Popular food in UAE | More than 20 dishes

Popular food in UAE

Emirati cuisine is characterized by the most delicious and delicious dishes. popular food in UAE Emirati folk cuisine combines the best flavors and hints of the fragrance of history. it tables are also characterized by quality and generosity, as is the case in most Arab peoples. Honoring the guest remains an overriding feature of all Arab peoples. Also, the most characteristic feature of Emirati cuisine is its special taste, from which you can tell that this food is grown in the UAE is the strong spices. And that’s like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and many others. In this article, we will show you the most famous Emirati folk dishes. Which you can cook at home or eat in restaurants of popular Emirati cuisine.

Popular Emirati dishes for breakfast

Here are some breakfast dishes with their component, and it is known that breakfast snacks can be considered one of the popular Emirati dishes for dinner as well.

The robes

These are pancakes that are made with the following ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, in addition to milk and saffron. And you can serve them for breakfast with cottage cheese, honey or flour, cream and others.


It is one of the very popular types of bread in the United Arab Emirates. It is also baked on charcoal and contains the usual ingredients of bread with the addition of Sesame, saffron and turmeric.


Balaleet is one of the popular Emirati dishes for breakfast. It consists of a lattice with a layer of fried eggs added to it.


It is also one of the dishes that includes flour in its composition. They are eaten for breakfast. There are also two types of them, one from semolina and the other from flour.  The khabisa consists of toasted flour, water, saffron and qanad added with sugar. It is also settled on coals.

The Gami

It is a breakfast made up of milk. It is also an ancient food that belongs to the ancient Emirati heritage.  made from concentrated yogurt, to which some ghee is added.

Popular Emirati dishes for lunch

For lunch, the Emiratis have very special meals, some of which are meat, chicken or fish as well. And all meals are interspersed with exquisite Emirati spices that give the food its own taste. So we will show you some of the main dishes for lunch and get to know them together:

The threadbare

And this Eater no one disagrees on her love. Whether it’s big or small, because it’s very appetizing. 

And the tortilla bread, which we talked about earlier, is the main ingredient in the porridge dish. Where the porridge consists of tortillas baked in addition to many types of vegetables such as zucchini, potatoes, carrots and many others. It consists of layers of tortilla bread, which is watered with meat broth, vegetables are added to it, meat is placed on top and served for lunch.


This dish is cooked in more than one way, either with meat, chicken or fish. Majbous consists of rice, meat, dry lemon and onions, added to them various spices. 


It is one of the most important and famous Emirati dishes that are served on happy occasions such as weddings. It is also often served during Ramadan holidays.  The ingredients of the MASH are very easy and delicious, as it consists of crushed wheat and is cooked with pre-boiled meat or chicken. The ingredients are put together, cooked and stirred well until cooked. 

The ureur

The ureur is also known as the boy’s boy and the reason it is so named is that it is made up of the flesh of the male son of a shark. This meat is crumbled and cooked, adding a lot of spices. The meat of the boy’s boy is served with rice and salads.


The reason why the salty is called by this name is clear, because it is a buried canadfish or jabab fish and they are placed in a very large amount of salt.  And the marinade is cooked with rice and the addition of smart Emirati spices. 

Hadhra Dey

Haddara DIY is one of the very famous Emirati dishes. The name of the Eater is Hadrat Dey, which means bottom and chicken, because the way the chicken is cooked is at the bottom of the pot, rice and live are placed on top of the chicken.

It consists of rice, vegetables and, of course, chicken. In this recipe, the chicken is marinated before starting cooking. Then they are laid out with vegetables.

Battered chicken Groats

The dish is so named because it is at the last stage of its cooking. The food is beaten against the walls of the bowl well so that it becomes soft and well mashed. 

The most distinctive thing about this food is that it contains a lot of distinctive and very delicious Emirati spices. 

The food consists of groats and chicken, added with delicious spices and served with rice. 

Live the Emirati reddish

It should be noted that the Gulf countries, including the UAE, are called living on rice. Our food is fried rice, not bread. Rice is known to be an essential dish on any table. But roasted rice or roasted Live is different and has a different taste. It is rice cooked with sugar or with pomegranate molasses. And this gives us a sweet taste, unlike salty ordinary rice. 

Nakhi fever

It is one of the famous ancient Emirati folk dishes. And Nakhi is a kind of chickpeas. It is also known that chickpeas have very great nutritional benefits. This Meal has great benefits for health.

The dish consists of Palm, raisins, pine nuts, potatoes, parsley and onions. They are cooked and salt and delicious spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and others are put on them.

Popular UAE sweets

The meal is completed only with sweets. So we will show you some delicious Emirati sweets. 


It is one of the most famous Emirati sweets. popular food in UAE is very well known in the UAE and abroad. It doesn’t differ on two tastes, because it tastes great. 


And sago is one of the types of plant that is used in sweets. SAGO is made from the sago plant with added starch, sugar, saffron and rose water. They are similar in texture to Omani sweets. 

Bethith United Arab Emirates

It is one of the popular Emirati sweets and it is one of their sweetest and sweetest as well. It is made from dates, for which the Gulf countries are famous. Al-Baath is made from dates, mashed, cardamom, flour and margarine. And it is served in the form of balls dipped in nuts. 


It is considered one of the most famous dishes that everyone inside and outside the Gulf countries has at least heard about. 

It consists of flour, date molasses, sugar, fat and all the ingredients are cooked together.

Popular restaurants in the UAE

Here are some famous restaurants in the UAE offering the most delicious popular dishes: 

Bin Eid al-Shaabi restaurant

It is one of the most famous and popular restaurants located in the emirate of Dubai. The restaurant serves the most delicious and delicious Emirati folk cuisine. It is characterized by its average prices and is also suitable for individual and family outings. 

Address: jerbash building, Al Khaleej Road, Abu Hail – Dubai – UAE.

Opening hours: and work in the restaurant starts from nine in the morning until twelve midnights. 

Phone number: 97142663644

Doon Valley restaurant

It is one of the most popular restaurants that offers many distinctive varieties. Such as hunayd buried meat, mubabi, steam rice and many delicious dishes. The restaurant is distinguished by cleanliness and taste by its staff.

Address: ground floor, Gold Park building, Sheikh Rashid Road next to Caesar Restaurant – Dubai – UAE.

Opening hours: the restaurant is open from seven in the morning until eleven at night. 

Phone number: 97142999330

Jumeirah tent restaurant

Jumeirah Restaurant is a great place to eat in Jumeirah. Where the restaurant is located directly on the sea. It also features antique Emirati furniture and decor. You will be dining in a wonderful and very special atmosphere. In addition, it offers various types of distinctive Emirati cuisine.

Address: Jumeirah 3 Market Street-Umm Suqeim-Dubai-UAE.

Phone number: +971552756091

Old house restaurant

The name of the old house is a distinctive sign of it as it is very similar to the old local houses. Which provides you with a special family atmosphere. The restaurant offers distinctive Emirati cuisine, not only delicious, but also offers many dishes from outside the Emirati cuisine, such as Indian, Iraqi and Iranian dishes.

Address: Grand Souk Street – Dubai – UAE.

Phone number: +97142256111

Opening hours: from Saturday to Thursday from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening, and on Friday from twelve in the afternoon. 

Loukma restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai that serves delicious popular Emirati cuisine. It features a serving of distinctive and varied dishes to suit all tastes.

Address: Box Park Dubai – Al Wasl Street – Dubai. 

Opening hours: daily from eight in the morning to one o’clock midnight. 

Phone number: 80056462

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