How to check traffic fine in abu dhabi With smartPass Service

how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi

how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi It is natural for traffic violations to increase in a densely populated city like Abu Dhabi, especially with the widespread use of traffic radars that monitor and record the speed of vehicles.

Therefore, drivers need to regularly inquire about any traffic violations recorded under their names, as they may not be sure if they have received any violations, such as running a red light or speeding, until they settle them. Accumulating violations can become a significant financial burden.

In today’s article, we will explore the available channels to inquire about traffic violations in Abu Dhabi  through site msknk.

how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Traffic Police provides a service for inquiring about traffic violations through three channels: the website, the smart application, and SmartPass devices. Here are the details:


Inquiring about violations through the Abu Dhabi Police website is one of the easiest methods to check traffic fine in abu dhabi, as it offers a user-friendly and quick service with several options, including:

Inquiring by traffic code.

Inquiring by ID number (individual violations)

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Inquiring by plate data:

  • Traffic code.
  • Plate number.
  • Plate source.
  • Plate color.
  • Plate category.

Inquiring by driving license to check traffic fine in abu dhabi:

  • License number.
  • License source.

You can choose the method that suits you best to inquire about your traffic violations to check traffic fine in abu dhabi. Once you enter the required information, click on the search button, and a list of accumulated fines for the registered vehicle will be displayed. After inquiring about the traffic violations in Abu Dhabi, you can also pay the fines directly from the same website.

How to use the smart application

After downloading the Abu Dhabi Police application on your phone, you will need to create an account by entering your personal information, such as your Emirates ID number and phone number. Once the registration is complete, you will be presented with a list of various electronic services, including the service to inquire about and pay Abu Dhabi traffic violations. It is worth noting that you can also check traffic fine in abu dhabi and pay them, besides paying vehicle impoundment fees through the UAE Ministry of Interior application.

SmartPass Service

If you prefer to access the service without the need for internet usage, you can utilize the SmartPass service provided by Abu Dhabi Police. It is one of the smart services offered by the government of the United Arab Emirates to facilitate various transactions for users, including citizens and residents, through a unified account. Users only need to authenticate once to access multiple government e-services easily and at any time via the Internet. They can then visit SmartPass devices distributed in various locations to quickly and easily avail of the services.

How to use the SmartPass service

  • Download the Digital ID application.
  • Create a new account:
  • Scan your ID card.
  • Verify your phone number and email.
  • Choose a password.
  • Use the SmartPass login account for upgrades.

SmartPass devices are available in various areas of the capital, including Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station 1 in Abu Dhabi parking lots, Ambassador Mall in Mafraq, Lulu Hypermarket in Bani Yas, as well as Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society in the Port, and many other locations.

For your information, Abu Dhabi Police has previously announced a service for installment payment of traffic violations in Abu Dhabi. This service allows vehicle drivers the opportunity to check traffic fine in abu dhabi and settle them through installments without incurring any interest or profits.

Abu Dhabi Police allows the installment payment of traffic violations for a period of up to one year. Additionally, if you check traffic fine in abu dhab and  you are certain that you did not commit a traffic violation in Abu Dhabi, you can submit an objection to have it canceled through a few simple procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I inquire about the specific details of my traffic fine in Abu Dhabi?

The most convenient method to check Abu Dhabi fines online is through the official website of Abu Dhabi Police. They provide a dedicated e-service called “Traffic Fines Payment,” which allows you to easily to check traffic fine in abu dhabi and review your fines. You can find this service by selecting the “Traffic Fines Payment” option located under the Public Services tab on the homepage of the website.

What are the consequences of running a red light in Abu Dhabi?

Drivers who violate traffic regulations by running red lights in Abu Dhabi will now face more severe penalties compared to other emirates. As per the federal traffic law of the UAE, which applies to all emirates, the fine for light vehicle motorists who disregard red signals is set at Dh1,000 ($272). For heavy vehicles, the fine is increased to Dh3,000.

What is the typical time frame for receiving traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

After check traffic fine in abu dhabi motorists  have reported receiving text messages informing them of speeding violations several weeks after the incidents were captured on camera. Some drivers have stated that it took up to five weeks for them to receive an SMS notification from Abu Dhabi Police, while others were informed of the offense after two weeks.

how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi

You have several options to check traffic fine in abu dhabi:

Contact the call center at 901.

Send an email to

Utilize the live chat feature available on the official application and website.

Send a written inquiry to P.O. Box 1493, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How can you inquire about your UAE visa fine online?

Select the ‘file number’ option.

Enter your file number, which can be found on the UAE residence visa page in your passport.

Enter your date of birth.

Once you have provided the required information, check the captcha box and click on the blue ‘Search’ button.

how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi

Online Procedure:

Access the official website of Abu Dhabi Police.

Navigate to the “Public Services” section.

Choose the “Traffic Fines Payment” option, which will redirect you to the TAMM Abu Dhabi website.

Utilize your UAE Pass or Emirates ID credentials to log into the system.

The list of fines associated with your registered vehicle will be displayed for your review.

In today’s article, we discussed how to check traffic fine in abu dhabi, identify traffic violations for cars and vehicles in Abu Dhabi, and how to inquire about them using various methods such as the smart application and Smart Pass service, with an explanation of how to use them. Finally, we presented frequently asked questions and provided answers to them.

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