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أماكن سياحية في الشارقة للعائلات

Places to visit in Sharjah for families

Sharjah emirate is one of the finest places in the UAE ever to enjoy a wonderful location with a sea view that has made it the city of beauty and is one of the most important tourist and recreational cities where it urges people look for Places to visit in Sharjah for families Places to visit in Sharjah for families Sharjah gardens for families Places to visit in Sharjah for families Here are some of...

شقق للبيع في الشارقة الممزر

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar

Apartments for Sale in Al Mamzar are such of the luxurious neighborhoods of Sharjah in UAE. The area is built on a wide area of ​​3.35 square kilometers. The residents of the area enjoy charming views of seafronts, as it is surrounded by the creek coast that extends to the Arabian Gulf. Brief about apartments for sale in Al Mamzar  This area was established in 1986, and at the beginning, the...

شقق للبيع في الزاهية الشارقة

Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia | With a special price

Al Zahia is the perfect destination for a unique life of modern design and architecture. Lots of Apartments for Sale in Al Zahia Sharjah in different spaces and their prices are competing for other residential projects. In the article we offer you the distinctive strategic location and the most prominent services and entertainment to be able to choose your home accurately. A Lot of apartments are available...

شقق للبيع في الجادة الشارقة

Apartments for sale in Aljada | The best price in Sharjah

The latest integrated real estate project in the Emirate of Sharjah that provides residents and visitors with everything they need, apartments for sale in Aljada Sharjah. It is the perfect place for living, working, entertain, shopping, culture and artistic interaction in a modern and vibrant community. Inspired by the ancient heritage neighborhoods of Sharjah, it is designed to provide you with an active...

Residence in sharjah

Residence in sharjah | prominent 6 areas for housing

Sharjah is the ideal and main destination for expatriates to the United Arab Emirates to live in, due to its proximity to the Emirate of Dubai, where the economy and business are, in addition to low housing prices. In this article, you will find a guide to Residence in sharjah . If you are a fan of living in distinct areas and at the same time low cost Then you are in the right direction. About...

Entertainment places for children in Sharjah

Entertainment places for children in Sharjah | Here are the most exciting and fun areas

Many parents are looking for entertainment Entertainment places for children in Sharjah, providing them with fun entertainment and educational services that make them feel adventurous and exciting. The Emirate of Sharjah is full of many tourist and entertainment places that allow all family members to spend happy times, in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and fun. The best entertainment places for...

Sharjah Private Schools

Sharjah Private Schools | List with details of the most famous schools

Sharjah Private Schools, no one can deny the importance of this subject in our daily lives, as education is one of the most important things that build nations and shape the present and the future, and with this foundation in mind, the United Arab Emirates is establishing the best schools at the highest level of quality, high experience and technology There are also free schools in Sharjah, and Sharjah...

Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan

Rafisah Dam in Khorfakan | One of the most popular entertainment destinations in Sharjah

 The UAE represents the source of the most beautiful historical, archaeological, recreational and natural destinations, seeing a beauty that hides its secret in the narratives and secrets that lie with their features and are transmitted by generations year after year! Today we will talk about one of the most important features of the UAE to know and highlight its importance! Let's get to know together...

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