Real estate registration in Dubai | procedures and places of the registration service

Dubai is witnessing a growing demand from customers to own property in it due to the fact .that it has the elements of life comparable to those in European countries and its keenness on the comfort of its residents. as well as being one of the most prominent tourist cities in the world. We review everything related to Real estate registration in Dubai .to help you in case you are thinking about owning a property in Dubai.

How to register real estate in Dubai

Real estate registration in Dubai is done through what is known as the property and Land Department. which is specialized in registering real estate and housing in Dubai. where the registration of sold real estate is carried out provided .that these sold units have been registered by legal procedures

Required paperwork to register a property in Dubai

In order to register your property with the Dubai Land Department, you need a set of papers, namely:

  1. The original certificate proving the ownership of the property
  2. Certificate of primary sale (pre-notarization)
  3. A certificate of approval from the competent authorities for the owner. to own a property in one of the freehold areas in Dubai
  4. Certificate of preliminary registration of real estate
  5. A personal identity card for UAE nationals for both the seller and the buyer. or a passport for non-UAE nationals, provided that it is valid during the application
  6. An official power of attorney from the seller in case there is someone on behalf of the seller. and the same for the buyer in case there is a deputy for him

property registration fees in Dubai

It is important for anyone who is about to buy a property. whether a residential unit, an office, or even land in Dubai, to pay attention. to the presence of fees added When registering the property. which he should put into his accounts when buying, namely:

The government fees, which the buyer pays to the aforementioned property department. which is 4% of the price of the unit that has been owned. are divided between the seller and the buyer. An additional 580 dirhams if the unit is a commercial office. or a residential apartment, or 480 dirhams if the unit is land.

A special fee for registration of ownership of the property. It is 2000 dirhams in the event that the property price. does not exceed 500 thousand dirhams, and in case of exceeding them. 4000 dirhams are paid, and in both cases 5% VAT is added to the fees

In case you have made a loan to buy a property. there is a fee for registering the mortgage loan with the property department. which is 0.25% calculated from the price of the purchased unit plus AED 290, which is fixed

The procedure for registering a property in Dubai

The procedures have been facilitated for those wishing to own property. as they are carried out in limited steps, either through the service center. or through the electronic application, an increase in facilitation

First: through the service center

– Both the seller and the buyer go to the service center with the required papers for registration and after checking. and reviewing them by the responsible employee, they are registered electronically. then the aforementioned fees are paid and the buyer obtains the registration license. through his e-mail. And all this is done in no more than half an hour

Second: through the application

To facilitate customers, the Dubai rest application was launched to deal. with real estate registration through the following steps

– All you have to do is download the application, then log in, then choose the property you want to register. and if photos of the property are requested, attach them, then choose the method of paying the fees. attach your ID, and a message will be sent to your reference number. and that’s it .This is in case you are the seller, as for the buyer, he must receive the reference number from the seller. then follow the previous steps with registration as a buyer, and then you can get the certificate for registering your property .

Registration of purchase of a villa property in Dubai

Registering the purchase of a villa in Dubai is no different from any other in anything. all you have to do is follow the previous steps and pay the fees according to the most appropriate purchase price

Places of Real Estate Registration Service in Dubai

Approved Real Estate Registration Office

It is located in Dubai in the Deira area and you can contact it via the following number 971-4-2281818

Trust Real Estate Registration Office

It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road inside the Fairmont Hotel. and works weekdays from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm. You can contact him via the following number


On time Real Estate Registration Office

It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road inside Mazaya center. and works weekdays from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and you can contact him via the following number


The law of preliminary registration of real estate

The law stipulates that any property sold. even if initially, this process must be registered in the state registers within a period. not exceeding two months, otherwise it is not legally recognized.

Advantages of owning a property in Dubai

Owning a property in the emirate of Dubai has many advantages, perhaps the most important of which are:

The real estate of the emirate of Dubai enjoys a state of relative stability in its price. that is, it does not decrease with the variables of pandemics or other problems. perhaps the biggest proof is that it is not affected by the corona pandemic, but its price has risen unexpectedly

  • Owning a property in Dubai means enjoying an advanced and distinguished lifestyle for you and your children
  • Real estate prices are on the natural average of real estate prices in the world
  • Who owns a property in Dubai can enjoy obtaining a visa for a period of 5 years?
  • Dubai adopts the theory of technological development. and seeks constant improvement in this area, which has reflected on the lifestyle as a whole for its residents
  • Enjoy an education that rival’s education in the most prestigious countries in the world

The emirate of Dubai is distinguished by its prestigious position among various countries of the world, it is an important tourist destination where the tourist places in Dubai, including places for families and places for children, are promoted at the top of the list by its ideal government administration in providing all the services that its residents need and providing everything new, especially in the field of real estate investments, so as mentioned, if you would like to own in one of the properties for sale in Dubai, the government of the emirate of Dubai has facilitated the procedures for registering the property to complete the process of moving and living in Dubai.

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