Residence in sharjah | prominent 6 areas for housing

Residence in sharjah

Sharjah is the ideal and main destination for expatriates to the United Arab Emirates to live in, due to its proximity to the Emirate of Dubai, where the economy and business are, in addition to low housing prices. In this article, you will find a guide to Residence in sharjah . If you are a fan of living in distinct areas and at the same time low cost Then you are in the right direction.

About Sharjah

Residence in sharjah  is considered one of the distinctive areas in the region due to its strategic location, and its proximity to the capital, Dubai . It is also characterized by calmness and tranquility. In addition to the nearby services and facilities, and the ease of movement to places and regions through public transportation, for workers and employees in the two emirates, as it is suitable for families and individuals in a way It is large, as it provides large and distinctive residence projects.

Residence in the Emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah is characterized by a lifestyle that combines the old and the modern, and it is also one of the most preferred areas to live in, due to the many advantages and positives in it.residence in Sharjah is characterized by the low cost of residence and housing units of all kinds, compared to the cost of residence in the Emirate of Dubai

The simple cost of living in properties for sale in Sharjah , where prices and living conditions in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are much higher despite their proximity to Dubai.

The city of Sharjah meets all the needs of its residents in various fields, facilities and services, including the Rafisah Dam in Khorfakkan, as well as the most famous entertainment places for children in Sharjah , Here are the most exciting and enjoyable areas , and you can also find out through the Sharjah housing guide that living or investing in Sharjah is one of the best options, as there are great offers represented in the flexibility of payment in addition to the large discounts on the prices of apartments for sale in Sharjah compared to properties investment in Dubai.

Map of Sharjah


Sharjah is located in the heart of the Emirates, as its borders overlook all the Emirates and it is considered within the Northern Emirates.

The Emirate of Sharjah overlooks the coast of the Gulf of Oman from the east, and from the west it overlooks the Arabian Gulf, where the length of the coast is 20 km, and about 80 km inland to the side of Oman.

Sharjah contains vast desert areas, including the Al Badayer area, in addition to it includes several islands such as Abu Musa and Sir Bu Nair, in addition to the many beaches.

The best residence in Sharjah

There are many areas of the most famous residential areas in Sharjah , with multiple services and facilities, smooth and easy transportation through public transportation and private cars, and among these areas are the following.

Al Qasimia

It is one of the most suitable areas for families to live in, where calm and tranquility life exists.


It is located in one of the most famous vital areas in Sharjah, as it mediates between King Faisal Mosque and Mega Mall, in addition to Al Majaz, which is close to it from the southern side.


  • It contains Al Qasimia University.
  • Mega Mall and Union Park.
  • It is located between Faisal Mosque and Mega Mall.
  • There is also a city lamp supermarket and a Shamiya supermarket.
  • There are several restaurants, such as the Spice Palace Restaurant, and Beit Al Mandi, Sahara Center.

Prices of apartments in Al Qasimia

The rent for a one-bedroom apartment starts from AED 21k, per year.

For a two-bedroom unit, the annual rent starts from AED 24,000

Al Nahda

A city distinguished by the abundance of services and its proximity to the Emirate of Dubai, which makes it easy to reach and move from there to various famous places, in addition to its suitability for family housing due to the presence of many schools with a high international level of education.


Its location is strategic as it is located between Dubai and Sharjah, which makes it easily accessible to those Emiratis, and the Al Taawun region passes through it from the northern side, in addition to the distinctive sea face in the Al Mamzar area.


  • It has Al Maya supermarket and Pakistan supermarket.
  • Eton School and Victoria School.
  • There is a children’s world nursery and Little Wonders.
  • Medical services include Thumbay Hospital, Britol Medical Center and Al Diyafah Medical Centre.
  • Al Nahda Metro Station, and Al Nahda Park.
  • Baptist Church.

Prices of apartments in Al Nahda

Apartments and units in Sharjah suit different tastes and needs in more than one way.

The annual rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment in Al Nahda area start from AED 26,000.

As for the two-bedroom apartment, the annual rent price ranges from 23 thousand to 58 thousand dirhams.

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Muwaileh is the most suitable area among the areas of Sharjah for family housing, in terms of the cost of living in it, which makes it easy to purchase needs and the availability of all services, because it is close to all the places and facilities that each family needs for daily living.

It is also close to a number of international schools, where the level of education is distinguished and excellent.


The city of Muwailih is about 15 km from the heart of Sharjah, as it is located on the coastline, and the distance between it and the inner plain of Dhaid is about 45 km.

It is only 10 minutes away from the majority of the school by car. There are also children’s homes in Sharjah, which made it the best and most important city in terms of location in Sharjah.


  • There is a Muwailih Suburb Council
  • Close to Muwailih bus station to facilitate movement between the cities of Sharjah.
  • There are several cafes, including Hard Rock Café and First Café.

Apartment prices in Muwaileh

Annual rent for one-bedroom apartments starts from AED 19,000.

For two-bedroom apartments, the annual rental price starts from AED 26,000.

And the three-bedroom apartment, prices start from 60,000 AED.

Al Majaz 

The atmosphere of Al Majaz City is a healthy and safe atmosphere, as it is suitable for the family atmosphere, due to the multiplicity of services, distinctive outdoor activities and shops. It also contains the most famous private and international schools in Sharjah that suit every family to choose a good educational level.


  • There is Al-Ansar Mosque, Suhail Bin Amr Mosque, and Al-Yarmouk Mosque.
  • There are places to buy daily needs, such as Metro Manila Supermarket and Al Fayez Supermarket
  • There are churches such as the Mar to Paris Church, Sharjah, and the United Church
  • It is distinguished by more than one international school, such as An-Najah English School and the International School of Choueifat.
  • Many restaurants, including international restaurants such as Shakespeare and Co. overlooking the Sharjah Fountain, Nando’s Restaurant and Texas Chicken.

Apartment prices in Al Majaz

Al Majaz is one of the most popular areas in which there is a high demand for living or renting units.

Apartment prices in Al Majaz start from 43 thousand dirhams and reach 250 thousand dirhams for annual rent.

Al Khan area

The city of Al Khan is close to the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the availability of a prosperous life in it, as there are the most famous areas in it, such as the Al Khan Lake area and the Al Khan Bay area.

The residential neighborhood of the Khan is close to the Al Majaz area, as there is a close proximity between them. The Khan is one of the areas that many families flock to in the Emirate of Sharjah.


Al Khan area overlooks a water body in a very privileged location in one of the most important areas of Sharjah.

It also mediates the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.


  • There are more than one mosque in it, such as Al-Huda Mosque, Salama Bin Al-Akwa Mosque.
  • It has the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • It is distinguished by the presence of the American School for Scientific Creativity.
  • And also medical services such as Thumbay Hospital in the Rolla Al Arab Mall and Aster Clinic.
  • It contains the most luxurious restaurants, such as Delication Corner Restaurant, and Road House Restaurant, which serves the most delicious international western dishes, Bait Al Mandi.

Al-Taawun neighborhood

Residence in sharjah

Al Taawun neighborhood is characterized by modern and civilized life, which makes it full of life. It is also one of the best areas in Sharjah in terms of living and family housing.

In addition to being distinguished by attractive and charming water views, as it is located on a part of Al Mamzar Island.


Al Taawun neighborhood is located in the Emirate of Sharjah near the borders of Dubai. It is bordered on the northern side by Al Khan district, and it is also bordered by Al Mamzar district from the northwest, while Al Nahda district is located in the south.

Apartment prices in Al Taawun neighborhood

The price of the two-bedroom units and apartments reaches AED 51k for annual rent

For three-bedroom apartments, the annual rental price is AED 68,000.

At the end of our article, we hope that we have provided you with information about the residence  guide in the Emirate of Sharjah, and that we have made it clear that it is a perfect vacation, as it makes it easier for you to choose between the apartments of the best and wonderful distinctive places in Sharjah.


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