Apartments for sale in town square Dubai

Apartments for sale in town square Dubai

 Gulf Pearls is the world’s unique tourist destinations and is a global business hub in the Middle East. Dubai has won 22nd place in the world’s most expensive cities because it owns many engineering properties. One of the most important projects is Apartments for sale in Town Square Dubai, which is one of the most luxurious and classy projects and has many features that attracted many customers and investors inside and outside the UAE.

About Town Square Dubai

 This project is ranked as the best residential project that provides the best service and recreational amenities and facilities at the highest level. The project is designed in the latest global style of interior and exterior designs. It includes luxury residential complexes with a healthy environment that suits all the conditions and needs of the population it offers luxury and genuine pleasure in the heart of a green city at affordable prices and different spaces.

Project Property Developer

 The project was implemented by Nshama Properties Ltd, which is one of the most important real estate companies in Dubai and has long experience in the field of investment and residential property. The company owns a group of experts, advisers and architects who are distinguished by ideas and creativity in architecture. Therefore, it performed many residential projects inside, outside the UAE, and in the international markets.

The Project’s area

  The project is performed on a huge area in Dubai that is characterized by its unique geographical location. Its size and area amounted to approximately 31 million feet, equivalent to 750 acres, which allows a wide range of residential units with different spaces and sizes to suit all needs.

Location of Town Square Dubai 

 For living in an integrated and inclusive life all residential and recreational services and facilities, your home must be carefully selected with international specifications and precise standards with a unique lifestyle. Apartments for sale in town square Dubai is one of the most important projects that realizes your dream in life with comfort, security and privacy. The project is located in a strategic area in Al Barsha district, Dubai that is near to areas, main roads and services, which are:

  • Al Maktoum International Airport is only about 22 minutes away.
  • It is also about 22 minutes from Dubai Mall.
  • Few minutes away from Dubai Public Transportation
  • Few minutes away from service and recreational places.

Lifestyle in Town Square Dubai 

 This project is designed with the highest level of luxury, sophistication and elegance in interior and exterior design. Every day, you will wake up to glamorous landscape, green spaces everywhere and wide spaces to release air everywhere; a unique life in Town Square Dubai.

You find yourself living an unparalleled sense of ownership corridors; cheerful welcoming spacious and opened windows enter fresh air and sunlight. Landscapes, as well during sunset and sunrise under golden sand and clear blue water. There is no boredom or tiredness since all the leisure needs are available and close to you where you are.

Services in Town Square Dubai 

 For getting pleasure, comfort, enjoyment in each moment, the project offers a range of different services that enhance living in nature and green spaces. All varied and unique services at the highest level of quality and efficiency are provided:

Entertainment services

 There are ideal amenities for hiking and leisure with a range of parks and corridors to practice cycling, walking or running. In addition, you can find swimming pools for all categories and ages, various sports stadiums, meeting rooms and joys.

Education Services

 Providing centers and nurseries, primary, preparatory and secondary schools, universities that teach academic curricula with a group of experts and teachers.

Health Services

 Medical services are one of the most outstanding features of the project because they include a group of health centers that have one of the best medical devices in different discipline.

Security Services

 A full 24-hour security kit has been provided as well as CCTV on each residential building.

Religious Services

 Houses of worship are essential and available within the project, they are close to all units, and distributed consistently.

 Other Services

 Malls, shops, restaurants and cafés, gaming and entertainment areas are available and close to all residential units.

Types of Apartments for sale in town square Dubai

 The project includes a distinct collection of residential apartments with different spaces and modern designs. The apartment’s space ranges as it can consist of one, two and three bedrooms beside the bathroom and kitchen. The units include all facilities and services and they are so close to main roads.

Prices Apartments for sale in town square Dubai

 The prices of residential units in the project vary according to type, size and geographical location in addition to the services available. In general, apartment prices are appropriate and reasonable; ranging from AED 399,000 to AED 1.291,000 according to the number of rooms and the size of the residential unit as mentioned before. 

 Sale prices for are also different from rent ones. Also, Villa sale prices differ from renting depending on the type of request which affects each unit price. There are also units for investors and tourists other than citizens and visitors.

Accommodation benefits in Apartments for sale in town square

 The project has several advantages that have attracted many people in obtaining the housing unit:

  • A strategic and vital location with several natural factors and close to the main roads.
  • Global interior and exterior designs along with designs for leisure services.
  • Providing many different services that meet all the population needs.
  • Different and varied spaces for residential units.
  • Residential unit prices are appropriate and reasonable.

 Why you should own in Apartments for sale in town square

  • Perfect investment opportunity for all investors in a vital area.
  • Perfect residential opportunity for everyone who wants to live in an entertaining level.
  • Suitable for all families and high-quality customers.
  • Summer-friendly place to go on summer trips.
  • Away from the hustle and bustle enabling one to enjoy with the tranquility and landscape.
  • A fantasy world verified on the ground by stunning and charming designs and views.


At the end, it is a unique life and a perfect style with a range of leisure services designed on top and latest European trendy decorations and designs. You will enjoy living in apartments for sale in Town Square Dubai due to the landscapes and green spaces, gardens and parks. A community with all avenues of comfort and security.

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