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The Emirate of Sharjah is characterized by its ancient civilization, culture and architecture, and includes a variety of properties that you want and look for. Sharjah real estate, whether it is lands, houses, apartments, commercial buildings or offices, varies in sizes, prices and designs to suit all requirements and needs.

About the Emirate of Sharjah

It is the only emirate with beaches on both sides. On the one hand, it overlooks the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and on the other hand, it overlooks the Gulf of Oman and covers the sandy plains on the coast of the emirate. It has an international airport where planes from various international airlines land, which is the best airport in the entire Gulf region.

The emirate has been called the capital of luxury tourism due to the presence of many luxury hotels, resorts and beaches, in addition to its modern infrastructure that has been linked to other cities and countries in the region.

The Arab Capital of Culture for 2016 and before was named the Capital of Arab Culture by UNESCO for the year 98 because of its large and diverse cultural and civilizational heritage. It is the history that makes many businessmen look for properties for sale in Sharjah.

Sharjah real estate

The Emirate of Sharjah allocates spaces for family housing that includes a group of the best housing units built according to the highest international standards, and due to the advantages offered by Sharjah, the demand for investors to buy real estate has increased.

If you are an investor and want to start your investment in Sharjah, we will put this guide in your hands, including the reasons for starting your investment in Sharjah. Which is buying an apartment, buying a villa, buying a commercial, apartment, or investing in a real estate company.

Sharjah is characterized by the diversity of its properties, which has become dependent on  the economy and the diversity of revenue sources. So, there are apartments for sale in Sharjah that vary in size between large, medium and small apartments.

You will find many houses for sale in Sharjah that suit all needs and budgets. Your apartment or house in any area of the emirate will overlook the beach, as most apartments and houses in Sharjah have this advantage due to the emirate’s unique location.

You also will find under construction properties for sale in Sharjah, which is one of the best investments in the UAE, firstly because buyers can buy properties with flexible payment plans, and secondly the big difference in prices compared to prefabricated projects. Therefore, many of them are now buying from developers.

Why choose under construction Properties for sale in Sharjah?

Sharjah is now considered a strategic place for families, with educational centers, schools and nurseries, surrounded by parks and children’s play areas, and great employment opportunities due to its abundant economy. Sharjah is located in a location connected to different parts of the UAE.

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Advantages of living in Sharjah:

  1. The average rent is low compared to other emirates.
  2. It includes a large number of recreational, tourist and cultural attractions, as well as a large number of tourist centers and areas, such as Al Dhafra Market, the Corniche, Souk Al Arsah, the Heritage Village and Buhaira Corniche.
  3. Restaurants in Sharjah
  4. Excellent infrastructure and interconnected internal road network
  5. It includes a large number of educational institutions, including nurseries, international schools in Sharjah, and universities
  6. The abundance of excellent health institutions, including Sharjah hospitals
  7. Sharjah has a number of shopping malls and stores in various areas.
  8. Strong and durable economy
  9. Safe family environment
  10. Plenty of gardens, parks and beaches

The most leading real estate investment projects in Sharjah

There are many freehold projects available in Sharjah, such as apartments, villas, and town houses in Sharjah, as well as residential lands with a variety of advantages and prices. You can take a look at the following projects and properties that it offers:


Aljada project is located at Sharjah International Airport. The lifestyle in Aljada Muwailih is distinguished by its luxurious facilities that residents are looking for such as schools, mosques, medical centers, sports facilities, library and other projects that make the project the best freehold areas in Sharjah.

Al Mamsha 

Al Mamsha area near Sharjah International Airport. Sharjah International Airport University City includes many prestigious educational institutions such as the American University of Sharjah, University of Sharjah, Skyline University College and others. The project includes nurseries, special schools and a children’s playground.

Tilal City

The project provides residential lands with multiple areas per square foot, and the bank financing provided by the Bank of Sharjah can be used to purchase real estate in freehold areas in Sharjah. Al Tilal City includes the following projects:

  • Shams
  • Areej
  • Morooj – North
  • Morooj – South
  • Almas Residence
  • Almas Villas
  • Naseem Villas
  • Naseem Residence


The Masaar Residential Compound project in Al Tayy area in Sharjah is still under construction and is being developed by Arada Real Estate Company, on an area of more than 19 million square feet, and comprising 4,000 villas and townhouses in 8 neighborhoods, with the first batch of homes expected to be delivered during the first quarter of 2019. The Masaar project is considered a turning point in the modern lifestyle, and it constitutes an important addition to the urban landscape in the Emirate of Sharjah, as it includes all service and recreational facilities within a natural and calm environment. The project allows all residents of the country, citizens, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council and foreigners, to invest and buy real estate. 

Nasma Residences

It is located in the middle of Sharjah where you can enjoy the wonders of urban life as well as the beauty of nature. Nasma Residences combine the architecture, green spaces and natural areas. It offers world-class amenities.. The units in Nasma Residences villas offer high-quality finishes, spacious interiors, and great amenities. The apartments are available in 3 spaces.

Uptown Al Zahia

Uptown Al Zahia is located in the middle of Sharjah. It is in fact a family friendly environment where residents can experience a unique life. Uptown Al Zahia is ideal for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle in Sharjah..

The sustainable city in Sharjah

The sustainable city in “Umm Faneen – Sharjah” is the first sustainable community in the United Arab Emirates. The townhouse has plenty of amenities including a manicured garden, gym, games room, fitness studio, BBQ area and swimming pool. ( SSC ).

Sharjah Garden City

The Sharjah Garden City is a residential complex that was established by Shumoos, a partnership between Al Batha Real Estate and MAG Group. Located on Sharjah Maliha Road, it is the first project of its kind with a huge area of about 10,000 square feet and consists of 82 residential villas that have been completed and land licenses in all villas in 2019. . The interior designs of all villas were worked on by Al Darwish Engineering Group, and carry a traditional Arabic character in every detail of the house. It offers a spacious living area with 5 bedrooms and a guest house for guests, safe for children. The villas are built according to the principles of nature, and have windows that illuminate the house and allow fresh air to spread all around .

Sharjah Waterfront City

Sharjah Waterfront City ( SWFCITY ) This is a major development in Sharjah in a pollution free environment. The destination has become a popular destination for Gulf and European families with a luxurious accommodation standard. The destination is distinguished by its picturesque beaches, entertainment and shopping areas. The project consists of 36 kilometers of natural canals that lead to the sea. The canals are characterized by hydromechanical geometry that allows sea water to flow within the canals. The project includes 36 kilometers of sandy beaches, green gardens, and neighborhood services. All buildings in Sharjah Waterfront City follow international standards for green environments and ensure low energy use and carbon footprint.

Al Zahia Project

Al Zahia is a stunning development in Sharjah. It includes villas and townhouses, as well as apartments and area for sports and relaxation, it is open for external use and is inhabited by more than 250 families. The integrated complex is scheduled to be completed in 2022. It consists of 4 phases: Phase One, Phase Two (Al Jouri), Phase Three (Al Narjis) and Phase Four (Lilac). Residents can easily access schools, hospitals and community centers in All over the complex..

Maryam Island

Maryam Island project is one of the most luxurious waterfront projects in Sharjah, with a total area of about 717,396 square feet. Its designs combine the historical style of the emirate with the nature of modern life. The project is distinguished by an attractive view of the Arabian Gulf. The distinctive waterfront, including a 5-star and 4-star hotel, and a variety of the most luxurious restaurants and cafes.

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Foreigners are now able to buy property in Sharjah

Of course, Sharjah is in a good position for long-term investment returns, global market access, and skilled talent.

  • Al Nahda
  • Al Qasimia
  • Muwaileh
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Khan

Freehold properties for sale in Sharjah are those in “designated areas” where non-natives can own an absolute interest in the land.

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