Nightlife places in Dubai | The most famous Arab nights in Dubai

Nightlife places in Dubai

Nightlife places in Dubai , in which we talk about the most important places where nice and enjoyable time can be spent at night, as the Emirate of Dubai has many places that can be visited especially at night, and below we will show you  the most important information about those places, and their addresses With an explanation of the places that families can go out to, to spend Arab evenings in Dubai.

Nightlife places in Dubai

places to stay up late in Dubai, where there are many different options for visitors, through which it is possible to enjoy the time .

Nightlife in Dubai for young people

The emirate has many recreational facilities in it, some of which are suitable for young people, Nightlife places in Dubai, including special places to eat and spend a special evening time, including cafes, and the most prominent of these places:

Jumeirah Restaurant

Nightlife places in Dubai

Is one of  the distinguished Nightlife places in Dubai that young people can go to at night, it is a restaurant for evening parties, as it combines food service and a festive atmosphere.

  • Location : Exit 36 – Sheikh Zayed Road – Barsha Heights – Dubai.
  • It is possible to contact the venue management via the number: 0503541091.
  • Working hours Thursday and Friday from 10 pm to 3 am.

Dubai balcony

If you are looking for upscale Nightlife places in Dubai, it is possible to visit the Dubai Balcony, as it is located in the heart of Jumeirah, and in the Dubai Marine area, in particular, and it is a place to spend entertaining time and attend music parties.

  • Location: Dubai, Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street
  • Contact via 0507777330.
  • The working hours of the place are from 5 in the morning until 3 in the morning.

Soho Garden

Nightlife places in Dubai

The best evening parties that enjoy their youthful identity full of vitality, with an evening provided by the administration responsible for the place to all its visitors every Friday night. There is also a distinct seating for the outdoor lounge, which is varied inside rooms of glass, and inside the wooden huts with a panoramic view, and the place enjoys the spaces vast green.

  • Address: Racetrack, Grandstand, Al Maidan Road, Nad Al Sheba 1 – Dubai.
  • contact number 0523888849.
  • The working hours of the place are from Wednesday to Saturday, starting from 8 pm until 3 pm.

Nightlife in Dubai for families

Nightlife places in Dubai that can be suitable for the presence of family members are widely available in the Emirate of Dubai, including the following:

White Dubai

Nightlife places in Dubai

One of the most important Nightlife places in Dubai  available to families, as there are places for families and families to sit that are suitable for large numbers. The place has a distinctive design and an open ceiling. DJ parties and concerts are available in the restaurant in the presence of foreign artists.

  • Address: Meydan Rooftop Racecourse, next to Dubai Ticket Sales Office.
  • Contact number 0504430933.
  • Restaurant working hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am.

Mawal Restaurant

Nightlife places in Dubai

It is one of the very distinguished Nightlife places in Dubai, and it is very attractive to visitors as it organizes time for celebrations to the tune of oriental music with the presence of artistic performances and the schedule of shows is renewed on a weekly basis, and it also offers a distinguished menu.

  • Address: The restaurant’s location at the Rawdat Al Murooj Hotel, on Al Saada Street in the heart of Dubai.
  • The contact number is :0521766697.
  • The restaurant’s working hours are from 8 at night until 4 in the morning.

Phantom Restaurant

Nightlife places in Dubai

 Phantom is a place characterized by the splendor of the design of seating places for visitors, especially families, with the availability of a calm atmosphere and decorated with the most beautiful decorations for all lovers of good taste, and the menu for dining is filled with meals from various countries of the world, and the menu combines types of cold and hot drinks.

  • location: The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah , in the center of Dubai.
  • The contact number: 045986517.
  • The working hours of the place are Thursday and Friday from 1 pm to 4 am.

Al Han Restaurant 

Is one of  the most important places that have a high degree of distinction, as it offers Lebanese evening parties, and the place offers daily performances and sessions to hear oriental music.

  • location: Fourth floor, Foco Hotel – Plot 49 Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.
  • Contact number :050653457.
  • Working hours are from 11 pm until 3 midnight.
  • Places for couples in Dubai


 It is one of the most important places that serve delicious meals and different foods, and it offers specifically Lebanese recipes, and it is possible to attend the parties that are held in the place every night.

  • Location: On the fourth floor of voco Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • Contact number 0502500757.
  • The working hours of the place are Wednesday, Monday and Thursday from 11 pm to 3 am.

Beaurivage Bistro

It is possible to enjoy the best quiet and dreamy evenings in the place, as the location of the place overlooks the Dubai Canal, while serving the best Italian meals and international dishes, with serving types of drinks and cocktails.

  • Location: Grand Millennium Hotel , Business Bay, Dubai.
  • The contact number for the management of the place is 048733334.
  • The working hours of the place are from Saturday to Friday, from 12 noon to 3 am.

Jasmine staircase

Many people ask about the prices of evening parties in Dubai. It is possible to enjoy a nice time in the evening at the Jasmine Staircase, at an appropriate cost to enter the place and eat. It is a mixture of the traditional Syrian evening with the modern evening, with one buffet open to visitors.

  • location: 18 Sheikh Rashid Street – Oud Metha – Dubai.
  • the Contact  number 043967070.
  • Working hours are from 10 am to 2 pm.

Places near the Burj Khalifa area

It is well known that Burj Khalifa is among the most important landmarks in Dubai and the Emirates in general, and among the most important places for nightlife that are located close to it are the following:

Abdul Wahab Restaurant

It has many branches in Dubai, and it is located specifically in the Dubai Mall and in the Mirdif Center. It also has a branch in the Marina Mall, and the distinctive view of the place is on the fountain, which is located near the tower, and the contact number is 044230988.

Zaman coffee shop

Among the high-end cafes in Dubai, it also offers recipes for food. It is located on the banks of Dubai Creek, and serves delicious barbecue meals.

Kufa Restaurant

It is one of the places that all families can visit. The restaurant presents artistic concerts, and its atmosphere is comfortable and calm. It offers the best local traditional meals, with a buffet of distinguished oriental dishes.

Bara City

One of the places that the Emirate of Dubai is famous for , and it is located in the Le Meridien Hotel on Al Mina Beach, and it offers classic art concerts and DJ parties, and it is located close to the Burj Khalifa area.

Sky club

One of the clubs that could be the destination for visitors at night, and it is located in the Dubai neighborhood, and the working hours extend until all hours of the night, meaning that it is one of the places available for a long time. The place was designed in the form of a musical spacecraft, and it presents hip music shows, and the place is Alone by providing some types of media and distinct technologies to spend a more enjoyable time, such as screens that can bend or tilt in different directions, while providing the best lighting systems at the highest level, with sound systems that are more advanced and not widely available except in such a special place. 

 Presenting the most important services that these places provide to their visitors, and we have also provided a complete guide to some places that specialize in receiving families with a presentation of distinguished youth places.

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