Apartments for Sale in sheikh Zayed Road 

Apartments for Sale in sheikh Zayed Road 

The house is the place where you live in comfort and tranquility, you want to enjoy every moment amid the greenery and large squares. Located in apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, it offers a variety of wonderful residential units, from modern designs to distinctive services. You can continue reading to find out all the details of the project.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

The street known as Sheikh Zayed is one of the most important places in the UAE that is characterized by its vitality, and its great importance for the availability of many properties and constructions with a unique also contains a number of residential units that are distinguished by their creative design and sophisticated composition. one of the most important features of this street is its capacity, as it starts from Dubai and ends in an area known as Ras Al Khaimah.

Location of apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is the longest street in Dubai, stretching between the Ruwais area in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, passing through Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. The project passes through a group of large projects of residential units, five-star hotels, so it is located between the border point of the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed Road also connects Dubai Mall with Emirates Towers area. It is also located between Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

Types of apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Properties for sale in Dubai are characterized by the diversity of their area and different types that attract many customers because they suit all tastes. Among the most notable are: 

  • Studio-type apartments of different sizes are suitable for business at affordable prices.
  • A residential unit consisting of one bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen of medium size.
  • Two-room apartments, bathroom, kitchen and lounge at fantastic prices.
  • A large-area residential apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms.
  • There are also 4 – 5-room penthouse apartments with modern designs.

Apartment services for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Apartments for sale in Dubai are designed at the highest level of luxury and sophistication, as they have many services that meet the needs of customers, the most prominent of which are.

  • Recreational services of green spaces and parks
  • Sports services gyms, various sports grounds.
  • Shopping places and commercial malls
  • Schools and universities in addition to nurseries.
  • Places of worship by establishing a large mosque.
  • Medical centers equipped with medical devices.

Advantages of living in apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

There are many advantages of living in a residential area on Sheikh Zayed Road, which made it attract many customers, most notably.

  • Strategically located, characterized by vitality and fresh air.
  • Providing many different services.
  • The diversity of spaces and residential units within the project.
  • The prices for apartments are adequate, as well as a convenient payment plan.

Prices of apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

The owner of the project announced the prices of apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • The price of a studio apartment is about AED 500,000.
  • The one-bedroom residential apartment starts from AED 800,000.
  • The price of a two-room apartment and a lounge is about one million and 400,000 AED.

Housing projects for sale on Sheikh Zayed Road

Aykon City project

It is the largest housing project Aykon City, which is among the most important and most developed towers, and includes a number of studios, luxury-level apartments, two-bedroom units and apartments, and more, and this huge housing project enjoys the international level of construction quality and compliance with the best international standards and specifications for the design of apartments and residential units.

The most important features of this housing project

This excellent and luxurious residential project enjoys a high degree of sophistication in the construction of the following in the coming points:

  • It is one of the main parts of the DAMAC residential area.
  • The apartments that are furnished in it are of a luxury type, mainly overlooking the street.
  • The element of security of residence in this area is one hundred percent present.
  • The equipment of the apartments is distinctive and high-level.

The main reasons for the dynamics of Aykon City

This area, where Aykon City is located, is one of the most pivotal areas, as its location is the intersection between bin Zayed Road and Safa Park, and various means of Transportation are available in that area.

  • The most important places located in close proximity to Aykon City are the Dubai Mall and the Jumeirah Beach area.
  • Just ten minutes and it will be a drive from Aykon City to Mall of the Emirates.
  • Reach Dubai airport in thirteen minutes by car.
  • The place is characterized by a high degree of dynamism, with the availability of many of the most famous landmarks, making it one of the most important tourist attractions.

The most important advantages of Aykon City, amenities and entertainment:

  • There are many restaurants in Aykon City that offer the best level of services.
  • There is no permanent security in the area.
  • Parks, green spaces and gardens are available in them.
  • There is also a swimming pool in the area.
  • If you want to buy any collectibles or purchases, there are a group of supermarkets in the area.
  • The patient lounge is located in AYKON city.

Al Satwa housing project

The most famous real estate company Meraas offers the Satwa project, which is one of the most prominent development projects, which is also considered multi-use, on Sheikh Zayed Road, and this project is highly equipped and supplied with various important facilities, such as hotels, green spaces, plots of land allocated for the construction of buildings and apartments for housing, as well as office premises.

The Arab and Emirati company Meraas has presented many ideas that have reached the point of creativity and innovation, and those ideas have come for reconstruction and adding renovations to the scope of Satwa to become one of the most important distinctive areas, and the best to buy apartments available in it, with the availability of all the housing requirements in the area of trade, sale and purchase, and the availability of various commercial centers that residents in that area need.

More about Al Satwa housing project

Many of the capabilities and services provided through burglary, the most prominent of which are the following in the coming points:

  • There is land for housing.
  • Repayment of an apartment purchased from Satwa will be over the course of two years.
  • The floor plans are spacious.
  • The area where Al Satwa is located is parallel to Sheikh Zayed.
  • The community that exists in Al-Satwa is a versatile type.

The most important entertainment by Satwa

Many of the privileges of this residential area and the distinctive project include the following:

  • There are many areas for meals.
  • Special areas for hiking.
  • Available arenas for playing sports.
  • There is also a huge swimming pool for swimming.

The payment plan

There is a payment plan for the purchase of a residential unit in Sheikh Zayed at the Satwa project, and this plan is considered easy for many who want to buy housing units and apartments with excellent specifications, and this allows easy purchase, and seventy percent of the unit price is paid when booking.

Al Habtoor City

Al Habtoor City is an important housing project located in Sheikh Zayed, and it was established two thousand and thirteen, and completed in full two thousand and sixteen, and is a destination for about twenty thousand visitors, and the number of more than seven million visitors throughout the year.

The most famous project location is Habtoor City

It is one of the areas directly overlooking the aspects of the Dubai Water Body, and it is also one of the areas close to the important business centers in Dubai, and the project is also very close to many entertainment areas, important and vital facilities and there are many high-rise towers.

The most important residential towers of Al Habtoor City

The project consists of two residential towers, and the floors of the two towers with a number of two-room apartments and other three-room units available on each floor, as well as loft-type apartments and penthouse apartments, which number eleven apartments, and this project has green spaces, many restaurants, hotels and cafes, as well as a covered playground, and gardens of the classic type.

Hollywood magic

This distinctive project is provided by Damac and features many facilities that make it one of the most important housing projects, which provides distinctive units for housing with the provision of high-end places for hospitality, in addition to the distinctive scenic views, with the availability of studio-sized apartments, and apartments with the coolest urban design.

Amenities of the housing project

  • Many areas for hiking, recreation and dining.
  • There is a swimming pool.
  • Gyms.
  • There are also barbecue areas.

Samaya hotel residential units’ project

The project is provided by Tiger international company, and is located on bin Zayed Road, as well as with the availability of hotel-style apartments, and the provision of various services and facilities while enjoying the best advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • There are many shopping centers.
  • Designated dining areas.
  • Large green spaces.
  • Outdoor seating areas.

Why you should own apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

  • A residential and investment opportunity in a strategic location.
  • Modern designs overlooking the sea and picturesque landscapes.
  • A variety of spaces and units that suit all tastes.
  • Characterized by a variety of prices, which start with prices that suit everyone.

The design of apartments for sale in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road is no less than the finishes of villas for sale in Dubai, which are characterized by modern architecture at the highest level of luxury and sophistication. It is also characterized by the provision of many services that meet all the needs of customers in addition to luxury services and a quiet life.

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In your home, our mission is to save your effort and time in searching for a specific property. We can help you by answering your inquiry by simply clarifying it on WhatsApp or leaving us a message, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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