Apartments for Sale in Muwaileh | Why Muwaileh?

شقق للبيع في مويلح الشارقة

Apartments for Sale in Muwaileh which is considered one of the well-known historical locations in Sharjah, it is also one of the most requested areas for accommodation because of its proximity to the main and attractive places like markets, services and the university city in addition to its nearness from the main streets of the emirate.

Where is the Muwaileh area?

Muwaileh is located on the outskirts of Sharjah 9.8 km south away from King Faisal Rd, one of the best and well-known streets in Sharjah, 15 km away from the coast and Sharjah industrial zone, and 45 km away from Dhaid plain.

The northern borders are so near Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd which links 7 emirates in the UAE.

  • 15 and 17 industrial zones are located in the south.
  • The University City is located in south of the Muwaileh Commerical area.

Services in Muwaileh

  • Includes many main and recreational facilities like restaurants, cafes, malls, markets, schools, universities, gardens, clinics and hospitals.
  • Muwaileh Commerical area is a tranquil suburb in Sharjah.
  • Homeland for many of schools, restaurants and residential buildings 
  • Full of under development big land plots.
  • Residents can walk around and children can play, as there are no many open developed spaces.
  • Includes a mosque with a big parking.

Living benefits in the Apartments for Sale in Muwaileh, Sharjah

There are many advantages in housing in Muwaileh Sharjah, making it a convenient place to live in Dubai where rentals in residential complexes with various features offer leisure

  • Distinctive Strategic location on the outskirts of Sharjah.
  • Including many facilities and services.
  • Near to the University City.
  • Near to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd
  • Includes a lot of touristic and entertainment venues.
  • Includes various properties suitable for all needs.
  • Suitable for investments.
  • Offers reasonable prices for many small flats and rental apartments.
  • Provides quick access to some of the best universities in the emirate.
  • Desired location for living as it is near from Dubai.
  • Many students and workers prefer it because it is easy to reach it.

Why you should own in Apartments for sale in Muwaileh?

Because it has features that make it an area worth living in, it also has medium rentals for all people, It is an ideal area for middle-income workers in the UAE in addition to including a group of best international schools in Sharjah, its strategic location near Dubai as well.

Types of Apartments for Sale in Muwaileh, Sharjah

Muwaileh Commercial is a versatile area in Sharjah, provides rental apartments with floor plans includes studios and one-, two-, three bedroom flats.

Apartments Prices for Sale in Muwaileh Sharjah

Apartments for sale in Sharjah Studios start at AED 9 thousand per year and will reach to 18 thousand

Room sizes range from 400 square feet to 800 square feet; some studios are located in sub-communities making them slightly more expensive studios.

One-bedroom apartment costs AED 15 thousand per year while the highest rental price of one-bedrooms is about AED 35 thousand.

Rentals for two-room apartments and lounge in Muwaileh Commercial start from AED 23 thousand to AED 48 thousand per year.

Regarding three-room ones, it is expected to pay between AED 40 thousand and AED 60 thousand per year.

Lifestyle in Muwaileh

It helps anyone own an apartment in this area, enjoying many important services like:


You will find many of Muwaileh Commercial buildings have no covered parking, Most buildings have stores where 

  • There are parking spaces in front of stores
  • There are limited public transport in the region
  • Most buses pass through the Muwaileh Bus Station.
  • There are no taxis, so you have use taxi call apps like Careem and Uber.


Other small stores in the complex include:

Supermarkets like Safa, Alworood, Tyoor Elshams,Helal Elmadina,Sabah Elmadina and more.

Temples, churches and mosques

Churches in the Yarmouk community, Sharjah 15 minutes away from the complex, and there are a number of churches in Yarmok like St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, and some Pentecostal churches.


There are many mosques in the vicinity, including Falah mosque, located south-west of the University city

Schools in Muwaileh Commercial

There are more than 20 schools in the vicinity like: 

Ambassador School Sharjah, GEMS Millennium School, Our Own English High School, British and American curriculum schools and Indian Schools.


Skyline University College, HCT Sharjah Men’s College, University of Sharjah, Higher Colleges of Technology and American University of Sharjah.

Living there can be ideal for young professionals looking to continue their higher education.

Clinics and hospitals in Muwaileh

There are a few clinics within the community but the closest are Prestige Dental Clinic, New Central Poly Clinic, humbay Medical & Dental Speciality Centre, University Hospital Sharjah and Royal Hospital.

Malls in Muwaileh

  • There are a few shopping centers within the area, located only 8 minutes away and are Al Jarina stores.
  • It has an integrated shopping, dining and banking center.
  • It has branches of several banks and has currency exchange centers.
  • There are pharmacies, fashion shops, sports goods outlets and supermarkets such as Carrefour.
  • There are other nearby malls such as Safer Mall and City Centre Al-Zahiyah.

Restaurants in Muwaileh

Panoor, Bab Al Madina, Sasya Pure Veg, Paper Fig, Arzu Bistro, Gulf Pastry and Al Hattab Restaurants


Some of the famous beaches to visit are Al Makhzar open beach and Al Khan Beach 20 minutes away.

Entertainment activities and highlights

TCS UAE Offers many sporting events, as well as green spaces and rooms with exercise equipment, and a state-of-the-art sports track. 

Saasst is one of the leading astronomy centres in the UAE.

Outdoor Activities and decency

Visit Al Jarina Park, which is only 9 minutes from the complex that includes Balcony with sofas for relaxation, monkey cage and custom play area for children with slides, swings, and many fun entertainment means.


In the end this complex is one of the most prominent complexes where you can rent an apartment, with much cheaper rentals, but no covered parking. But, there’s a lot of parking on the streets. In addition to the many features offered by the complex and recreational activities that make you live a life of unparalleled luxury that everyone desires.

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