  • There are shopping places within the city like F- Mart and outside it like Blint Market that offers greater access to get the population high quality needs.
  • Not only supermarket or shopping malls but also there are diverse shops for everything you might want to buy; food, clothing, home supplies and electronics.
  • There are many banks in the city making banking transactions easier for residents.
  • It includes a number of clinics, hospitals and high-end health centers providing all health services, schools, nurseries and institutes as well.
  • There are many distinctive beaches to spend a great time with parents and friends and to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.
  • In addition, there is Masdar Mosque and churches, which are close to all residents to pray.

Prices of Apartments for sale in Masdar City

 You should take into consideration some things before choosing to live in Masdar City as it is the first city to rely on clean and renewable energy, making it provide all population needs of and a healthy and comfortable lifestyle; it depends mainly on power generation making it the main destination for those who want to invest or work.

 There are many types of apartments and some apartments are still under construction as well. You may face difficulty with transport and communications for those who do not own a car as the nearest bus to Masdar City is about 10 minutes away. But inside the city there are cars that help keep the environment safe for mobility.

 The prices of vary from one apartment to another with a range from AED 200 thousand to AED 10 million.

Available Activities in Masdar City

 We have talked about the city’s advantages and services and now we will give an interest to fun and enjoyment. So we will show a bunch of activities you can do in the city for fun times.

  • For Gulf fans, Al Ghazal Golf Club is one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular venues. It is only a 12-minute drive away.
  • Regarding different sports such as football and horse riding, Al-Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi is your best destination; it has a group of the best professional trainers in all different sports.  It is your perfect place if you are a sports fan.
  • For spending a perfect time with family, there are a large number of parks where you can stroll around. Especially, Masdar Park that includes entertainment facilities helping everyone to have a special time.
  • Women’s private sports venues have been provided to ensure greater privacy, such as the Rush Ladies Fitness Center. It is only 8 minutes’ drive away.
  • There are also many women’s beauty centers for relaxation and care.

At the end, Masdar City is an integrated city surrounded by the advantages that make everyone who hears about it want to go to it. Including new companies in it is a good opportunity to work and provide imany servants makes the city an ideal place to live.

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