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The name of Nshama Real Estate is associated with the residents of Dubai with the best mega real estate projects that surround them, such as Town Square Dubai, where the designs of the projects carried out by the company are mixed with modern architectural style with some Arab originality in construction, and no project is devoid of a mixture of vast green areas with elegant buildings and charming views. Since the establishment of this company, it has been achieving achievements after another, as it has introduced a new, modern and different approach in the field of real estate development and has striven to meet the needs of customers and build the best homes at affordable prices.

Establishment of Nshama Real Estate Development Company

Nshama was established in 2014 AD and was able to take a large position in the real estate market in a short period, as it became one of the leading international companies in the Emirates by offering smart, different and sophisticated designs at the highest level of quality, and from its vision to be the heart and soul of the residential community in Dubai, which It provides huge communities for families and others, in addition to many innovative international designs such as health centers, commercial centers, community gardens, cafes, retail stores, restaurants, play areas, education and institutions. It is also interested in providing suitable housing and apartments equipped with the latest modern amenities and basic lifestyle facilities. The company is known as the sustainable developer of Town Square Dubai, which is one of the most important projects being built in the UAE. It is an integrated residential project near Al Barsha, containing 180,000 apartments and 3,000 homes, in addition to retail, commercial and hospitality units.

Who is the founder of Nshama Real Estate Development Company?

CEO Farid Douri and Abu Bakr Sayed Ahmed, CEO, established this company and worked on huge projects in the Dubai area, which ignited the spirit of competition because of the quality of urban projects and presented them with low fees compared to the services provided in the project, and among the largest projects that the company carried out were Downtown Dubai and the Springs .

Nshama Real Estate Development Company Location

The company is located in a privileged location within Dubai, where it is located in the city center, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, next to the Al Bahar Market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, specifically in Emaar Island, Old Town Downtown Dubai, which is a private company for the construction and development of integrated residential complexes, in addition to community parks. centers, chalets and units.

Objectives of Nshama Real Estate Development Company

Nshama is one of the leading developers in the field of real estate, as it offers world-class, high-end residential communities based on the principle of sustainability, and combines modern luxury with smart technologies. Such as health centers, parks, restaurants, hotels, cafes, educational institutions, shopping centers, stores, in addition to its constant endeavor to create and develop dynamic and sustainable residential communities. It includes all types of residential units (apartments, villas, studios, penthouses) and is equipped with modern amenities while providing the best services and prices in facilities management to ensure a distinct and different lifestyle.

Projects of Nshama Real Estate Development Company:

The most important projects carried out by Nshama Company are:

Reem Town House:

  It is a luxury residential project of 3 or 4-bedroom townhouses located in Town Square Dubai.

Boulevard Life ProjectHayat Boulevard:

It is one of the most amazing projects in the city of Dubai, as it was designed with a world-class design in the Dubai Town Square community.

Jannah apartments:

This project is one of the integrated projects that includes fully finished residential units with amenities, guarding, security, swimming pools, green spaces, and a social building.

Brier flower:

This project includes a variety of luxurious apartments of different sizes with a good payment plan.

flower housesWarda apartments:

This project has the best facilities, services, and various real estate within Town Square in Dubai.

UNA Apartments:

These apartments are designed in a luxurious Italian style with amazing services and amenities.

Kindergarten project:

This project offers one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments and studios.

Rose Tower:

Wardah project offers luxurious one, two and three bedroom apartments in addition to the luxury of design.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid City:

Known as MBR, it is one of the largest modern areas of Dubai and one of the best freehold areas in the city of Dubai.

Arabian Ranches:

Nshama developed this project in cooperation with Emaar.

City Walk:

This project is one of the international projects, as it has pedestrian streets with a luxurious European design.

Dubai Marina:

This project is an upscale residential complex that includes outdoor cafes and restaurants, markets, and sandy beaches for relaxation.

Jumeirah Village Circle:

It is one of the largest residential areas in Dubai, with a large number of residential units and unique designs.

Sama townhouses:

thisThe project is a mixture of modern life for residents with a contemporary style of life, so it is considered the ideal world.

Rawda apartments:

It is a luxury residential project that includes a group of luxury apartments consisting of one, two and three bedrooms.

Rawda 2 apartments:

It is the second phase of Nshama Properties, a mega residential development of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments in Town Square Dubai.

Una apartments:

It is a prestigious residential project consisting of two elegant towers characterized by beautiful designs and impressive craftsmanship, designed in the shape of the letter U, with a height of 11 floors.

Parkside apartments:

It is one of the most recent prestigious urban projects located in Town Square Dubai and includes a large number of luxury apartments.

Park Views Rawda Apartments:

This project offers luxury one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Noor Town House:

This project includes 3 or 4-bedroom townhouses with an easy and convenient payment plan.

The Elias Project 2

This project contains a group of unique luxury properties at the best prices.

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