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The UAE is one of the largest countries with the best properties companies in the Arab world, Where there are companies with the highest level of experience and development They also offer the best residential projects and complexes that make everyone want to live in the UAE, One of the best companies is reportage properties which through this article we will show you all the details that it is important that everyone knows about this company.

About Reportage Properties 

Since its inception, Reportage properties has focused on providing modern, innovative and affordable housing solutions that have made it outstanding and have become the best homes with a lot of advantages and convenience that make everyone want to experience it also offers spectacular homes that give its residents a sense of belonging, always looking to new markets and expanding the scope of real estate globally through the work of a corporate contract with international businesses It became the first reliable properties company in the United Arab Emirates.

Establishment of Reportage properties Company

Founded in 2014, Reportage Properties is one of the largest private properties developers in the UAE. The company offers the best projects with over 20 years of experience and development. It is one of the best properties companies in Abu Dhabi, conducts projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and has arrived in Egypt also.

Who is the founder of Reportage properties?

Chairman of Reportage is Arif Ismaeil Al Khoori. He has extensive experience in banking and insurance. He is one of the founders of Sama Damascus, the company’s chief financial and commercial officer, and He has more than 9 years of experience in properties development. In addition to being CEO of Nasser Al Khamis who has long experience in properties, The second CEO is Islam Hamdi, who has more than 15 years of experience in properties in the Middle East.

reportage properties location

Reportage is located in the city of Abu Dhabi and is specifically based in Marina Square, Al Reem Island, 27th floor, in Tomooh tower.

Company’s official email:

P.O. Box Number: 111949.

Objectives of reportage properties

Reportage properties has many objectives, the most important of which are:

  1. One of the company’s biggest objectives is to offer innovative and new housing projects at imaginary prices by developing and offering projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  2. Focus much on timeliness and  delivery date.
  3. Become a trademark on which the state depends.
  4. Building homes with world standards of living.
  5. Practical, luxury, exquisite design, creativity, comfort and high flexibility.
  6. To be fully aware of all matters related to real estate development.
  7. Achieving excellence and quality in all its steps.
  8. Provide new and different experiences.
  9. Include everyone who has abundant experience of Tim Company.
  10. Collaborate with institutions to achieve success in unprecedented projects.
  11. Meet customers’ requirements and achieve quality.
  12. Commitment and fulfillment of all the covenants agreed with the client in the design of the house.
  13. Choose a team of always innovative mind-sets that seek to evolve.
  14. An increase in urban development opportunities everywhere.
  15. Offering diverse and multiple models of projects.
  16. Provide unique prices for customers to suit their different budgets.
  17. Provide universal amenities and covered parking.
  18. Offer a healthier lifestyle with less energy.
  19. Keep abreast and understand the changes of the properties market constantly.
  20. Offering sustainable projects as well as attracting all segments of customers.
  21. Conduct studies for all needs of the properties market.

reportage properties Projects

The most important projects

 done by Reportage are:

Al Marya Vista 1

This project includes 786 high-end, amazing and elegant residential units on Al Marya Island within Abu Dhabi.

Al Marya Vista 2

This project has 588 different housing units on the al maryah island as well.

Al Raha Lofts 1

This project is located in Abu Dhabi and has about 164 residential units with one, two and three bedrooms apartments.

Al Raha Lofts 2

It is one of the best projects undertaken by the company with 110 different housing units with all customer needs.

Alexis Tower

This project has 378 housing units within the downtown jebel ali area of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Diva Project

This project includes some 736 housing units within it and is located in Abu Dhabi City.

Leonardo Residence 

This building is the first project undertaken by this company and consists of 6 floors containing 175 apartments of different spaces and sizes.

Monty Napoleone

This project is the first company projects established in Egypt in partnership with Ahli Sabor on the land area of 111 acres in the city of future in New Cairo.

Oasis 1

This building is one of the most urban communities and has 9 floors with 612 housing units.

Oasis 2

This project has an important strategic location and consists of 6 floors with 304 housing units.

Oasis Residence Project 1

This project is located in the middle of Abu Dhabi in Masdar City and includes about 612 residential apartments.

Oasis Residences Project 2

It is also located in the middle of Abu Dhabi and has about 304 residential units within it.

Rukan Lofts 

This project includes some 654 residential villas and is based in cooperation with Continental Investment Company and is based in Dubai Land.

Rakan Tower

This tower has about 488 residential units between apartments and studios consisting of one, two and three bedrooms.

The Gate 

This project is located near Abu Dhabi Airport and has some 463 different housing units.

Al Maryah Island

It is one of Abu Dhabi’s most important investment cities and is located near Al Reem Island and the Four seasons Hotel.

Al Raha Beach

This project has a unique location next to Abu Dhabi Airport and Khalifa City on the highway all the way to Dubai.

Jebel Ali project

Downtown Jebel Ali has an area of about 2,000,000 square meters and comprises four different areas each with three neighbourhoods.

Dubai Land Project

It is one of the most important recreational areas in Dubai located near the Arabian Ranches and near Service Market.

Masdar City Project

The location of this city is distinct as it is located precisely near Abu Dhabi International Airport as it includes a large number of residential units and is unique in its exquisite design and has one bedroom apartments, two rooms and three rooms.

Future City Project

This project is in Egypt in the middle of New Cairo near the Fifth Settlement, the New Administrative Capital and Madenty and Rehab City.

Yas Island Project

This island has three different areas within it and is located near Water World, Ferrari World and the sea in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Finally, in this article, we gave you the details of the best properties company Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Reportage properties Company, where it has undertaken multiple projects with the finest international designs that have been admired by many experts in the field of real estate.

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