NOL Card Balance Check with Number | Know Your Balance in Seconds

NOL Card Balance Check with Number

Do you want to learn about NOL Card Balance Check with number? First you have to know that NOL Card is an electronic ticket card gave by transport power to a wide range of public vehicle at Dubai offices. The name NOL is an Arabic word نول importance passage.

The NOL card is a fundamental day to day pass that Dubai suburbanites use for public transportation, including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Cable car, and Dubai Transport.

You can check your NOL card balance prior to boarding the metro or transport! Basically tap your card at the stations and in a flash know your balance.

Advantages Of Nol Cards

The upsides of utilizing the Nol Card incorporate the accompanying:

  • Investing less energy and cash while staying away from the annoyance of conveying money and paper-based tickets and Nol Card Balance Check is simple.
  • Following excursions taken with day to day travel reports and exchange history.
  • Observing balance limits and electronically overseeing accounts from anyplace on the planet whenever with ease. By utilizing this card one can rapidly check nol card balance on the web or through a few alternate ways whenever and anyplace which makes voyaging a more problem free and pleasant excursion.
  • Understudies, beneficiaries, neighborhood inhabitants, as well as individuals with handicaps, are qualified for extraordinary limits and honors through the card.
Advantages Of Nol Cards
Advantages Of Nol Cards

NOL Card balance check with number

On the other hand, you can likewise check your NOL Card balance online with simply the card number. Follow these 4 simple tasks to check your NOL card balance on the web.

  1. Go to RTA NOL Card Entrance
  2. Check nol Balance box
  3. Enter the Label ID found on the NOL card.
  4. Search to see NOL Card Balance

Extra Approaches to Check Nol Card Balance

Aside from checking your NOL card balance on the web, here are a few other helpful strategies:

  • By SMS: Send a SMS to 10422 with “NOL” trailed by your NOL card number. For instance, write “NOL 123456780” (join the card number with your genuine NOL card number). The help commonly costs AED 0.25 per SMS.
  • By telephone: Call the RTA call focus at +971 4 208 0808 and demand help to check your NOL card balance. The client assistance delegates will direct you through the interaction.
  • At a ticket candy machine: Supplement your NOL card into a ticket candy machine situated at metro stations, transport stations, or other vehicle centers. The machine will show your NOL card balance.
  • At a client support focus: Visit a RTA client support focus in Dubai, and the staff will be eager to assist you check your NOL card balance. They can likewise help you with some other NOL card-related requests.
Extra Approaches to Check Nol Card Balance
Extra Approaches to Check Nol Card Balance

Tips and Deceives for a Smooth Nol Card Re-energize

On the off chance that you’re completely eager to go on a tomfoolery experience utilizing your NOL Card, it means quite a bit to know how to re-energize your NOL Card without any problem. 

Here are a few wonderful tips and deceives to guarantee a smooth and bother free experience while re-energizing your NOL Card.

1-Setting up Programmed Nol Card Top-up for Incessant Voyagers

On the off chance that you travel a ton utilizing your NOL Card, setting up programmed top-ups can make your life a lot simpler.This is the carefully guarded secret:

  • Pick a sum: Conclude how much cash you need to naturally add to your NOL Card at whatever point the balance runs short.
  • Pick a trigger: You can set a particular balance limit. For instance, assuming that your balance dips under AED 10, the programmed top-up will kick in and add cash to your NOL Card.
  • Remain straightforward: With programmed top-ups, you will not need to continue to check your NOL Card balance constantly. The framework will deal with it for you, guaranteeing you generally have sufficient cash for your movements.

2- Figuring out the Proper Nol Re-energize Sum

It’s additionally critical to realize how much each outing to the various areas in Dubai costs and ascertain the perfect add up to re-energize your NOL Card.Here is a straightforward method for making it happen:

  • Check the charge: Figure out the expense of a solitary excursion utilizing your NOL Card. You can visit the NOL Card site or ask somebody for this data.
  • Gauge your outings: Contemplate the number of excursions you that generally require in a week or a month. Duplicate that number by the passage to get a gauge of the amount you’ll spend.
  • Add a Cradle: It’s dependably really smart to add some extra to your re-energize sum to represent startling excursions or crises. Best to be as cautious as possible!

Investigating Nol Card Normal Issues

Can we just be real; now and again, things go uniquely in contrast to we need them to. While re-energizing your NOL Card on the web or disconnected, you could experience a couple of normal issues. Be that as it may, relax.

 We take care of you! Here are a few answers for those troublesome issues:

  • Invalid exchanges or mistakes: In some cases, you could see a message that says your exchange is invalid or experience a blunder while re-energizing. 

On the off chance that this occurs, don’t overreact. Twofold check that you entered the right data and attempt once more. Assuming the issue continues, you can contact client service for help.

  • Card balance not refreshed: After you re-energize your NOL Card, it ought to show the new balance immediately. In any case, assuming you notice that your balance actually should be refreshed, there’s compelling reason need to worry. 

Give it a brief period, perhaps a couple of moments, and afterward check your balance once more. You can contact client assistance for help assuming it actually needs to refresh.

  • Lost or taken cards: Losing your NOL Card can be very troubling, however there’s an answer as well! In the event that you can’t track down your card or on the other hand assuming it gets taken, sit back and relax. 

You can contact client assistance right away and illuminate them about the circumstance. They will assist you with obstructing your old card and issue another one, so you can keep utilizing your NOL Card without any concerns.

Investigating Nol Card Normal Issues
Investigating Nol Card Normal Issues

Where To Utilize Nol Card?


With the card, you may effortlessly get to a few transportation choices, including transports, the metro, cable cars, and water taxis. All methods of public transportation in Dubai acknowledge the card.


Just sit back and relax in the event that you’re falling short on money or telephone credit. Utilizing stopping pay terminals, you might pay for public stopping utilizing your Nol card. 

Enter the data for your vehicle plate, including where it is enlisted and the plate code or number, by embedding your Nol card into the space. Select the period of time you wish to stop, and your Nol card will be charged in like manner.


Utilizing your Nol card, you can pay for dinners at different eateries and bistros in Dubai. Burger Ruler, Eat and Drink Café, Cravia, and Paavo’s Pizza Café are a portion of the restaurants that acknowledge this installment strategy.

With this advantageous choice, there’s compelling reason need to heft around money or cards while eating out in Dubai!


You can now effectively pay at significant stores and corner shops with your Nol card. The entire Day, Al Maya grocery stores, Aswaaq, Humdinger grocery store, Carrefour, K Circle, and Zoom are among the taking part retailers. 

Appreciate consistent, bother free exchanges and shop however much you might want.

Drug store

We have uplifting news on the off chance that you’re searching for drugs or other clinical supplies. Your Nol card might be utilized to make installments to Aster, Medcom, and Medicina.


The rundown of attractions tolerating the Nol card incorporates: Dubai Parks, which incorporate Mushrif Park, Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and the Spring Park

IMG Universes of Experience is another well known traveler objective that acknowledges Nol installments. This indoor amusement park highlights exciting rides, intelligent attractions, and a scope of energizing diversion encounters

You can likewise utilize your Nol card at Etihad Historical center. It offers an intelligent encounter where guests can investigate the set of experiences and improvement of the Assembled Middle Easterner Emirates.

The gallery grandstands ancient rarities from UAE’s past as well as different presentations on points like culture, training, and workmanship.

Step by step instructions to Top Up Nol Card

On the web

Enter the Road Transport Authority (RTA) site, versatile application, or outsider choices like Careem PAY to reload your shrewd card’s e-handbag. Browse different installment strategies, including credit or check cards, to top off your savvy card’s e-handbag advantageously.

RTA Client Satisfaction Focuses

To top off your card easily, visit the RTA Client Joy Focuses that work as ticket workplaces across Dubai. Savvy Teller Gadgets are accessible at these areas for a fast and basic top-up system.

Ticket Candy machines

Ticket Candy machines are situated at each metro station and bus stop. At some bus stations you can find sun oriented fueled machines that let you top off your card.

Automatic Fare Collection Machines (AFC)

Another choice is to top up the Nol card through Automatic Fare Collection Machines (AFC) that are tracked down in retail foundations all through Dubai and work like ticket workplaces.


You may now fill your card at Emirates NBD and Abu Dhabi Business Bank areas for additional accommodation. For any individual who would prefer to go through with their exchanges themselves, this is an extraordinary decision.

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Different purposes of NOL CARD incorporate

On the off chance that you live in Dubai, you might have a Nol card in your wallet. Though this advantageous plastic sheet is most regularly used to pay for public transportation, your Nol card currently has many purposes that you probably won’t be aware of.


What is the greatest NOL card balance?

The most extreme Nol card balance is 5000 AED for enrolled and individual cards and 1000 AED for unknown nol cards.

What is the base balance on Nol Card to travel?

7.50 AED is the base balance on Nol Card to travel.

To ensure you have sufficient cash for movement, it is vital to check your Nol card balance. It ought to be easy to deal with your Nol Card balance utilizing the five choices recorded in this article. 

There is a decision that works for everybody, whether they lean toward utilizing the RTA Dubai NOL Card Balance Check portable application or candy machine.

How would I filter my NOL card on my telephone?

To filter your Nol card on your telephone, you first need to download the ‘Nol Card’ application from the Application Store or Google Play. Whenever it has been introduced, open it and register your Nol card by giving some private data like name, age, and contact subtleties.

After this is finished, tap on the ‘Sweep My Nol’ choice at the upper left of your screen and adhere to the guidelines given to you to finish the checking system.

Might I at any point involve NOL Card For Shopping?

Indeed, Whether you go to the supermarket consistently or eat cheap food at a corner shop, the rundown of Dubai dealers that acknowledge Nol cards is continually developing. Attempt it in assigned stores like Almaya, Carrefour, Humdinger, AllDay, and Zoom.

Might I at any point Cover the Eatery Bill With a NOL Card?

A few cafés in Dubai likewise acknowledge Nol cards, including 800 Degrees Pizza, London Dairy, and Burger Lord.

Might I at any point involve NOL Card in Clinics and Drug stores?

In the 17 MedCare branches around Dubai, you can pay your question utilizing a speedy dash of your NOL card. You can purchase prescriptions and wellbeing items in Dubai drug stores, including 146 Aster branches, 23 MedComs, and 11 Meds.

Is it conceivable to pay for a taxi utilizing a NOL card?

Could I at any point Pay at the Gas Station With a NOL Card?

Try not to deal with cash at service stations. In the event that you are refueling in Enoc, you can utilize your NOL card to check out.

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How might I check the termination date of my NOL Card?

  1. Go to RTA NOL Card Entryway > Check nol Balance
  2. Enter the NOL Card Label ID found on the NOL card
  3. Search to see NOL Card Expiry Information

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