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There is no doubt that Dubai has recently become an excellent tourist and residential destination for those who desire entertainment, stable work and career advancement, education at the highest level, as well as complete exemption from taxes, acceptable service fees and high levels of security. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and is famous for its towers. The skyscrapers of the clouds are as tall as the Burj Khalifa, and in this article, here are the details for you if you want to own or invest in Dubai.

Reasons to search for Properties for sale in Dubai

Of course, what we mentioned at the beginning are strong reasons for living in Dubai, where you will live in a luxury way and the availability of amenities are alot, but there are many other advantages.

  • It offers a variety of real estate options such as apartments, studios, villas, townhouses, with various payment facilities and at prices that suit everyone 
  • Life is completely safe and provides permanent protection for citizens 
  • Possibility of foreign ownership with visas for the owner and his family 
  • The location of Dubai is very distinguished, it has a sea view, and it has a permanent economic growth 
  • Real estate prices in Dubai are always steadily rising 
  • Dubai provides the best education systems to ensure your future and the future of your children
  • Dubai is always interested in sustainable development, preserving the environment and the idea of an environment without pollutants, which guarantees you a life in a clean environment 
  • Residential projects in Dubai are developing day by day, which reflects that it is an aspect that works well, so companies always invest in it.

Real estate ownership system in Dubai

 According to the government of Dubai, there are several systems for foreign ownership in Dubai

  • Non-Emirati citizens can own property, but only in freehold areas, which are areas decided by the government of each emirate
  • A person’s right to own real estate never forfeits but remains forever 
  • You have the right to invest in real estate by renting it without any problems 
  • There are no rules regarding the buyer’s age, it is completely open
  • There is also what is known as the law of ownership according to a period of time, often ninety-nine years
  • Properties for sale in Dubai with zero taxes, which means reducing the expenses charged to you

Best areas to buy Properties for sale in Dubai

  • Dubai Marina.

 Living in an area in the middle of the Emirate of Dubai is a good experience in which it ensures easy access to any place you want, as it contains many residential units such as villas, apartments, and townhouses for sale in Dubai . The best thing is that you live in a wonderful marine area provided by Emaar Dubai, where all facilities, services, shopping centers and restaurants are available. As for the prices of an apartment for purchase in Dubai Marina, it starts from 667 thousand dirhams and reaches more than 7 million dirhams for a five-bedroom property. For villas, it starts from 4 million and 766 thousand dirhams and reaches 8 million and 630 thousand dirhams .

  • Business Bay

The Business Bay area is located near the middle of Dubai, which means a good location. It also ranks 4th in the ranking of cities in terms of demand for housing and it is the center of Dubai’s trade and a good idea to invest in it.  also it contains many high-end hotels in Dubai and provides amenities and comfort for its residents. It is also very suitable for those looking for accommodation next to his place of work, as Business Bay is an area where many institutions and companies are concentrated. As for the prices of owning an apartment, it starts from 660 thousand and reaches 5 million and 628 thousand dirhams. As for villas for sale in Dubai, their prices start with Approximately 6 million dirhams.

  • Dubai Land.

 Dubai land is one of the best areas because it contains resorts, residential towers, amusement parks, picnic areas and entertainment centers. One of the best features of Dubailand is that you will not need to pay a lot of money to own one of the best cities in Dubai and to live in an area that guarantees you all the facilities and services you need. It is preferred if you wish to invest in a property in Dubai. Here are the prices of apartments for sale in Dubai, as they start from 322,000 AED and increase according to the number of rooms to reach 1,570,000 AED for a four-bedroom apartment. As for villas, the purchase price starts from the equivalent of 1 million AED 3 million, 335 thousand dirhams for a villa that contains 6 bedrooms. It is good that all these properties offer a high return for investors that exceeds 6% in some cases.

Ranking of Properties for sale in Dubai in terms of demand

 The demand of investors and those wishing to own property to live in different types of real estate varies, and we find in general that Dubai contains different types of real estate such as studios with one bedroom and small areas, apartments whose number of bedrooms varies between 1 and 5, townhouses, and villas that vary in size And some luxuries related to containing a garden and a swimming pool than not containing them. We find that the arrangement is as follows

  • The first place in terms of demand was the studio with limited space for its affordable price 
  • Second place for apartments 
  • Third place for the townhouse
  • The fourth and last place was taken by Dubai Villas

It should be noted that investing in a property under construction is better for you in terms of its price and its payment facilities.

In freehold areas in Dubai, foreign ownership is permitted.

Because Dubai’s economy is one of the world’s most stable, buying a property in the city is cheap compared to any other city in the world.

  •  Dubai Marina
  • Downtown Dubai 
  •  Business Bay 
  • Emirate Hills
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Al Barsha
  • Arabian Ranc

Properties for sale in Dubai

Properties for sale in Dubai

Properties for sale in Dubai

Properties for sale in Dubai

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