Apartments for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

apartments for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid City dubai

You can now own one of the best apartments for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid City dubai, the apartments have a wonderful view of the Crystal Lake in the heart of Dubai, close to 1 Mall Square and a few minutes from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, own your apartment in the middle of an upscale residential complex with markets and shops, restaurants, cafes and green spaces that make life more healthy away from environmental pollution, with all these features and very competitive prices taking into account the price variation depending on the area and the number of rooms divided within the apartments.

About Mohammed bin Rashid City

Mohammed bin Rashid City is one of the largest cities in modern Dubai and is called MBR, the city is characterized by the diversity of residential buildings in it, it is a mix between residential and commercial life. the construction of this big city was started in 2012 and was opened in 2015. the cost of the project amounted to approximately AED 30 billion. the city is characterized by the presence of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai, the presence of commercial markets, parks and entertainment activities. the city is being built on an area of 45 million square feet. you can now own your residential unit in this huge project, and you can also invest in it, it is a wonderful future project.

Mohammed bin Rashid City is located in the best strategic and vital place in Downtown Dubai, close to the world famous Burj Khalifa tower in a few minutes, and it is also 10 minutes away from the World Trade Center and Dubai International Airport, the city is located parallel to the most important horse Square in the world, Mohammed bin Rashid City is close to Meydan Mall 1 and near the most important Hotels of the city, the Meydan Hotel, the city gives its unit owners and investors the opportunity to live a better life in a complete city with all the services they need, from entertainment and education.

The apartments vary between one-room studio system and a lounge, two-room apartments with a spacious lounge attached, and three-room apartments and a lounge, most of which are located in Sobha Hartland, these apartments are suitable for a small family or those about to get married, for the average family and want more space they can invest in the district complex guarantees you a larger space of 4 rooms and a lounge at an affordable price.

The trend of selling prices of apartments in Mohammed bin Rashid City

Apartments for sale in Dubai are unique to Mohammed bin Rashid City at affordable prices compared to the services provided by the city to its residents, and due to the recreational lifestyle it provides, you can choose between various residential properties for sale in Dubai from studio apartments and one-room apartments, including two-and three-room apartments, each of which has a spacious lounge attached, to find out the prices for selling apartments in Mohammed bin Rashid City.

  • Apartments for sale in Dubai are available in a two-room system attached to a lounge in Mohammed bin Rashid City starting from AED 810,000 and up to AED 4 million 200,000.

  • As for the average price of apartments for sale in Dubai in Mohammed bin Rashid City, the 3-room and lounge system is between one million and 300,000 up to 5 million and 500.00 AED.

  • The average price of 4-room apartments attached to a lounge for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid City ranges from AED 3 million 600,000 to AED 8 million.

  • As for the one-room system, you can choose between many of the units offered, and you can also invest in it, it is a distinctive future project, there is a one-room studio system attached to a lounge in Mohammed bin Rashid City at an average price between 600,000 to 935,000 AED.


FAQ about Mohammed Bin Rashid City

  • Close to Business Bay, Al Quoz and Dubai Design District
    Mohammed Bin Rashid City offers apartments and villas with a modern lifestyle
    In the middle of Mohammed bin Rashid, Meydan Mall 1 is one of the largest malls in Dubai
    Apartments for sale in Dubai in Mohammed Bin Rashid City overlook large areas of green gardens
    The city contains an artificial lake of great beauty and design
    You can invest in Mohammed Bin Rashid City
    The city is distinguished by its proximity to the important streets in the city of Dubai, as it is linked with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road E311 and Al Khalil Street E44, and the city is connected to many important schools in Dubai
    The proximity of Mohammed bin Rashid City to important hotels such as the Madinah Hotel, and its proximity to famous restaurants and cafes in Dubai
    Mohammed bin Rashid City provides environmentally friendly housing units in the city based on the principles and standards of green buildings that aim to save energy and depend entirely on renewable energy sources.

This city was established with a purely modern era system on a developed infrastructure with the latest devices, which made it the favorite destination for many investors and attracting tourists to it, as it works to create a sophisticated and modern lifestyle, the city contains many hotels, parks, green gardens, all this is a reason to attract families to own property in the city The workers in the city cared about building the largest commercial shopping malls to meet the desires of residents in the city and provided means of communication with all facilities outside the city.

The city witnesses a unique style and lifestyle, as it provides amenities and entertainment for its residents and offers them the largest malls in the city, such as the Meydan 1 Mall, which displays more than 550 international brands, and the mall includes many restaurants that serve delicious meals of both Arabic and foreign varieties.

Mohammed bin Rashid City has the largest artificial lake with a length of 7 km. It has benches with umbrellas for more enjoyment and entertainment.
The city is close to coastal areas such as Jumeirah Beach, 15 minutes away. You can do many recreational activities on the beach
For a tour, you can visit Burj Khalifa, which is only 10 minutes away from the city
The city offers many sports, such as golf, which you can practice at The Track, 15 minutes away from the city

The city offers many services to the owners of its housing units or tenants and visitors from these services, including:


It works to provide all the food needs of the population, including food, drinks and household supplies.

Places of worship:

There are all places of worship in the city, such as mosques and churches for its residents, such as Al-Farouk Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, the Church of Jesus Christ, and the Krishna Temple.


The city has the most important bank branches close to the city, such as the Doha Bank branch, the Abu Dhabi Bank branch, and the Banque de France branch

Hospitals and clinics:

The city is characterized by its vital location, close to government services and institutions, as it is close to Emirates Hospital, 15 minutes away, and Mediclinic Welcare Hospital.

Schools and universities:

There are many schools near the city with a few distances. For example, GEMS Modern Academy is 20 minutes away from the city, and university students can continue their studies through Dubai International Academic City, 20 minutes away from Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

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