Swimming classes in abu dhabi | The most important for teaching swimming

swimming classes in abu dhabi

Swimming classes in abu dhabi are among the most important for teaching youth swimming, for swimming is one of the best sports in the world. It combines numerous health benefits for the body along with the enjoyment we experience. Practitioners of this sport enjoy physical fitness, mental clarity, and a healthy physique. Today, we will discuss swimming classes in Abu Dhabi for various age groups through site msknk.

Prominent Swimming classes in Abu Dhabi

According to the latest medical and sports research, engaging in swimming for half an hour daily reduces blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, and improves circulatory efficiency. Therefore, if you are a resident of Abu Dhabi and are looking for a place to practice or learn this sport, we recommend reading this list of classes in Abu Dhabi:

Fourth Lane Swimming Academy in Abu Dhabi


swimming classes in abu dhabi

Fourth Lane Swimming Academy is one of the Famous swimming classes in abu dhabi. It offers a team of professional trainers, modern facilities, and fully equipped training pools. The participants’ swimming level is assessed to enroll them in an appropriate course level. The courses are divided into three levels as follows:

  1. Basic Level: Participants are taught the fundamentals of swimming, including freestyle, backstroke, and breath control.
  2. Intermediate Level: In this level, participants learn various swimming techniques in more depth, along with underwater balancing techniques.
  3. Advanced Level: At this level, participants learn different types of water jumps, including head-first diving and backflips, as well as other challenging movements.

Fourth Lane Swimming Academy


Fourth Lane Swimming Academy is also recognized as the best

swimming club in Abu Dhabi for children aged 3 and above. For participants at

the basic and intermediate levels, they can attend two 45-minute sessions per

week. Advanced swimmers are required to attend three one-hour lessons per week.

Location: Al Ghayth Tower, Al Dana

Working Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Saturday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Contacts: 9118 508 02

Abu Dhabi Sports Club


swimming classes in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi Sports Club is considered the first and most prominent fitness center in Abu Dhabi, offering swimming classes for various age groups with varying levels of experience. The club also provides private lessons for those who prefer intensive instruction.

Abu Dhabi Sports Club features a range of swimming pools suitable for all ages and skill levels, with different depths. Additionally, it offers jacuzzi pools, changing rooms, and a cafeteria. The club has professional and qualified trainers and lifeguards to ensure the safety of visitors. It is undoubtedly one of the best swimming instruction clubs in Abu Dhabi currently.

Location: Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, Al Mushrif.

Working Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM (daily)

Contact: 02 657 7777

Modern Academy in Abu Dhabi


 Modern Academy, accredited by the UAE Swimming Federation, offers you the opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your fitness and well-being, utilizing the latest teaching techniques and resources in swimming classes in abu  dhabi. The academy is among the leading swimming instruction clubs for children in Abu Dhabi, boasting highly qualified training teams with extensive expertise.

However, it’s not limited to children alone. The academy also provides swimming lessons for parents, encouraging them to maintain their own physical fitness as well as that of their children.


Bani Yas, behind Lulu Hypermarket.

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM Friday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Contact: 056 475 9499 

Cleopatra Swimming Academy in Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for centers that offer swimming lessons for different age groups in Abu Dhabi, Cleopatra Academy at Al Jazeera Swimming Club is the perfect choice for you. The academy provides courses for beginners, advanced learners, and professionals. Additionally, the academy includes a swimming club for children in their early years in Abu Dhabi.


Al Jazeera Sports and Cultural Club, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street.

Working Hours:

Saturday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Friday: 10:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Contact: 052 114 2222.

Fitness First Center in Abu Dhabi

Fitness First Center is an important center of swimming classes in abu  dhabi. It offers a range of top-notch sports facilities to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your body fit. This includes dedicated spaces for training and swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi for all ages. Children under the age of 3 are given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of swimming, and the club provides private lessons for swimming instruction.


Abu Dhabi Mall, World Trade Center.

Working Hours:

Saturday – Thursday: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Contact: 02 674 6991. 

Easy Swim Center in Abu Dhabi

Eazy Swim Center offers a range of swimming classes in Abu Dhabi for various age groups, allowing you to easily learn this sport under the guidance of highly skilled experts who ensure your safety. The training sessions are divided into three levels, each focusing on different aspects and following strict safety standards.

The academy provides instruction on diving, breath control underwater, backstroke, underwater balance, and other fundamental and advanced techniques within its educational courses.


Near International Canadian School, Khalifa City A

Working Hours:

2:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Sunday – Thursday).

Contact: 058 597 1721.

Swim Strong Swimming School in Abu Dhabi

Offers swimming classes for children and adults, focusing on water safety, stroke development, and overall swimming skills. They have various locations throughout Abu Dhabi, so check their website or contact them for more details.

Fit Republik in Abu Dhabi Dhabi

Provides swimming lessons for children and adults, covering basic swimming techniques, water confidence, and stroke improvement. Fit Republik is a sports complex located in Dubai, but they offer swimming classes in Abu Dhabi as well.

With this, we have completed our list of prominent swimming classes in Abu Dhabi for various age groups, an fill all information about swimming classes in abu dhabi. Addresses, contacts, working hours.

And also all offers presented to help teaching youth many tips in swimming.  

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