The most prominent projects of Deyaar company

Deyaar company

The United Arab Emirates seeks to promote properties remarkably, relying on a group of properties companies, the most important of which is Deyaar company, which has become one of the leading companies in this field and has become a prestigious place among the major companies for its unlimited excellence and ambition.

About Deyaar company

Deyaar properties has been able to take a special taste to make it special due to the diversity of its projects and the elegant high taste of its properties. The company is also distinguished by its extensive expertise in the world of fiery investments, so it has gained the confidence of its clients to outperform its potential and create new opportunities for investment. It is an enduring and ambitious company that can make it impossible and always strives to make a clear mark in the economy of the Arab Emirates.

Establishment of Deyaar properties Company

Deyaar properties was founded in 2002 and registered in Dubai Financial Market 2007 and is a public joint stock company In this era since its inception, the company has proven remarkably worthwhile, with a range of luxury towers, hotels and elegant buildings, excelling in its architectural model mode, and keen to choose high-end areas throughout Dubai. Since 2007, the company’s capital has become 5.78 billion AED and its business has been distributed across several sectors: access management This has made it not only a special place among companies, but also a global company with a special place on the map of the world’s most important cities. As Britain, America, Turkey and major projects in the UAE, as well as the most important real estate company in Abu Dhabi, the company has received several awards, most notably the Gulf Properties Award in 2018, the IT Achievements Award in 2017 and finally the Innovation in Construction Award.

One of the most important features of Deyaar Company is its commitment to values. It has been keen to follow the high quality and international developments and flexibility in its business tool and welcome in a spirit of risk and made sure to earn the trust of its customers. The Board of Directors of the Company consists of the 

Chairman of the Board of Directors:-

Abdullah Obaid Al Hamli

Vice Chairman: –

Abdallah Ibrahi Said Lutah

CEO: – Said Mohammed Al Qatami

Board Member: –Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Board Member: – Mohammed Abdullah Amer

Board Member: – Dr. Adnan Shloan

Board Member: –Yaser Abdulrahman Ahmed

Board Member: –Abid Nasser Ahmed Lutah

Board Member: – Khalifa Suhail Juma

Deyaar properties Company’s objectives

Reaching the highest standards of quality and diversity in projects to serve the UAE.

  • Achieving remarkable value and a clear place in the economy and society as a whole.
  • Ensure the provision of integrated projects.
  • Achieve a high return on the company’s investments.
  • Provide a quiet climate at work for the highest efficiency of the work team.
  • Reaching the highest standards of quality and diversity in projects to serve the UAE.

Founder of Deyaar properties 

Founder of Deyaar properties Company is Mr. Abdullah Al Hamli He received a bachelor’s degree from Ain University in Economics and Mathematics and is a seasoned man with high experience in real estate with an experienced and strong leadership ethos so he was able to get Deyaar to this prestigious place, As a result of his multiple successes, he has held several important positions, including the Free Zone Authority of Jebel Ali and DP President of Information Technology and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Islamic Bank, with which he worked for almost 9 years In Okita Tega Dubai, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors and other important positions.

Deyaar properties Projects

Noor Apartments: –

One of the most desirable properties is a studio and apartments 1, 2, 3, bedrooms.

Regalia Apartments: –

Located in the Business Bay, it consists of 1,2,3 bedrooms and  duplexes.

Dania Apartments: –

Downtown Dubai Media City is a studio and 1,2 bedrooms units.

Bella Rose: –

Located in the dubai science park  consisting of 18 floors and one-room apartments, a studio.

Afnan Apartments: –

international media production zone  City (IMPZ) has 1.2 bedrooms apartments and a studio.

The Atria: –

Located in the Business Bay, these are one-bedroom residential towers.

Fifty One

It is located in the Business Bay and is a commercial building with offices.

Montrose: –

Located in Dubai World Complex, it includes service apartments and one bedroom residential apartments.

Ruby Apartments: –

It is located in the Dubai Silicon Oasis with 3 bedrooms and a maid’s room.

Midtown: –

Located in AMBZ and featuring studios and apartments 1,2,3 bedrooms.

Reghalia: –

Located in the Business Bay are smart houses, comprising 70 floors and 331 meters high. Its units include 1,2,3 bedrooms and Penthouse and Duplex units.

The Burlington: –

Located in the Business Bay, it is an upscale area, with all services.

Deyaar properties Branches

Head Office: – Al Barsha Dubai

Telephone number: – 97143957700  –  97143957680

Sales Center: – Business Bay Dubai

Telephone number: – 0097143725800


Deira Branch: – Al Garhoud Al Fattan Plaza

Telephone: – 0097142940774

Fax: -0097142944029

Sharjah Branch: –Majaz Sharjah

Phone: -97165730500

Fax: – 97165730600

Abu Dhabi Branch: – Markhania West Abu Dhabi

Telephone: – 0097126353000

Fax: – 0097126353111

Al Ain Branch: – Al Ain

Phone: -0097137510443

Fax: -0097137513473

Ajman Branch: – Ajman

Telephone: – 97167415222

Fax: -97167415114

Fujairah Branch: – Fujairah

Telephone: – 97192241235

Fax: – 97192241236

Ras Al Khaimah Branch: – Palm Dafan

Telephone: – 97172275666

Fax: – 97177513473


In this way, we have shown all the information and details of Deyaar Properties Company, with huge projects and strong position in the UAE and the Middle East.

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