The most prominent projects of Dubai South Company

Dubai South Company

 Dubai South Company is one of the most prominent cultural projects in Dubai. Established by Dubai South Company to  provide luxury for its residents, Dubai South supports a range of industries that provide more than 500,000 jobs, is a start-up company several years ago specifically in 2006, and has chosen its location to be near many vital areas.

What is Dubai South Company and who is its founder?

The company serves as a huge civilization project through the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, His Highness, as well as the Prime Minister and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai and His Excellency Khalifa Al Zafeen, who is the company’s chief executive through Dubai South Properties Development Company.

Map of the partition of the city of Dubai south

The city was built on an area of 145 kilometres and is divided into 8 important areas each with a specific determination for the development of investment and economy in Dubai:

  • Humanitarian services area.
  • Free Business Zones “Business Complex”.
  • Flight area.
  • Residential area.
  • Exhibition area such as Expo Dubai 2020.
  • Logistics area.
  • Commercial area.
  • Golf area.

Contact Data with Dubai South Company

Dubai South Headquarters: Post box number 282228 Dubai South – Dubai.

Phone Number Inside UAE (Toll Free Number): SOUTH/800-76884-800

International Number: +971-800-76884

Dubai South Company Goals

The company works to revive trade and economy strongly in the Emirate of Dubai and has an impact on the UAE in general, hosting more than 15 airlines on its territory.

Dubai South City Project aims to be a commercial and recreational residential investment and become a source of happiness.

As for the future of Dubai South, we can predict that the city’s population can reach 1 million and the red metro line will be added. Dubai Free can later allocate an area known as the Free Business Area, Commercial District, Multinational Enterprise Area, in addition to a huge residential area, many properties companies in Abu Dhabi will be responsible for the residential area.

It is also mentioned that the best who can be hosted by Dubai South International Exhibitions is the World Expo and Dubai Air Show events.

The most important projects of Dubai South Company 

Dubai South has launched a large number of projects with different disciplines and objectives over the past years and to date, here are Dubai South’s most important projects:

The Plus Villas

A residential project with the best units was launched in 2016, with residential units to be delivered in 2019. All units ran out of 98% prior to completion. The project includes several buildings, the most important of which are Leen Town House park and estimated at 973,440 AED. The Palace Town House is priced at 750,000 AED in addition to The Plus villas 1,022,925 AED.

The Pulse Beachfront Villas

A huge residential project carried out by Dubai South Properties is a properties compound in the region. The project includes 1.400 flat housing units in addition to 240 townhouses in addition to Nabead villas.

After the success of the Nabead project, Beachfront Nabead was launched and all units of Phase I and II were booked. The last construction phase will be completed in the beginning of 2022. The price of Beach Front Nabead villas is 1,750,000 AED.


A sophisticated project based on the launch of land plots for sale at special and appropriate prices.


A giant residential project aimed at accommodating more than 25000 people, a project that allows employees in Dubai South to rent housing units and enjoy unparalleled luxury. The project offers jobs and occupancy rates up to 99%.

The Avenue

The project offers plots for the purpose of investing and freely owning individuals and can be reserved and repaid according to the project’s available payment plans.

Dubai Heliopark

Mohammed bin Rashid Aviation Project, which is a giant hub that is unparalleled in terms of space and technology, can accommodate 8 helicopters facilitating movement between tourist areas and the business sector easily in the UAE.

Important projects in several directions

  • A fortified treasury consisting of secure facilities that benefit investors in the preservation of important paperwork and physical assets, support and protection of artworks and property rights.
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Aviation also launched aircraft maintenance units, a project involving more than 7 countries.
  • You can say that the total employees in Dubai South 20,848 through a number of companies up to 4,600 companies with the possibility of creating an additional 700 companies and increasing the number of employees.
  • The construction of a large golf complex on an area of 2 square meters by Discovery Land Properties Development, an American company that will establish a 18-hole golf course and facilities attached to the course.

The most important logistics zone companies in Dubai South

South Dubai has created a giant logistics zone with a large number of important companies. Here’s the best of it from the first phase. It includes an e-commerce area known as I Z Dubai and operates 50% of the logistics business area. As a result, the area operates a refrigeration system that prevents carbon emissions.

  • Noon Company: One of the logistics district companies, a distribution centre among several of Noon affiliated centres.
  • Oda Express is a fast shipping company in addition to Emirates Post and is the second largest post in the UAE to sort and deliver mail.
  • FedEx Express: a global shipping company operated by express shipping.
  • DHL: A company with the best achievements, it is a mobile innovation centre between Africa and the Middle East.

In the previous lines, we talked about Dubai South, a large, sophisticated giant that aims to improve the UAE’s local economy by targeting the largest companies around the world to establish branches through it in addition to providing a sophisticated life.

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