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The Emirate of Sharjah has always been the primary choice for many families and individuals according to housing, as the advantages of living in Sharjah increase the demand for it, in addition to being affordable due to the low cost of housing units compared to other emirates in the country, Sharjah provides a high-end lifestyle, and various facilities and services that meet the needs of both individuals and families. If you are interested in investing in apartments in Sharjah, many investors prefer buying a studio in Sharjah because this type of property has attractive investment returns, or if you are looking for family-friendly residential areas, there is a variety of apartments for sale in Sharjah in 2023.

Types of apartments in Sharjah

Apartments for sale in the Emirate of Sharjah range from studio to 4 bedrooms, some overlooking the Gulf waters or Khalid Lake, and others on the city’s distinctive streets, all of which are characterized by large areas, and the quality of architectural designs, as they were built according to the highest international standards.

The main locations in the emirate may be the best place to buy apartments in Sharjah due to its proximity to many amenities. There are countless apartment options in the Al Khan area, ranging from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. The Aljada, Al Majaz and Al Nahda areas also feature a variety of apartments, many of which are located in gated communities and compounds. The Emirate of Sharjah is characterized by the huge demand from investors and buyers to purchase a property in the center of the most important cultural city in the country.

Best apartments in Sharjah in 2023

The Emirate of Sharjah consists of a number of different cities in terms of urbanization and architectural planning, but all of them share the tranquility of their neighborhoods and the spread of parks and gardens in their streets, in addition to the presence of all facilities, equipment and services that meet the needs of the population of basic commodities and recreational centers Each city or region has some distinctive features that make searchers of Cheap apartments for sale in sharjah preferable to others, so it has become an example of cultural and social integration and harmony, making it a home for all residents of different backgrounds and cultures. And the demand for real estate for sale in Sharjah increased, especially the residential apartments that have a variety of spaces and prices to meet all the needs of buyers.

The prices of apartments for sale in Buhaira Corniche are one of the most expensive prices in Sharjah, due to its distinguished coastal location. It should be noted that many of the prestigious apartments for sale in Buhaira Corniche include swimming pools, gyms, play grounds, theater rooms and underground parking. Buyers may prefer to buy an apartment in Sharjah over the lake as a type of investment that is expected to generate great profit for its owner, especially in the tourist seasons.

Apartments for sale in Al Mamzar

For those looking to invest in Al Mamzar, Sharjah, prices range from 550,000 to 560,000 for a 1 bedroom apartments for sale in sharjah, while buying a 2 bedroom apartment for sale in sharjah will cost around AED 1 million. The three-bedroom apartments, their prices range from 1.1 million dirhams to 1.3 million dirhams.

Apartments for sale in Al Qasbaa

As it is primarily a commercial area, it offers limited residential unit options. These apartments mainly target individuals, couples and small families who prefer to live in lively areas close to commercial centers. The area also includes the Arts Center and Al Qasba Theater in Sharjah and several restaurants. In addition to various event spaces, there are also business facilities such as meeting rooms and individual offices.

Apartments for sale in  Al Taawun

Offering different types of residential units for rent or sale, these towers and buildings are ideal for families and individuals looking to settle in a quiet and welcoming environment. All the residential units offer amenities and services that facilitate the daily life of the residents. The tenants can choose from a wide range of apartments at competitive prices. This is convenient as the residential options vary between studios, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom apartments. .

Apartments for sale in Khalid Lake

It is in one or two bedrooms with fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms, master bedrooms and a spacious balcony overlooking the lake.

Apartments for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah

Al Zahia Sharjah is known for being the first gated community in the Emirate of Sharjah, providing everything that an upscale residential area offers in the UAE, with parks, sports stadiums and recreational clubs accessible from all seven sub-communities.

Apartments for sale in Al Majaz

Al Majaz is popular among investors. The residential buildings offer many facilities and services such as swimming pools, fully equipped fitness centers and high-speed elevators. These properties are known for their affordable prices.

Apartments for sale in Maryam Island, Sharjah

Maryam Island is characterized by Strategic location, Maryam Island Sharjah is located in the middle of the emirate, in the Al Khan area on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and residents can easily travel to the emirate of Dubai, just 20 minutes away from it.

Apartments for sale in Al Qasimia

Residential units in Al Qasimia include one, two and three bedroom apartments with prices ranging between  AED 398,000 and AED 550,000, one-bedroom apartments can be purchased for AED 425,000 in Al Qasimia, while two-bedroom apartments in Al Qasimia with an average price of AED 525,000, three bedrooms and one bedroom for sale in Al Qasimia for AED 480,000.

Apartments for sale in Aljada

Aljada complex has a distinct collection of apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and villas for sale in sharjah, in addition to other types of properties. The complex includes freehold properties for sale in Sharjah, allowing expats of all nationalities to settle or invest in this prestigious area of the emirate.

Apartments for sale in Muwailih

In terms of properties in Muwailih, there are many types of apartment for sale in sharjah on installment plan, with different rooms, 1-3 rooms, halls with studios, etc. If families want a larger apartment, they can choose 3-5 rooms.

Sale prices of apartments in Sharjah

An apartment in Sharjah might be a good investment, as the average return on investment can reach about 6% annually.

  • The average price of studio apartments in Sharjah is around 240,000 dirhams.
  • The price of one-bedroom apartments in Sharjah starts from 300,000 dirhams.
  • The price of two-bedroom apartments in Sharjah starts from the equivalent of 48,247,360 dirhams.
  • The prices of apartments for sale in Sharjah are rising as the number of bedrooms grows. for example; Prices for 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Sharjah start from 550,000 dirhams, while 4-bedroom apartments start from 2,200,000 dirhams.

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FAQ about Apartments for sale in Sharjah

Expats are still prohibited from owning freehold properties under Sharjah law.

Sharjah is in a good position for long-term investment returns, global market access, and skilled talent.

  • Al Majaz
  • Al Nahda
  • Muwaileh
  • Al Khan
  • Al Qasimia

foreigners are still prohibited from owning freehold properties under Sharjah law.

Sharjah is an industrial emirate and a strong economic and commercial center in the United Arab Emirates, located along the northern border of Dubai, and is a thriving business and development environment. In addition to being the capital of culture and heritage of the UAE country, it embodies the concept of a traditional city with modernity. The Emirate of Sharjah is always the best choice for property buyers and investors who want to own real estate for sale in Sharjah, as the Emirate enjoys an important strategic location and is close to all the emirates of the country and the low prices of its residential units of apartments and villas compared to the rest of the country.

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