Indian passport renewal abu dhabi | all the details and steps to get it done

indian passport renewal abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to a significant population of Indians, with a large Indian expatriate community residing and working in the city. Indians in abu dhabi contribute to various sectors such as healthcare, engineering, finance, information technology, hospitality, and more.

Overall, Indians in Abu Dhabi contribute to the multicultural fabric of the city and play an integral role in its economic and social development, Find out all the details through msknk.

How to get Indian passport renewal abu dhabi?

To get Indian passport renewal abu dhabi, you can follow these steps:



To initiate the Indian passport renewal abu dhabi, the first step is to complete the registration on the official governmental website called “Passport Seva.” Access the website and select “Africa and Middle East” as the region, and specify “United Arab Emirates” as your country of residence. You will be prompted to either sign in or create a new account.

Creating a new account involves providing basic personal information. Once your account registration is complete, you will be able to generate an application for an ordinary passport. Within the application, you can choose the option for passport reissue.

At this stage, you will have the choice between normal or urgent services, depending on your requirements. Additionally, you can select either a 36-page or 60-page booklet for your passport. Progressing further, you will need to fill in various personal details such as marital status, address, emergency contact information, details of family members, employment and educational qualifications, and other relevant information to proceed with your application.

To proceed with your Indian passport renewal abu dhabi, you will need to visit the nearest BLS Centre, ensuring that you have all the necessary documents in hand. Locate the closest BLS Centre to your location and make arrangements to visit.

Ensure that you have gathered all the required documents as specified by the Indian Embassy or Consulate for passport renewal. These documents may include your current passport, copies of relevant pages, proof of residency, photographs, and any additional supporting documents.

Once you have organized your documents, visit the designated BLS Centre at the appointed time. Present your documents to the staff at the Centre and follow their instructions for document verification and submission.

By visiting the nearest BLS Centre with all the required documents, you can proceed smoothly with your Indian passport renewal process in the UAE. 

Documents Required to get Indian Passport renewal abu dhabi

Documents Required

For individuals holding a valid UAE residence visa and seeking to renew their Indian passport in the UAE, it is essential to provide the following mandatory documents:

  1.     The current original passport of the applicant.
  2.     A copy of the UAE residence visa page.
  3.     Two passport-size photos with dimensions of 51mm X 51mm, featuring a white background. It is also possible to have your picture taken at the BLS Centre.

Depending on the specific circumstances, additional supporting documents may be required. For instance, individuals with an expired UAE residence visa might need to provide relevant documentation. For comprehensive information on supporting documents, it is advisable to visit the official BLS Centre website.

When visiting the BLS Centres to get Indian passport renewal abu dhabi, please ensure you bring a valid proof of residency, such as a tenancy contract, or a letter from your employer or company confirming your residence or employment in the emirate.

In case you need to make changes to the details in your current passport, such as your name or address, the application will require police verification.

In urgent situations, applicants have the option to convert pre-police verification to post-police verification by paying an additional fee. They may also choose to apply for renewal through the Tatkal service, which involves expedited processing for an extra fee.

Please note that applicants renewing Indian passports in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE must personally submit their documents and application at the nearest BLS Centre.

Documents Required to Renew an Indian Passport abu dhabi

 For Minors

To renew the Indian passport for a child in abu dhabi, the following documents are required:

  1.     The current original passport of the child.
  2.     A copy of the UAE Residence visa page of the child.
  3.     The current original passports of both parents for verification purposes.
  4.     The Emirates ID cards of both parents for verification purposes.

It is important to note that both parents must be present when renewing the Indian passport for the child. Their presence is necessary for the renewal process.

By ensuring that you have the current original passport and UAE Residence visa page of the child, as well as the original passports and Emirates ID cards of both parents, you can proceed with the Indian passport renewal process for the child in the UAE.

Procedure For Renewing Indian Passport  abu dhabi Through BLS Centres

Individuals choosing to renew their Indian passport at BLS Centres should follow the steps outlined below:

  1.     Make an appointment: Visit the official website of the BLS Centre and schedule an appointment for your Indian passport renewal.
  2.     Gather required documents: On the appointed day, gather all the necessary documents as specified for passport renewal.
  3.     Visit the BLS Centre: Go to the BLS Centre at the scheduled time. Bring your completed application form and all the required documents.
  4.     Document submission: Present all your documents to the submission officer at the BLS Centre. Ensure that you have the correct fees for Indian passport renewal, as only cash payments are accepted.
  5.     Application form signing: In the presence of the submission officer, sign the application form for your Indian passport renewal.



Looking to expedite the process? Applicants have the option to avail the Premium Lounge service provided by BLS Centre, available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By booking a premium service appointment online through the BLS Centre website, you can enjoy several benefits, including faster application submission, document pre-screening, a dedicated call time, and refreshments.

For those who wish to avoid long queues during Indian passport renewal in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, this premium service can be availed for AED 225 per applicant. It is important to note, however, that selecting the premium service does not guarantee faster processing time for your passport.

By opting for the Premium Lounge service, applicants can streamline their passport renewal experience and enjoy additional conveniences at the BLS Centre.


Upon completing the Indian passport renewal abu dhabi  process, both adult and minor applicants will need to wait for a minimum of five working days to receive their new passports. However, for those who choose the Tatkal service (urgent), the processing time for Indian passport renewal can be reduced to just two working days.

The renewed Indian passport will be delivered to the applicant via a reliable courier service. To track the status of their Indian passport renewal, applicants can utilize the tracking feature available on the official BLS Centre UAE website.

Once the courier service returns the passports, they can be collected from specific locations, such as BLS – Al Khaleej Center in Dubai and BLS – Shams Boutik in Abu Dhabi.


If you’re curious about the cost of renewing an Indian passport in the UAE, the fees differ for adult and minor applicants. Additionally, individuals opting for the Tatkal (urgent) service are subject to different charges. It’s important to note that the fees for renewing your Indian passport in the UAE cover typing, photographs, and courier services.

The service charge for Indian passport renewal is AED 9, and there is an additional Indian Community Welfare Fund fee of AED 8. The standard charges for Indian passport renewal, as well as the Tatkal fees in Dubai and other emirates, are outlined below:

Normal Renewal Service For Indian Passport Holders

  •         Adults (36-page booklet): AED 285
  •         Adults (60-page booklet): AED 380
  •         Minors: AED 190

It is recommended to check the official website or contact the BLS Centre in Abu Dhabi for any updated information or specific requirements related to Indian passport renewal  Abu Dhabi.

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