Apartments for sale in palm jumeriah | What`s the prices?

شقق للبيع في دبي نخلة الجميرا

palm jumeirah  is one of the largest artificial islands in the world, which has been classified as the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It has many elements of Tourism and factors attracting investors in the region, which makes it the best islands of comfort and tranquility. Many Apartments for sale in palm jumeriah are now available, being a residential and investment opportunity in the city of Dubai.

About Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah is one of the most prominent tourist projects located in Dubai, which is located on the Arabian Gulf. Palm Island is designed in The Shape of a palm consisting of a trunk, a crescent and 17 fronds, which makes it a tree with a unique design. The project was implemented and developed by the company” Nakheel real estate ” the best real estate companies in Dubai, which made it one of the best resorts and tourist places in Dubai.

The process of developing the artificial island began in 2001 and the construction lasted for almost 6 years under the supervision of the company” Nakheel real estate”. The Palm Island is one of the smallest surrounding islands, the most prominent of which is Palm Jebel, Palm Deira is one of the projects under construction in Dubai, which is characterized by its large area and includes Jumeirah island.

Palm Island has been called the” eighth wonder of the world ” next to the seventh wonder of the world due to the creativity in the exterior design of the island and its internal units. The island has become an icon and a unique architectural symbol that contributes to the tourism and entertainment component on a global scale.

Advantages of housing in Dubai Palm Jumeirah

The apartments for sale project in Dubai Palm Jumeirah has many advantages that help in providing a lot of services and amenities to customers and investors, the most prominent of which are.

  • The residential units are located in a lively area with easy access to Dubai Public Transportation and services.
  • A full-service residential tower that caters to all needs and activities.
  • Providing various activities and places to eat meals at a high level of accuracy and quality.
  • The different types of residential units from apartments and villas in addition to the diversity of their area.
  • The design of the residential units is based on international standards and unique in the world of Tourism and luxury.
  • The prices of residential units are appropriate and vary depending on the type of unit and its area.
  • An investment opportunity for all investors in the most beautiful place in the world.

Activities in Dubai Palm Jumeirah

The apartments for sale project in Dubai Palm Jumeirah makes it for residents and tourists a home for tourism and luxury and a means of rest and tranquility for recreation with nature and creativity. It is possible to walk around the area and practice some activities close to the residence in Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

Atlantis The Palm Resort

One of the sights of the emirate of Dubai in the UAE, the hotel received 5 stars for being a luxury tourist resort characterized by outstanding service. While the design of the rooms is characterized by the legendary character of the Atlantis story, the resort also includes the water park “Aquaventure Dubai”, which has a direct view of the sea. In addition to other recreational activities such as swimming pools, Aquariums, an amusement park for adults and children, saunas, spa and Premium Wellness Centers.

Union Park

Etihad Park is one of the best parks in Dubai, as it was opened in 2012 on the occasion of the 41st National Day in the UAE. The park is located on the Golden Mile area with an area of 1.1 million square feet, and also includes more than 60 species of unique plants and trees. The park is a tourist and entertainment destination that includes many different interesting activities for all residents and tourists in the UAE.

The point Palm Jumeirah

One of the most beautiful entertainment places that you enjoy in the city of Dubai, when you get apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah, you can enjoy the beautiful views and bright lights amid the dancing luminous fountains. An entertainment facade that combines shops with the most luxurious restaurants and cafes that offer delicious meals.

The famous boardwalk

It is considered one of the tourist corridors overlooking the Sea directly because the Dubai Corniche stretches for 11 kilometers along the crescent of the palm. You can go to the corridor and watch it during the night under the starry sky to spend very wonderful and beautiful evenings and nights.

Golden Mile Galleria

One of the commercial centers in Dubai, which includes a large number of shops selling international brands, as well as cafes and various famous Dubai restaurants serving popular Emirati cuisine and various restaurants from different countries. Along the running track on the Palm Island overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Types of apartments in Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Tower is one of the most prominent mega residential projects in Dubai, as the tower includes 432 luxury residential units characterized by a variety of spaces and wonderful designs. The residential tower consists of 52 floors with a luxurious 5-Star finish, each residential unit has a studio, one-room, two-room, three-room.

The apartments for sale in Dubai have the highest level of finishes and are fully furnished with modern technologies and highly innovative and creative engineering designs. Starting from the 19th – 47th floor, the apartments are intended for exclusive housing, while the rest of the floors and residential units are intended for hospitality.

The price trend of apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah

The developer company was keen on the diversity of residential unit spaces in a Properties for sale in Dubai in order to achieve a difference in unit prices. We offer you approximate prices for residential units in the apartments for sale project in Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

  • The cheapest apartment in Dubai Palm Jumeirah with a studio system with an area ranging from 523 – 599 square feet at a price ranging from 750,000 – 2,350,000 AED.
  • The area of the one – bedroom apartment with an area of 1057 – 1143 square feet at a price ranging from 2.658.000-4.148.000 AED.
  • The two-bedroom residential apartment with an area ranging from 1978 – 2341 square feet, so the price of the residential unit is between 8.508.000 – 10.508.000 AED.
  • The price of the apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms’ ranges from 1.850.000 – 23.610.000 AED.
  • The price of a 4-bedroom residential unit ranges from AED 5,999,999-27,749,999.
  • The price of a 5-bedroom apartment starts between AED 5,290,000-39,999,999.

Why you should buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah

The lifestyle of apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah is considered a brand and a unique life due to the many means and services available. It offers luxury apartments with a lot of luxury that many people are looking for, so when you own a property in Dubai, you may benefit from the following features.

  • Unique apartments and one of the Seven Wonders of the world in a living style that guarantees you a happy life.
  • The most beautiful tower overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf, which is one of the best landscapes.
  • A lively location characterized by the proximity of recreational services and activities.
  • Very beautiful and magnificent hotel finishes.
  • Achieving real estate profits with an investment return of at least 3%.
  • Providing various services and amenities is one of the factors attracting customers.


There are many properties in Dubai Palm Jumeirah that are distinguished by their engineering designs of international standards and very magnificent and beautiful architecture. The multiplicity of housing units in Dubai from apartments and villas of different sizes and variety to suit all needs in addition to the prices of the units are suitable for customers as it is an irreplaceable investment opportunity in apartments for sale in Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

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