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Sharjah is famous for being one of the most important cultural centers in the Arab world. It has features that reflect the traditions and customs of the Islamic Arab civilization. Regarding Properties for sale in Sharjah, you can find luxury properties of commercial space, villas and apartments, as well as cheapest townhouse for sale in dubai that are ideal for residential or profitable investment. Here are some facts about one of the best places for these homes where you can get a luxury townhouse at affordable prices in Sharjah. You will also know more about the best townhouse projects in Sharjah.

Where to buy a townhouse for sale in Sharjah?

Choosing the right location for the community or neighborhood is one of the most important things you should decide when buying a Luxury townhouses for sale in sharjah. If you are interested in living or investing in Sharjah, here are some of the most popular communities in Sharjah:

Townhouses for sale in Sharjah in Aljada

Aljada aims to build residential units, shopping malls and entertainment destinations. It is a modern city that provides residents and visitors everything they need. It is the perfect place for those looking to blend modern life with antiquity. Live, work and entertain in a vibrant modern community, where uniquely attractive design blends with contemporary elegance. Apart from all these privileges, Aljada has some basic facilities like hospitals, schools, etc. One of the most interesting facts about Aljada is the location of the residential communities located on Aljada Street. Aljada is inspired by the oldest heritage neighborhood in Sharjah. Besides, the communities have been created to provide you and your family a quiet life with beautiful design and contemporary elegance that suits all individuals.!

Townhouse for sale in Masar Residential Community

Masar is a popular community in Sharjah that provides residents with the opportunity to live a life of the highest quality. They also enjoy world-class amenities and the main landmarks of the UAE. Arada Real Estate has given special care when designing “Massar” to allow its residents to make a qualitative change in lifestyle by encouraging an active healthy life that fits with the surrounding green nature.

Townhouses for sale in Maryam Island

Maryam Island Sharjah real estate project, which is still under construction and expected to be handed over in 2020, has been included in the list of high-end waterfront residential areas, where residents enjoy a very luxurious lifestyle and stunning sea views. The project aims to become the most popular tourist destination in Sharjah, including hotels, restaurants and various shops. The area also provides residents with high quality facilities and services. The architectural design combines the elements of the UAE culture with modern and contemporary design.

Townhouses for sale in Sharjah in Nasma Residence

You can experience the best of urban life as well as the beauty of nature with Nasma Residences, which is a stunning place that combines architecture, green spaces and natural areas. Nasma Residences offers many of the highest standard amenities and a unique lifestyle for the comfort of the residents. The project includes magnificent semi-detached Villas for sale in Sharjah from Prem which are one of the most beautiful properties in the UAE.So in this amazing place you can indulge in first-class amenities to experience the true meaning of luxury and comfort.

Townhouses for sale in Tilal City

The residential properties in Tilal City are in the form of apartments, villas and Cheap townhouses for sale in sharjah. The area is still under construction, but it gives investors the opportunity to buy a piece of land and start building on it.   Tilal City is one of the most desirable real estate projects in Sharjah. Entrepreneurs must invest! For the first time in the UAE, the region offers residential properties to non-Arabs and foreigners with lease contracts of up to 100 years! Tilal City also allows GCC citizens to own freehold properties in it.

Townhouses for sale in Al Mamsha 

Alef Group has launched the first phase of its prestigious residential project Al Mamsha in a beautiful location in the city of Sharjah. The project offers spacious apartments to suit everyone, from studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom Apartments for sale in Sharjah, to exclusive duplexes with private gardens.

Townhouses for sale in Al Zahia

Al Zahia Sharjah belongs to the Muwailih region and is located on the outskirts of Sharjah, near the border of Dubai. It is a sprawling residential complex consisting of seven separate apartment complexes, each with special features and the latest modern amenities such as theme parks, luxury swimming pools and sports fields.

The 1 million square meter complex includes modern apartments, villas and town house for sale in sharjah, as well as many commercial and educational facilities serving nearly 12,000 people. 

FAQ about Townhouses for sale in Sharjah

With the affordability that Sharjah offers, it is definitely a better option to buy a townhouse.

  • Al Taawun
  • Al Nahda
  • Al Qasimia
  • Muwaileh
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Khan.

The size challenge is to minimize the amount of lost space in public areas while simultaneously maximizing the amount of space within a typical 20’x45′ townhouse footprint.

Answer: What kind of maintenance you are responsible for as the owner is one of the main differences between a condo and a townhouse. Only the upkeep of your individual unit is your responsibility when you own a condo. There are two types of ownership for townhouses: condominium and fee simple. Because you only own the inside of the townhome in a condominium, HOA fees will cover the upkeep of the home’s exterior and yards. You will be responsible for maintaining your home as well as the front, back, and side yards with fee-simple ownership.

They tend to lose value more quickly and take longer to recover from.

Owning a townhouse in Sharjah will greatly benefit you. This is the reason why many investors choose Sharjah as an ideal place to invest. Townhouses in Sharjah have a special feature that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Some of these advantages include:

  • It’s Affordable: Townhouses for sale in Sharjah are very affordable, especially in comparison to the amazing amenities and other features.
  • Offers Easy Payment Plan: Offering flexible installment options that make homes for sale in Sharjah a suitable option for all budgets.
  • Townhouses in Sharjah offer a guaranteed return. Investing in a townhouse is like a risk-free investment because it is guaranteed by the townhouse developer. Townhouses in Dubai are an exceptional investment option, and their value has already exceeded property prices.

Knowing the whole process, especially how a professional real estate agent works, is one of the most vital issues that you should consider. If you are interested in buying a townhouse, know that it is a deal that goes through several stages. The most important is that the investor selects the property first, which is usually achieved by purchasing a townhouse unit, and then the investor chooses a contractor to perform the renovation work.

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