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The residences at business central

Formally known as The Residences at Business Central and casually called RBC Pinnacle, The Residences is a venture by Msknk Properties. In no way related to the task of similar name in Midtown Dubai, The Residences (RBC Pinnacle) is situated in Business Straight. 

It lies close to the clever trench side improvement that elements drifting estates at Marasi Marina. Being situated at this superb waterfront area, The Residences at Business Central have nearness to Burj Khalifa and various other esteemed improvements. The venture that was proposed in 2007 and was prepared by 2013.

Few moments from the world’s biggest shopping center, notorious pinnacles, Dubai Global Monetary Center, Dubai World Exchange Community and other significant traveler objections. Burj Region is at the focal point of life. 

Occupants have simple admittance to key interstates including Sheik Zayed Street and Al Khail Street.

Offices in The Residences at Business Central


Accessible for the two visitors and occupants, parking spots in The Residences at Business Bay are circulated across three platform levels as well as over the ground and cellar levels.


Occupants, guests as well as the structure staff have simple admittance to each floor through rapid lifts in>

SECURITY, CENTRAL Cooling AND Support Administrations

Condos in The Residences at Business Central are very much kept up with cooling and warming framework offices. The safety efforts incorporate gatekeepers, observation cameras and radio frameworks.

Occasion SPACE

RBC Pinnacle has a bar-b-que region that can be utilized as an occasion space for parties and social gatherings.

Rec center AND Wellness Offices

The Residences at Business Central has a completely prepared rec center for wellness fans. It has a scope of cutting edge gym equipment for most kinds of wellness preparing. For those searching for other wellness preparing, they can consider other famous rec centers in Business Sound.

Way of life Conveniences

The pool in The Residences at Business Central exists on the platform’s roof. Set at one corner of the normal outside patio, the extravagance pool incorporates a Jacuzzi. Guardians can carry their youngsters to the play region on the normal open air porch.

Attendant AND Visitor Administrations

For any help, inhabitants can contact the 24-hour attendant services gave at The Residences at Business Central. The structure’s anteroom is elegantly intended to cause visitors to feel invited.

in The Residences at Business Central

Condo Types in The Residences at Business Central

Private properties in The Residences at Business Central comprises of 1, 2 and 3-room condos for lease as well concerning deal.


Shifting from little formats to enormous plans, the floor area of 1-bed condos in RBC Pinnacle ranges between 681 sq. ft. what’s more, 1,154 sq. ft. 

Every 1-room unit incorporates one room, one restroom, an open kitchen, one washroom for visitor, overhang and a consolidated region for living and eating region.

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2- Second type of Room Apartments in THE RESIDENCES AT BUSINESS CENTRAL

2BHK apartments in The Residences at Business Central have floor regions going from 1,331 sq. ft. to 1,523 sq. ft. Every one of these condos include one main room, one general room, two restrooms, a visitor’s latrine, kitchen, overhang and a parlor.

Condo Types in The Residences at Business Central

Most Well known Loft TYPES

As per Bayut, 1-bed lofts partake in the most elevated ubiquity. They are trailed by 2-room pads in the subsequent spot. 3-room pads take up the third situation on the rundown.

Rental Patterns in The Residences at Business Central

Condos for lease in The Residences at Business Central are accessible at the accompanying costs:

  • 1-room condos in RBC Pinnacle have rental costs running between AED 47k and AED 60k per annum.
  • The yearly rental costs of 2-room condos shifts between AED 72k and AED 85k.
  • Very much like different condos for lease in Business Narrows, the installment sums are settled on yearly premise. These, in any case, can be paid by means of various post-dated checks.

Deal Patterns in The Residences at Business Central

Condos available to be purchased in The Residences at Business area are freehold and show the accompanying cost patterns:

  • 1-room lofts request the deal costs going from AED 760k to AED 1.9M.
  • The deal costs for 2-room condos in RBC Pinnacle lies between AED 1.19M and AED 1.4M.
  • At the examination of costs with comparable units, you can peruse Business Sound lofts available to be purchased.

The Rental Yield in Residences at Business Central

1-bed lofts offer the most noteworthy return on initial capital investment in The Residences at Business Central of 6.26%. 2-room pads create around 5.70% profit from speculation. 3-room pads offer a return for money invested of around 4.61%.

The Rental Yield in Residences at Business Central

Administration Charges in The Residences at Business Central

These figures depend on the administrations charges for The Residences (RBC Tower)* according to the Dubai Land Office.

There are various sorts of Dubai administration charges, set out to find out about the help charges guide in the event that you are keen on purchasing a property in Dubai.

*These charges are dependent on future developments>

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The Residences at Business Central invites singles, couples as well as families. It offers top of the line convenience in blended use advancement. The people who lean toward living in a totally local location can look at different regions in Dubai like Al Quoz and Al Wasl.

Could it be said that you are hoping to purchase or lease lofts in The Residences at Business Central?

Contact Msknk.

Why choose Msknk?

  • Msknk has an unmistakable vision to serve clients to make dependability. What gives Msknk the benefit is that it is a global site and doesn’t serve local people in UAE just, however it gives out administrations and guiding to individuals outside UAE in a lot of nations.
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We live by our upsides of Genuineness, Advancement and Proprietorship and each choice we make is expected to hoist the market and backing the development of the district.Try not to sit around in looking through about the residences at business central, and call us now!

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