The most prominent projects of Binghatti developers

Binghatti developers

The most prominent projects of Binghatti Architectural Development Company and largest architectural companies in the UAE, and the company’s headquarters is in Dubai, and it is one of the most well-known companies in the field of real estate and architecture, and in the following lines, we will talk in detail about the most important things related to the company and the most important information About the nature of its projects, and the most important feature of those projects based on the highest level of planning and design in the field of architecture and construction.

How was Binghatti developers established

Binghatti Company for Development, Architecture and Construction was established in 1875 AD, and its ownership belongs to Mr. Muhammad Binghatti, who is the engineering and CEO of the company, in the field of real estate development. For major institutions, banks and banks, and many residential resorts.

At the level of the Middle East, the company works to develop high-quality products and services at competitive prices on the commercial and industrial levels. it has more than 40 projects in various parts of the Emirates in cooperation with the Millennium Resorts Group.

Binghatti Architectural Development projects

Binghatti Company has established real estate projects under construction, which is considered the strongest destination in all parts of the Emirates, most notably in Business Bay, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan, Al Jaddaf area, and the Dubailand residential complex, in addition to the largest commercial projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is estimated at an area of 1000,000 square feet. 

The most important characteristics of the company’s projects

The projects developed by Binghatti Company are characterized by the fact that they are built by the company’s engineering cadres. It is also characterized by the appropriate price and cost suitable for different customers and the diversity of payment systems that suit all individuals, as well as high-quality and unique designs for any architectural constructions.

The most prominent projects of Binghatti Company

It has completed a number of huge and most distinguished architectural and engineering projects, and these projects have become the most prominent role in reviving the real estate market and real estate development in general in the Gulf market, which is characterized by many advantages, the most important of which is the strong infrastructure, and the elegant design of all available units, buildings and constructions. Examples include Dubai Oasis, The Community of Dubai, and Jumeirah Village.

Binghatti Views residential project

It is among the most important and distinguished projects that were founded by a group of specialized cadres in the company, and its establishment in the heart of the city, Dubai, and its location is the most distinguished, and the special interface of this huge housing project is the scenic natural views, as well as the view of the corners of the buildings of the project.

Millennium Project

The Millennium Binghatti Residences in Business Bay are also of the type of housing projects, and are intended only for upscale housing.

Vista project

It is one of the important and housing projects that owns a number of residential units, and also its units are characterized by the most sophisticated housing, and are located near Sheikh Zayed Road, and are close to many tourist attractions in Dubai.

Kurt Project

This project is located near Jumeirah Village, and the project is divided into five floors, and the design of the Court project is modern and modern.

The Court project has many advantages, the most important of which are the artistic and creative touches of the various architectural and engineering designs of the units, and the view of this project is characterized by the presence of vast agricultural areas, and this is what guarantees a pure environment around you.

Amwaj Towers

One of the huge housing projects that Binghatti has undertaken, and it offers different housing units starting with units with 1 room and 1 bathroom.

Binghatti Stars units

The units are available in different designs, and the price for a one-room unit and hall starts from 461,259 AED.

The canal project for Binghatti Company

The units for this project are available at a starting price of 795,000 dirhams, and these housing units are located in the Business Bay area.

Rose Binghatti Project

The residential units are located in Binghatti Rose in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, and the designs for the units are of the classic type, with a starting price of 808 thousand dirhams.

James Binghatti Project

The units of Binghatti James Apartments are located in the Jumeirah Circle, and the apartments are characterized by luxurious design, reasonable prices, the most distinguished view, and a starting price of 834 thousand dirhams.

Jasmine Project

The units of the Jasmine project are among the most popular types of residential apartments, and the designs are the most important characteristic of elegance and are located specifically in the Jumeirah Circle area.

Binghatti East

Unit prices in the Binghatti East apartments project start from 886 thousand dirhams, and the apartments are of the luxury type and the plan is to be paid over 3 years, and payment after handover.

Mirage project

The units of Binghatti Mirage apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle are characterized by unique designs at the highest level.

Avenue project

The unit designs in Binghatti Avenue apartments in Al Jaddaf Dubai are unique as they are comparable to European standards.

Gateway Project

Unit prices in the Binghatti Gateway project start from 805 thousand dirhams, and a premium is available starting from 0.50% to be paid monthly, and the project is located in Al Jaddaf.

Point Project

Binghatti Point Apartments in Dubai Silicon Oasis offers units at a price of 872 thousand dirhams, and it is one of the freehold real estate projects.

Binghatti Spheres

The best projects of Binghatti Company in Dubai Silicon Oasis, it includes 13 floors, and its units vary between apartments and studios.

Binghatti Pearls

It is considered one of Binghatti’s prominent projects in Dubai Silicon Oasis. It consists of a ground floor with commercial shops licenses, and 14 floors. Its residential units consist of studios, one-room apartments, and two- and three-room duplexes.

In addition to all of the above, Binghatti Architectural Development Company is still planning many projects that will help the UAE market to flourish in the coming period, and to save you from following up and searching for the company’s newest projects. Maskanak website provides you with the latest information about the real estate developer firsthand.


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