Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan | One of the most popular entertainment destinations in Sharjah

Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan

 The UAE represents the source of the most beautiful historical, archaeological, recreational and natural destinations, seeing a beauty that hides its secret in the narratives and secrets that lie with their features and are transmitted by generations year after year! Today we will talk about one of the most important features of the UAE to know and highlight its importance! Let’s get to know together about Al Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan .

About Al Rafisah Dam in Khor Fakkan

Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan ,The break area was opened in 2018 to be a destination for tourists and provide them with luxurious services befitting their status and needs. It is a distinctive place that resembles a piece of paradise, as well as a recreational and tourist popular landmark destination in the UAE. Al Rafisah Khor Fakkan Dam was constructed among towering mountains by the instructions of member of the Supreme Council of Sharjah Ruler His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed al Qasimi. It is characterized by its charming nature that takes you in a wonderful atmosphere amidst the mountains and the dam huge lake and dominated by calm and purity. The break is distinctive and includes special family spaces, amidst attractive nature and outdoors.

Location of Al Rafisah Dam in Khor Fakkan

Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan has a unique geographic location in Khor Fakkan, specifically in the Wadi Shie area in the ancient Emirate of Sharjah.

Opening hours of Al Rafisah Dam Break

  Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan ,It works 24-hour daily to welcome visitors and provide them with all activities and services. 

Best time to visit Al Rafisah Khor Fakkan Dam

 From November to April, as this time is warm and sunny during the day with cool evenings and low humidity. From January to March, the region faces little rain and tropical storms like all other places in the Middle East.

Services and Facilities of Al Rafisah Khor Fakkan Dam

 There are many services in the break including:

Al Rafisah Dam Restaurants 

 Once you reach the break you can have snacks and appetites. It offers delicious and very simple cuisine and has breathtaking views that make you unwilling to finish your meal at all for its magnificence.

Children’s Play Areas

 The region has safe and wonderful play areas where children have fun and active time. There is an industrial waterfall up to 55 meters long that pours into a beautiful lake, where you can take the most beautiful memorial photos.

Al Rafisah Dam Park Walkway

 It is approximately 730 meters long from the beginning of the dam, passing through the farms, down to Al Hisn and surrounded by long palm trees and green herbs and plants.

Mosque of Al Rafisah Dam

 The project includes a mosque that enables men and women to perform their prayers at any time.


 Parking are available there for about 45 cars.

Boats of Al Rafisah Resort

 Get ready to go on a cruise around Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan where you can do rowing. Don’t forget to feed the ducks while riding a boat, explore the crypts and secrets of this charming landmark and enjoy the majestic views with their wonderful beauty.

Breaking areas and seats

 Enjoying a special time forgets the worries of life away from the noise of the city.

Shops of Al Rafisah Resort

 From the shops available at the break area, you can stop for a few minutes to buy the original honey from Sidrat Al-Wadi store for honey trade or heritage occupants. Sharjah Coop Society branch provides, places where you can buy various needs and supplies.


In conclusion, we hope to provide sufficient information about Al Rafisah Dam Resort. You can also learn about the Abu Dhabi Secret Park which is one of Abu Dhabi’s most attractive tourist attractions as well as tourist places in Dubai such as Jumeirah Archaeological Site in Dubai, Waterparks in Dubai, and other entertainment venues throughout the UAE like Archaeological Museum of Sharjah Fort, UMM AL Quwain Museum, Dhayah Fort in Ras Al-Khaimah, Al Bidya Mosque in Fujairah, as well as Al Hayer Theme Park in Al Ain.

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