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Apartments for sale in Mirdif

Mirdif area is one of the most prominent and sought-after areas in Dubai, which gives its residents multiple and distinct advantages and services, and because it is one of the areas suitable for families in a large way. From this point of view, we review the advantages and types of apartments for sale in Mirdif, their prices and the services provided by the area.

About Al Mirdif district

Al Mirdif district is one of the distinctive and favorite neighborhoods among Emiratis and foreigners from all over the world, as it is one of the most beloved tourist destinations, and it is also developed to meet all the needs of its residents, which makes life there enjoyable and fun.

Where is Mirdif located

Mirdif area is located near the main highway (Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed) and Airport Street.

It is also possible to easily navigate and reach the important and main areas of Dubai such as the Dubai International Financial Center, Downtown Dubai, in just 20 minutes, and about 12 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

And if you don’t have a car, don’t worry, because there are transport links to Rashidiya metro station

Advantages of housing in apartments for sale in Mirdif

There are many advantages of housing in Mirdif, which provides all the services and entertainment facilities its residents need, which makes life more enjoyable and easier, including the following advantages.

  • Al Mirdif is one of the fully serviced areas that provides residents with all their needs, as it comes alive to be close to all the tourist places and destinations in Dubai, such as Downtown Dubai, in addition to remote and quiet places.
  • Mirdif is characterized by its real estate diversity, no matter what your desire and request to own your residential unit that suits the needs of the family, you will definitely find it in Mirdif.
  • The availability of residential units and the variety of options and spaces, designed in a different and innovative way, distinctive interiors and class layouts, services such as private and shared swimming pools and spacious gardens.
  • Mirdif is one of the regions that offers its residents all the needs of a large and small family.
  • Mirdif region gives stability and independent quiet life.
  • Mirdif is one of the regions that provides freehold real estate for foreigners at affordable prices.
  • Parking lots are allocated for all residents of towers and buildings in Mirdif, and this is what everyone is looking for to avoid the trouble of looking for a place to park the car.
  • Residents of Mirdif are characterized by Good Neighborliness and good relations, as they hold family parties during the year without the need for an organizer, as well as hold celebrations for special occasions together, and this is what distinguishes the Mirdif area from other areas of Dubai.
  • The location of Mirdif area is also one of the outstanding advantages, as it is close to all tourist destinations and major landmarks in Dubai, in addition to its proximity to Dubai International Airport.
  • Mirdif is characterized by low-rise buildings divided into four residential complexes, namely ghoroub Mirdif, Shorouk Mirdif and Uptown Mirdif, Mirdif Tulip.
  • Mirdif has been ranked as one of the most important areas that offers affordable and affordable real estate and apartments compared to other areas in the emirate of Dubai.
  • It is considered a favorite destination for tenants and also new arrivals, as it has multiple and distinctive options of apartments you are looking for, it is one of the best apartments for sale in Dubai.

The trend of prices of apartments for sale in Mirdif Dubai

Mirdif district has many distinctive options of residential apartments of different sizes at average prices suitable for everyone and prices according to the latest statistics in the region as a whole.

  • The price of studio apartments starts from AED 561 thousand.
  • Prices for one-bedroom and lounge apartments start from AED 900 thousand.
  • Prices for two-bedroom apartments and a lounge range from AED 930 thousand to AED 105 million.
  • While the apartments with 3 bedrooms and a lounge start from AED 1.6 million to reach AED 2.76 million.
  • Residential apartments in Mirdif consisting of 4 bedrooms and a lounge with prices starting from AED 2,6 million.

Types of apartments for sale in Mirdif

Mirdif area includes a distinguished and selected group of residential apartments of various and different spaces, which are represented by.

  • One-bedroom studio apartments.
  • Residential apartments in Mirdif have one bedroom.
  • Two -, 3-and 4-bedroom apartments.
  • Duplex residential units, in addition to spacious living spaces and luxurious interior designs and decorations.

Why you should own apartments for sale in Mirdif

Searching for the best properties for sale in Dubai requires that information is available and sufficient about the place of residence where the unit is to be owned and the features are available in Mirdif neighborhood that give its residents to enjoy a distinctive lifestyle.

Housing in Mirdif district provides a lot of entertainment services, high-quality facilities and many different advantages that make you enjoy a quiet independent life.


Buying apartments in Mirdif offers you the comfort of Spacious spaces and excellent choices that suit small and large families, in addition to competitive prices, with the possibility of paying in easy installments to facilitate the decision to own in Mirdif.

Lifestyle in Mirdif

  • Mirdif area is rich in all entertainment services and modern facilities, which includes international brands of various types such as home accessories, furniture, clothing and others, which gives residents a distinctive modern life.
  • In addition to many distinguished restaurants that offer various delicious international dishes, to meet different tastes, in addition to the restaurants located in Uptown Mirdif, where they are preferred by the residents of the region, and also the distinctive cafes, moreover, the Starbucks international chain of cafes, which provides residents with a different atmosphere and tastes every day.
  • Children’s play areas and football fields in addition to famous shops such as Mirdif City Center, the mall also periodically presents several international shows, which are suitable for different ages, hosts international artists on special occasions.
  • Enjoy everyone’s favorite Fox cinema, Arabi Center, Etihad Mall, one of the well-known malls, Park Center Mirdif branch and many shops.
  • Mirdif is considered a landlocked region, but its residents can visit Jumeirah Beach, as it is only about 25 minutes from the area.
  • There is also a gym with a swimming pool, as well as a communal swimming pool used by the residents of the apartments.
  • For recreational activities, you can go to Mushrif Park Dubai, which is located near the Mirdif area, where there are many running and bicycle paths, children’s play areas and picnics, and various activities that can be done in Mushrif Park, which is considered the largest entertainment park in the city, and its proximity to Mirdif neighborhood is one of the most important advantages of housing.
  • Mirdif area includes two recreational areas in the most ideal and easily accessible places, namely Uptown house park and Mirdif park, they are fun areas for all residents of Mirdif, walking and sports.

Services in Mirdif district

  • The most famous and international shops


Many restaurants offer distinctive dishes of different cuisines, to satisfy different tastes.

  • International cafes like Starbucks

There are a lot of fitness centers and sports clubs, apartment residents can choose between Mirdif City Center and Fitness First Platinum, which has a separate women’s center and a swimming pool.

  • Beauty centers such as Herry Berry beauty salon, modern woman salon, and Neil lounge salon specializing in nail care.
  • Parking lots.
  • The best health care centers.
  • A selection of the best international schools.
  • A supermarket.
  • Banks.
  • Houses of worship and mosques.
  • Clinics and hospitals.
  • Shopping centers.

So we finished the article apartments for sale in Mirdif, which is the best apartments for sale in Dubai, in which we offered everything that makes it easier for you to decide to own in Mirdif, we hope that it will be useful to you and answered your questions.

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